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Correspondence (continued)
BOX 398 Unrestricted Correspondence
BOX 398 To Martha Graham
BOX-FOLDER 398/1 Armstrong (US Ambassador)
BOX-FOLDER 398/2 Baer, Joseph
BOX-FOLDER 398/3 Baity, Elizabeth Chesley
BOX-FOLDER 398/4 Barton, Craig
BOX-FOLDER 398/5 Batchelder, William H.
BOX-FOLDER 398/6 Bentley, Eric
BOX-FOLDER 398/7 Brennecke, Tom (to and from)
BOX-FOLDER 398/8 Buchanan, Wiley T. [US Ambassador to Austria, 1975-1977]
BOX-FOLDER 398/9 Carson, Mrs. G. Prentice
BOX-FOLDER 398/10 Chavda, Shiavax
BOX-FOLDER 398/11 Council of Fashion Designers
BOX-FOLDER 398/12 Curtis, Donald (Church of Religious Science)
BOX-FOLDER 398/13 Dance News Invitation-Chamié, Tatiana
BOX-FOLDER 398/14 Davis, I.
BOX-FOLDER 398/15 Fine, Michael [Cunningham Dance Foundation]
BOX-FOLDER 398/16 Fischer, Barry
BOX-FOLDER 398/17 Fonteyn, Margot
BOX-FOLDER 398/18 Ford, Betty
BOX-FOLDER 398/19 Furse, Anna
BOX-FOLDER 398/20 Goldberg, H.
BOX-FOLDER 398/21 Goodkind, Louis W.
BOX-FOLDER 398/22 Graham Dance Company (card to Martha)
BOX-FOLDER 398/23 Graham, Martha (solicitations)
BOX-FOLDER 398/24 Graham School
BOX-FOLDER 398/25 Hare, Raymond (US Ambassador to Turkey, 1961-1965)
BOX-FOLDER 398/26 Harkness, Mrs. William H.
BOX-FOLDER 398/27 Hendelson, Margaret
BOX-FOLDER 398/28 Highet, Helen
BOX-FOLDER 398/29 Hindemith, Paul (assistant to)
BOX-FOLDER 398/30 Hoffman, May Foke
BOX-FOLDER 398/31 Hovhaness, Alan
BOX-FOLDER 398/32 Jackson, David
BOX-FOLDER 398/33 Johns, Jasper (from Martha Graham)
BOX-FOLDER 398/34 Jones, Lewis
BOX-FOLDER 398/35 Kanda, Akiko
BOX-FOLDER 398/36 Kawakami, Takako
BOX-FOLDER 398/37 Kenedy, Hailou
BOX-FOLDER 398/38 Kikuchi, Yuriko
BOX-FOLDER 398/39 Kirstein, Lincoln
BOX-FOLDER 398/40 Kuypens, John M.
BOX-FOLDER 398/41 Lalaounis, Ilias
BOX-FOLDER 398/42 Leona, Margaret
BOX-FOLDER 398/43 Leonard, Fox, Ltd. [rare books]
BOX-FOLDER 398/44 Liebenberg, Jean
BOX-FOLDER 398/45 MacArthur, Gray [New York State Council on the Arts]
BOX-FOLDER 398/46 Masrty-Ané, C.
BOX-FOLDER 398/47 Masani, Mrs. M. R.
BOX-FOLDER 398/48 McBean, Angus
BOX-FOLDER 398/49 McCormick, K.D.
BOX-FOLDER 398/50 Menotti, Gian Carlo
BOX-FOLDER 398/51 Merola, James
BOX-FOLDER 398/52 Morgan, Barbara
BOX-FOLDER 398/53 Moschopoulos, Paris
BOX-FOLDER 398/54 Newhouse, Mitzi
BOX-FOLDER 398/55 Ohba, Sab.
BOX-FOLDER 398/56 Onassis, Jackie
BOX-FOLDER 398/57 Parsons, J. Graham [US Ambassador to Stockholm 1961-1965]
BOX-FOLDER 398/58 Price, Richard
BOX-FOLDER 398/59 Ralph M. Chait Gallery
BOX-FOLDER 398/60 Robbins, Jerome
BOX-FOLDER 398/61 Rothschild, Bethsabee de
BOX-FOLDER 398/62 Shawn, Ted
BOX-FOLDER 398/63 St. Denis, Ruth
BOX-FOLDER 398/64 Taggard, Genevieve
BOX-FOLDER 398/65 Taylor, Conni
BOX-FOLDER 398/66 Tcherepnin, Ming & Alexander
BOX-FOLDER 398/67 Thompson, Daryl
BOX-FOLDER 398/68 Thomson, Virgil
BOX-FOLDER 398/69 Tucker, John A.
