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Martha Graham collection, 1896-2003

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BOX 224-228; 306 Writings by and about Martha Graham
The series Writings by and about Martha Graham consists of literary notes by Martha Graham or others for various choreographic works; articles and speeches by Martha Graham; interviews; articles about Martha Graham; poems and miscellaneous writings sent to Graham or contained in her papers, and fragments of literary works by and for Graham.
Organized by major heading (“Literary Notes,” for example) and arranged alphabetically by author or by choreographic work therein. In some cases, folders are organized chronologically.
BOX 224 Literary Notes
Literary notes by Martha Graham for choreographic works (some fragments); literary notes by others for choreographic works.
BOX-FOLDER 224/1 Alcestis
BOX-FOLDER 224/2 American Document
BOX-FOLDER 224/3 Appalachian Spring
BOX-FOLDER 224/4 Canticle for Innocent Comedians
BOX-FOLDER 224/5 Clytemnestra
BOX-FOLDER 224/6 Every Soul is a Circus
BOX-FOLDER 224/7 Heloise and Abelard
BOX-FOLDER 224/8 Holy Jungle
BOX-FOLDER 224/9 I Salute My Love
BOX-FOLDER 224/10 Lucifer
BOX-FOLDER 224/11 Punch and the Judy
BOX-FOLDER 224/12 Salem Shore (choreographic notes by Terese Capucilli and Carol Fried)
BOX-FOLDER 224/13 Scarlet Letter
BOX-FOLDER 224/14 Stone of Destiny
BOX-FOLDER 224/15 Witch of Endor
BOX-FOLDER 224/16 “Valley of Vision,” “Nautilus,” “The Lady of the Labyrinth” (notes by Robert Starer); Diversion of Angels (notes by B.B.)
BOX-FOLDER 224/17 Unidentified fragments of literary notes for choreographic works; miscellaneous writings
(15 items)
BOX 224 Articles and Speeches by Martha Graham
BOX-FOLDER 224/18 “John Martin Remembered,” in Ballet Review, Spring 1988
“Relates to After Tudor,” n.d.
“Introduction,” draft, 1963 February 15
“A Tribute to Margot Fonteyn,” 1990
BOX 225-226 Writings about Martha Graham
Poems, writings, and scripts sent to Graham or contained in her papers (authors identified).
BOX-FOLDER 225/1 Angelou, Maya. Still I Rise.
Apostolos-Cappadona, Diane. “The Ritual of Sculpture: Isamu Noguchi’s ‘From Behind Inner Seeking: Síva’s Dance,” 1984.
Armitage, Merle. “Modern Dance,” (section) 1935.
Armitage, Merle. “Modern Dance,” (section in French), n.d.
Armitage, Merle, et al. “Big Chief of the Southwest.” (shooting script), n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 225/2 Ballard, Adele, M. “Midnight at June Second,” n.d.
Barnhardt, Harry. Script for unnamed ballet, n.d.
Berg, Paul. “Martha Graham’s Dancers” in St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sunday, 1970 October 18.
Berlitt, Ben. “Soundstage,” 1945.
Blofeld, John. [lacks title and date]
Buckwalter, John. “Byzantine Eyes,” n.d.
Buckwalter, John. “A Psalm of Joy,” 1963.
BOX-FOLDER 225/3 Cahn, Sammy. “His Way.”
Candee, Helen Churchill. “Ankor, the Magnificant,” n.d.
Caras, Roger. Quotes from “The Private Lives of Animals,” n.d.
Code, Grant. “Prologue,” n.d.
Cook, Helen Fetter. “Enchanted Land,” 1944.
BOX-FOLDER 225/4 De LaRosa, L. “Production by Martha Graham,” 1987.
De Mille, Agnes. No title, n.d.
Devi, Rukmini. Chapter for a book, Where Theosophy and Science Meet, by Prof. D.D. Kanga, n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 225/5 Eisner, Igor. “Evocation de Martha Graham,” 1991.
Engle, Paul. “Door,” n.d.
Engle, Paul. “Variations,” n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 225/6 Fowlie, Wallace. “Martha Graham as Hérodiade,” n.d.
Fowlie, Wallace. “Martha Graham comme Hérodiade,” n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 225/7 Gable, Maureen Clark. “Gone With Noelle,” n.d.
