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Martha Graham collection, 1896-2003

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Music Inventory (continued)
Choreographed Works (continued)
Transitions (1934)
Composer: Lehman Engle
BOX-FOLDER 194/12 Trumpet part in ink
Triumph of St. Joan Symphony, The see Triumph of St. Joan
Triumph of St. Joan, The (1951)
Composer: Norman Dello Joio
Rechoreographed as Seraphic Dialogue (1955).
Dello Joio’s title: The Triumph of St. Joan Symphony (version of opera, The Triumph of St. Joan).
BOX-FOLDER 171/1 Ozalid full score, arranged for chamber orchestra by Abraham Skulsky
BOX-FOLDER 171/2 Ozalid full score, arranged for chamber orchestra by Abraham Skulsky
BOX-FOLDER 171/3 Ink piano rehearsal score, with choreographic notes
BOX-FOLDER 171/4-6 Ozalid parts (old set)
BOX-FOLDER 173/1-4 Extra parts
BOX-FOLDER 174/1 Copyist’s transparencies, parts
BOX-FOLDER 174/2 Ozalid string parts (new set)
BOX-FOLDER 174/3-5 Ozalid parts, extra parts
BOX-FOLDER 175/1-5 Extra parts
BOX-FOLDER 172 Sing parts
Trois Gnossiennes (1926)
Composer: Erik Satie
BOX-FOLDER 194/13 Piano score for no. 2; photocopy laid in ink
Varèse, Edgar see Ecuatorial; Judith
Ved en Ung kunstners baare [At the Bier of a Young Artist] see Acts of Light
Visionary Recital (1961)
Composer: Robert Starer
BOX-FOLDER 185/1 Ozalid full score
BOX-FOLDER 185/2 Ozalid full score
BOX-FOLDER 185/3 Ozalid piano rehearsal score, with choreographic notes
BOX-FOLDER 185/4 Ozalid piano rehearsal score, no choreographic notes
BOX-FOLDER 186/1-3 Ozalid parts
BOX-FOLDER 186/4-5 Extra parts
Voyage (1953)
Composer: William Schuman
BOX-FOLDER 187/1 Ozalid full score
BOX-FOLDER 187/2 Piano rehearsal score, with choreographic notes
BOX-FOLDER 187/3 Published piano score, with choreographic notes
BOX-FOLDER 187/4 Piano rehearsal score, with choreographic notes (incomplete)
BOX-FOLDER 188/1 Ozalid parts, woodwinds
BOX-FOLDER 188/2 Ozalid parts, horn, piano
BOX-FOLDER 188/3 Ozalid parts, string
BOX-FOLDER 188/4 Ozalid extra parts
Webern, Anton see Episodes, Part I
Weisshaus, Imre see Satyric Festival Song
Wilderness Stair see Diversion of Angels
Witch of Endor (1965)
Composer: William Schuman
BOX-FOLDER 189/1 Ozalid piano rehearsal score, with choreographic notes (vol 1)
BOX-FOLDER 189/2 Ozalid piano rehearsal score, with choreographic notes (vol 1)
BOX-FOLDER 189/3-4 Ozalid parts
BOX-FOLDER 190/1-4 Ozalid parts
BOX-FOLDER 191/1-3 Extra parts
Zamfir, [Geheorghe] see Flute of Pan
BOX 192-193, 195-197 Supplementary Music
BOX-FOLDER 192/1 Music by Louis Horst, composed and/or arranged for the Martha Graham Dance technique classes, circa 1927-1929
BOX-FOLDER 192/2 Photocopy of above
BOX-FOLDER 192/4 Twenty-three pieces by Clifford Bowens, with audiocassette
BOX-FOLDER 192/5 Elite Sync by Adam Ben-David
BOX-FOLDER 195/1 Sonata for Two Violins by Mordecai Seter
(2 scores)
BOX-FOLDER 195/2 Ricercar by Mordecai Seter
BOX-FOLDER 195/3 Chacone et Scherzo pour Piano by Mordecai Seter
BOX-FOLDER 195/4 Yemenite Suite by Mordecai Seter
BOX-FOLDER 195/5 Movement for Piano by Yeshiva Lakner
BOX-FOLDER 195/6 Sextett by Yeshiva Lakner
(score and parts: Fl, Ob, Cl in C, Cor in C, Fag, Piano)
BOX-FOLDER 195/7 String Quartet by Josef Tal
(Score and Parts: Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello)
BOX-FOLDER 195/8 Dance (duet for two flutes) by Josef Tal
BOX-FOLDER 195/9 Out of the Dust by Ben-Zion Orgad
BOX-FOLDER 195/10 Morning Stars for alto, flute, violin, viola, and cello by Ben-Zion Orgad
BOX-FOLDER 195/11 Celestial Spheres for alto, flute, violin, viola, and cello by Ben-Zion Orgad
BOX-FOLDER 195/12 Songs of Rahel by Abraham Daus (two violas and flute)
BOX-FOLDER 193/9 Chronique by Carlos Surinach
(Ozalid full score)
BOX-FOLDER 193/10 Chronique by Carlos Surinach
(piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 193/16 Two scenes from Anthony and Cleopatra by Samuel Barber
(published full score)
BOX-FOLDER 196/1 Lord Hear my Longing by Johann Sebastian Bach; orchestrated by Walton
BOX-FOLDER 196/2 Concerto for Derabucca and Strings by Halim El-Dabh
(ozalid full score)
BOX-FOLDER 196/3 Music for Mouths, Marimba, Nbira, and Roto-toms by Malcolm Forsyth
(published full score)
BOX-FOLDER 196/4 Tomorrow the Festivals, op. 130by Alan Hovaness
(ozalid full score)
BOX-FOLDER 196/5 Sonata for Horn, Trumpet, and Trombone by François Poulanc
(published score and parts)
BOX-FOLDER 196/6 Notturno (Jacob’s Dream), op. 44 by Karol Rathaus
(published full score)
BOX-FOLDER 196/7 Night Music by George Rochberg
(published full score)
BOX-FOLDER 196/8 String Quartet by George Rochberg
(published score and parts)
BOX-FOLDER 197/1 Dance Sonata, op. 24 by Marion Bauer
(photocopy piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/2 Prelude by Paul Creston
(pencil score/ink score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/3 Myriologue, A by David Diamond
(holograph in ink piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/4 Songs of an Ancient People, op. 10 by Lehman Engle
(piano sketch in ink; ozalid piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/5 Dance by Herbert Haufreucht
(ozalid piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/6 To Martha Graham by Charles Naginski
(ozalid piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/7 Dance by Paul Nordoff
(ink piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/8 Evocation by Wallingford Riegger
(ink piano score, four-hands)
BOX-FOLDER 197/9 Eclogue by Dane Rudman
(photostat piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/10 Dance by Elie Siegmeister
(ink piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/11 Six pieces for solo voice by Imre Weisshause
(vocal score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/12 Four Songs by Pelkam Whyte
(ozalid piano-vocal score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/13 The Train to Johannisberg (composer unknown)
(ozalid piano-vocal score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/14 G by Carlos Chávez
(piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/14 Tarantella in E minor by W. Lomas
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