BOX-FOLDER 398/70 Tully, Alice
BOX-FOLDER 398/71 Welch, Mary
BOX-FOLDER 398/72 Wigman, Mary
BOX-FOLDER 398/73 Wilson, Dwight
BOX-FOLDER 398/74 Windhausen, Wolfgang
BOX-FOLDER 398/75 Xu, Han [Ambassador from People’s Republic of China to US 1985-1989]
BOX-FOLDER 398/76 Zemach, Benjamin [University of Judaism]
BOX-FOLDER 398/77 Unidentified
BOX 398 From Martha Graham
BOX-FOLDER 398/78 Barber, Samuel
BOX-FOLDER 398/79 Dello Joio, Norman
BOX-FOLDER 398/80 De Mille, Agnes
BOX-FOLDER 398/81 Protas, Ron
BOX-FOLDER 398/82 Rabin, Arnold
BOX 377-387 Restricted Correspondence
BOX 203-204 Production Elements
The Production Elements series consists of information relating to the New York City season performances and touring, including hanging plots, light plots and light cue tracks, call sheets, and condition reports. The lighting, set, and costume designers include Jean Rosenthal, Rouben Ter-Arutunian, Isamu Noguchi, Donna Karan, Beverly Emmons, Jennifer Tipton, and Thomas Skelton.
BOX-FOLDER 203/1 Equipment lists: Fall tour, 1970
Blossom Festival, undated
BOX-FOLDER 203/2 Condition reports, 1973, 1991
BOX-FOLDER 203/3 Orchestra requirements, undated
BOX-FOLDER 203/4 Shipments: London, 1963
European tour, 1967
Mexico City, 1968
BOX-FOLDER 203/5 Hanging plots: Mark Hellinger Theatre, New York City, 1967
Saville Theatre, London, 1967
Unidentified, undated
BOX-FOLDER 203/6 Lighting cues
BOX-FOLDER 203/7 Performance venue technical sheets
BOX-FOLDER 203/8 Light and hanging plots for 1974 tour
Lighting by Jean Rosenthal and William H. Batchelder.
BOX-FOLDER 203/9 Hanging plot, lighting plot, and main scaffold in elevation for Episodes
BOX-FOLDER 203/10 Light plot by Jean Rosenthal for the Long Island Festival, 1967
BOX-FOLDER 203/11 Light plot, Blossom Festival, undated
BOX-FOLDER 203/12 Light plot by Jean Rosenthal for North American tour, 1989
BOX-FOLDER 203/13 Light plot, Israel tour, 1958
BOX-FOLDER 203/14 Light cue track for Part Real – Part Dream, 1968
BOX-FOLDER 203/15 Light cue track for Cortege of Eagles, [1967?]
BOX-FOLDER 203/16 Light plot by Jean Rosenthal for 1960 New York City season, 54th Street Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 203/17 Light plot by Thomas Skelton for the American Dance Festival, 1961
BOX-FOLDER 203/18 Section plot by Thomas Skelton for the American Dance Festival, 1962
BOX-FOLDER 203/19 Board hookup, 1962 Broadway season, 54th Street Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 203/20 Light plot and hanging plot, New York City Center season, 1969
BOX-FOLDER 203/21 Light plot, 54th Street Theatre, 1968
BOX-FOLDER 203/22 Light plot by lighting designers: Beverly Emmons, Jean Rosenthal, Jennifer Tipton, Thomas Skelton for the American Dance Festival, Connecticut College, 1967
BOX-FOLDER 203/23 Hanging, stage, and auditorium sections for Edinburgh International Festival and photographs of the venues
BOX-FOLDER 203/24 Donna Karan costume designs
BOX-FOLDER 203/25 Sketches for set design by Isamu Noguchi
BOX-FOLDER 204/1 Section light plot (preliminary plot), American Dance Festival, Connecticut College, 1967
BOX-FOLDER 204/2 Elevation, hanging plot, and light plot from 1960 New York City season, 54th Street Theatre
Lighting by Jean Rosenthal, revised 1961.
BOX-FOLDER 204/3 1963 New York City season, Lunt Fontanne Theatre light plot by Jean Rosenthal; Tormenters
BOX-FOLDER 204/4 Architects drawings for Space Theater for Dance and Noguchi sets (architects: Isamu Noguchi/Fuller & Sadao, Inc.), 1975
BOX-FOLDER 204/5 Touring light and hanging plots, 1974
Lighting by Jean Rosenthal and William H. Batchelder.
BOX-FOLDER 204/6 Light and hanging plots, 1970 Fall tour
Lighting by Jean Rosenthal, William H. Batchelder, and H.P. Poindexter.
BOX-FOLDER 204/7 Elevation, Adelphi Theatre, New York City, 1958-1961
BOX-FOLDER 204/8 From One More Gaudy Night: ground plan and elevation, design by Jean Rosenthal; stool and moon set plans; elevations and boat
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