Gale, Joseph. “The First Lady of Modern American Dance,” in Newark Sunday News, 1970 September 27.
Gold, Ronald. “From Pungent Image to Vivid Life,” in Dance Magazine, 1969 May.
Goodman, Saul. “Takako Asakawa,” in Dance Magazine, 1971 January.
Goodman, Saul. “Rahamin Ron,” in Dance Magazine, 1971 February.
Grendysa, Peter. “The Case of the Disappearing Composer,” n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 225/8 Hawwend (?), Richard. “Scenario for Abstract Ballet on the Story of Solomon – for Martha Graham,” 1931.
Hodes, Stuart. “Review of Blood Memory,” in Ballet Review, 1991.
Horosko, Marian. “Frontier of the Mind: Martha Graham at 95,” in Dance Magazine, 1989 May.
Howard, Robin. Obituary in Ballet Review, 1989.
Hull, William D. “On Martha Graham’s visit to Ceylon,” n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 225/9 Ignatin, Irving. “New Theatre,” 1935 December.
BOX-FOLDER 225/10 Jacobsohn, Helmuth. “The World-Weary Man and his Soul,” 1952.
Jellinghaus, Fritz. [no title,] 1981.
BOX-FOLDER 225/11 Kaplan, Howard. “Simple Gifts,” 1987.
Kostopoulos, Carmela. “For Martha Graham on her 90th Birthday,” n.d.
Kulick, Jonathan, et al. “A True Story for Martha Graham,” n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 225/12 Larsson, Raymond E.F. “Good Friday Music,” n.d.
Leatherman, LeRoy. [“A Note on Martha Graham’s Symbolism”], n.d.
Leatherman, LeRoy. “Homage to the Secret-Bearer,” in The Sewanee Review, vol. LXXII, No. 2, April-June 1964.
Legisos, Gloria M. “Danza Contemporanea Iniciacion al Aprendizaje de la Tecnica Graham,” Santiago, Chile, 1977
BOX-FOLDER 225/13 March, William. “The Bad Seed,” n.d.
Marchal, Sappho. “Danses Cambodgiennes,” Saigon, MCMXXVI.
Martin, John. [quotation in French], n.d.
Martin, John. “A Classic,” n.d.
Mason, Francis. “Martha Graham Dance Company,” n.d.
McDonagh, Don. “Modern Dance Chronicle,” in The Hudson Review, vol XXII, no. 2, Summer 1969.
Meursinge, B. “The Tree of Great Sorrow,” n.d.
Mishima, Yukio. “The Damask Drum,” in Five Modern Nō Plays, 1957.
Moe, Henry Allen. Remarks for Martha Graham convocation, Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, 1965. Acceptance speech for Aspen Award by Martha Graham.
Myers, L.H. “The/Root and the/Flower,” n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 225/14 Nauman, Hilda. “Around Eastern Connecticut,” n.d.
Neal, Josie. “Modern Dance: The American Experience,” 1989.
BOX-FOLDER 226/1 Patterson, Daniel W. “Early Shaker Spirituals,” 1976.
Pena, Jose Z de la. “The Four Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe,” n.d.
Perse, Saint-John. “Anabasis, “ n.d.
Phelps, Mary. “Advertisement,” 1938.
BOX-FOLDER 226/2 Rudhyar, D. “Martha Graham’s Utterances Reveal a New Dance Rhythm,” n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 226/3 Sabin, Robert. “The Evolution of Martha Graham’s Dance Technique,” n.d.
Saint Victor, Hugh de. “Conversation Concerning the Wedding Gift of the Soul (summary)”Barbara Hanna, translator. Sark. “A Creative Companion,” n.d.
Sherman, Jane and Norton Owen. “Martha Graham and Ted Shawn,” in Dance Magazine, 1995.
Shirley, Wayne. A Ballet for Martha. Library of Congress.
[Soars, Janet]. “Interview with [Christena Schlundt] on Ruth St. Denis,” in Dance Chronicle, n.d.
Smith, Arthur Galusha. “Indian,” n.d.
Smith, Cecil. “The Maze of the Heart,” in Theatre Arts, May 1947.
Stav, Arie. “The Dance in Israel,” in Hadassah Magazine, Hartford, Connecticut, February 1971.
Stodelle, Ernestine. “The View from Vermont,” chapter 7 from Deep Song: The Dance Story of Martha Graham, 1983.
Sweeney, James Johnson. “Martha Graham,” n.d.
[Synge, John Millinton]. Riders to the Sea, 1904.
BOX-FOLDER 226/4 Richman, Robert. “Erick Hawkins,” n.d.
Rothschild, Bethsabee de. Extract from La Danse Artistique aux USA, 1949.
BOX-FOLDER 226/5 Taylor, Harold. Remarks by president of Sarah Lawrence College at Dance Magazine Awards ceremony, 1958.
Terry, Walter. “Martha Graham’s Repertory,” n.d.
Tracy, Robert. “Noguchi: Collaborating with Graham,” in Ballet Review, 9, Winter 1986
Tracy, Robert. “Artist’s Dialogue: Isamu Noguchi,” n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 226/6 Ulrich, Celeste. “Martha Graham,” n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 226/7 Weigle, Marta. “The Penitentes of the Southwest,” n.d.
Weinberg, Nathan. “Horses, Machines and Dancers,” n.d.
Williams, Peter and Clive Barnes. “Two Looks at Lighting: Martha Graham in Edinburgh and London,” in Dance and Dancers, 1963.
Winters, Pamela. “An Introduction to Sacred Dance,” 1988.
Wolfe, Katharine A. “Martha Graham,” n.d.
BOX 226 Interviews
BOX-FOLDER 226/8 Madoff Enterprises interview with Martha Graham
Interview fragments
Interview, undated
Interview, 15 December 1989 and 17 December 1989
Interview, 10 January 1989
Interview Nathan Kroll and Martha Graham, 6-7 December 1971
Interview with Bianca Jagger, 15 March 1990
Interview with Ron Protas (fragment, undated)
Interview with Ron Protas (?) (fragments, undated)
Interview with "Ruth," November 1951
BOX 227 Writings about Martha Graham (Authors Unidentified)
Poems, writings, and scripts sent to Graham or contained in her papers (authors unidentified).
BOX-FOLDER 227/1 “A Note on Martha Graham’s Symbolism,” no author, n.d.
“The Aesthetic of Martha Graham,” no author, n.d.
“Martha Graham ‘In the American Grain,’” no author, n.d.
“About Martha Graham,” no author, n.d.
“For Martha Graham,” no author, n.d.
“Scenario for Martha Graham,” no author, n.d.
“Martha Graham est un novatrice...” no author, n.d.
“Martha Graham fait figure de preue sur...” no author, n.d.
“She is Priestess of Intellectual Ballet,” 1947 (fragment)
R ́esume for Martha Graham
BOX-FOLDER 227/2 “Decor for Hysteria,” no author, n.d.
“Luke Tanner’s Daughter,” no author, n.d.
“Poem: A Cambodian Dancer,” no author, n.d.
“Phenomenal Woman,” no author, n.d.
“The Mills of the Gods Grind Slow,” no author, n.d.
“Marie Wigman, Danseuse Faustienne,” chapter 2 of unknown book manuscript, 1972.
BOX-FOLDER 227/3 “When the Pale Unraveling Brain Falls from Ariadne’s Anxious Hand,” no author, n.d.
Lear, Edward. “The Owl and the Pussy Cat Went to Sea,” n.d.
“An Alpha of Insight,” no author, n.d.
“Reflections on Dance,” no author, n.d.
“Prelude and Exhortation, 1936,” no author, n.d.
“Directions and Suggestions concerning the Canto Hondo and its Percussion,” no author, n.d.
“Speaking of Pictures...Dancers,” Life, 1938.
“European Martha Graham Workshop of Contemporary Dance,” in Danzare, 1988
Collection of Poems by Jean’s Fourth Grade, n.d.
BOX 227-228, 306 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 227/4 Fragments, quotes, unidentified manuscripts
BOX-FOLDER 227/5 Notes/drafts for Blood Memory
BOX-FOLDER 227/6 Notes/drafts for Blood Memory
BOX-FOLDER 227/7 Notes/drafts for Blood Memory
BOX-FOLDER 227/8 Notes/drafts for Blood Memory
BOX-FOLDER 227/9 Notes, Martha, the Musical
BOX-FOLDER 228/1 “Beauty and the Buckskins” and “Mahanttan Corner” by D.C. Glover, Jr., 1952
Sheet music sent to Graham.
BOX-FOLDER 228/2 Barnes, Clive. “The Cold War in Modern-Dance,” in The New York Times Magazine, July 28, 1968.
BOX-FOLDER 228/3 Dreyer, Martin, “Foot Loose and Fancy,” in Houston Chronicle, Texas Magazine, Sunday, January 24, 1971.
BOX-FOLDER 306/1 Fragments of writings in the hand of Martha Graham (Restricted)
BOX 201-202 Programs
The Programs series contains a selection of programs that span the 1930s to 2003. A significant number of programs are also contained in the Scrapbooks series.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX-FOLDER 201/1 1930s (xerox copies)
BOX-FOLDER 201/2 1940; 1941; 1947; 1940s undated
BOX-FOLDER 201/3 1949
BOX-FOLDER 201/4 1950s
BOX-FOLDER 201/5 1960s
BOX-FOLDER 201/6 1971; 1973; 1974
BOX-FOLDER 201/7 1975
BOX-FOLDER 201/8 1976
BOX-FOLDER 201/9 1978; 1979
BOX-FOLDER 202/1 1984; 1985
BOX-FOLDER 202/2 1986
BOX-FOLDER 202/3 1987
BOX-FOLDER 202/4 1988
BOX-FOLDER 202/5 1990s; 2003
BOX-FOLDER 202/6 Programs, undated
BOX-FOLDER 202/7 Drafts of programs; notes for programs; corrections for programs
BOX-FOLDER 202/8 Drafts of programs; notes for programs; corrections for programs
BOX-FOLDER 202/9 Drafts of programs; notes for programs; corrections for programs
BOX-FOLDER 202/10 Programs and flyers, non-Graham
BOX 278-305 Business Papers
The Business Papers series of the Martha Graham Dance Company; Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance; and Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance consists of financial information that spans 1941 to 1993, including payroll and salary information; bank statements; deposit information; checkbook stubs; cancelled checks; budget information; purchase orders and invoices; and tax information. To view the materials in this series, please consult the curator of dance.
BOX 278-281 Martha Graham Dance Company
BOX-FOLDER 278/1 Invoices, 1941
BOX-FOLDER 278/2 Checkbook stubs, 1942
BOX-FOLDER 278/3-7 Receipts and invoices, 1944
BOX-FOLDER 278/8 Cancelled checks, 1944 April 24 – June 2
BOX-FOLDER 278/9 Bank statements and cancelled checks, 1944
BOX-FOLDER 278/10 Receipts and invoices, 1944
BOX-FOLDER 279/1 Payroll book, 1944
BOX-FOLDER 279/2 Payroll book, 1945
BOX-FOLDER 279/3 Cancelled checks, 1945
BOX-FOLDER 279/4 Check stubs, 1945
BOX-FOLDER 279/6 Petty cash receipts, 1945
BOX-FOLDER 279/7-8 Receipts and invoices, 1945
BOX-FOLDER 280/1 Payroll book, 1946
BOX-FOLDER 280/2 Cancelled checks, 1946
BOX-FOLDER 280/3 Payroll book, 1947
BOX-FOLDER 280/4 Profit and loss statements, 1942-1947
BOX-FOLDER 281/1 Payroll book, 1948
BOX-FOLDER 281/2 Checkbook/stubs, 1948
BOX-FOLDER 281/3 Salary list, 1948
BOX-FOLDER 281/4 New York City season budgets, 1948
BOX-FOLDER 281/5 Box office and ticket information, New York City season, February 1948
BOX-FOLDER 281/6 Invoices – William’s Theatrical Haulage, Inc., New York City season, February 1948
BOX-FOLDER 281/7 Payroll book, 1949
BOX-FOLDER 281/8 Budget information, 1949
BOX 283 Martha Graham Dance Company (MGDC) and Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance (MGSCD)
BOX-FOLDER 283/1 Cash dispersements, MGDC, 1947-1950
BOX-FOLDER 283/2 Cash dispersements, MGSCD, 1949-1952
BOX 282, 287 Martha Graham Dance Company
BOX-FOLDER 282/1 Checkbook/stubs, 1949 April 1-1950 June 7
BOX-FOLDER 282/2 Payroll book, 1950
BOX-FOLDER 282/3 Bank statements and cancelled checks, 1950
BOX-FOLDER 282/4 Checkbook, 1950
BOX-FOLDER 282/5 Budget information, 1950
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