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Martha Graham collection, 1896-2003

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Music Inventory (continued)
Choreographed Works (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 150/1-4 Extra parts
Poems of 1917 (1928)
Composer: Leo Ornstein
BOX-FOLDER 194/7 Published piano score
Point of Crossing (1975)
Composer: Mordecai Seter
BOX-FOLDER 151/1-5 Published extra parts
BOX-FOLDER 152/1 Photocopy full score
BOX-FOLDER 152/2 Published full score
BOX-FOLDER 152/3-6 Published parts
BOX-FOLDER 152/7-8 Published extra parts
Poulanc, Françoise see Momenta Rustica
Praeludium no. 2 see A Formal Dance
Prelude to Action(from Chronicle) (1936)
Composer: Wallingford Riegger
Arrangement, orchestration, and additional music by Stanley Sussman.
BOX-FOLDER 153/1 Photocopy full score
BOX-FOLDER 153/2-5 Photocopied parts
BOX-FOLDER 154/1-5 Photocopied extra parts
Primitive Mysteries (1931)
Composer: Louis Horst
BOX-FOLDER 155/1 Photocopy full score
BOX-FOLDER 155/2 Oboe part
BOX-FOLDER 155/3 Flute part
BOX-FOLDER 155/4 Ozalid piano part
BOX-FOLDER 155/5 Ink piano score, with choreographic notes
BOX-FOLDER 155/6 Ozalid piano score
BOX-FOLDER 155/7 Ozalid piano score
BOX-FOLDER 155/8 Photocopy full score
Punch and the Judy (1941)
Composer: Robert McBride
BOX-FOLDER 156/1 Ink piano score, with choreographic notes
BOX-FOLDER 156/2 Photocopy piano score, no choreographic notes
BOX-FOLDER 156/3 Ozalid full score
BOX-FOLDER 157/1 Ozalid 2-piano version
BOX-FOLDER 157/2 Ozalid 2-piano version
BOX-FOLDER 157/3 Copyist’s parts, woodwinds
BOX-FOLDER 158/1 Copyist’s parts in ink, bassoon, horn, piano
BOX-FOLDER 158/2 Copyist’s parts in ink, violin I and violin II
BOX-FOLDER 158/3 Copyist’s parts in ink, viola, violoncello, double bass
BOX-FOLDER 158/4-6 Ozalid parts, alternate version
Riegger, Wallingford see Baccanale; Prelude to Action; Steps in the Street
Ribbink, Thomas see Canticle for Innocent Comedians
Rite of Spring (1984)
Composer: Igor Stravinsky
BOX-FOLDER 159/1 Published score, revised version with reduced orchestra by Robert Rudolf
BOX-FOLDER 159/2 Published score, revised version with reduced orchestra by Robert Rudolf
BOX-FOLDER 159/3 Photocopy published score, revised version with reduced orchestra by Robert Rudolf
BOX-FOLDER 160/1-4 Ozalid parts
BOX-FOLDER 161/1-5 Ozalid parts
BOX-FOLDER 162/104 Extra parts
BOX-FOLDER 163/1-4 Extra parts
Salem Shore (1943)
Composer: Paul Nordoff
BOX-FOLDER 164/1 Ozalid rehearsal piano score, with choreographic notes
BOX-FOLDER 164/2 Ink full score reduction, with choreographic notes
BOX-FOLDER 164/3 Photocopy of full score reduction, with choreographic notes
BOX-FOLDER 164/4 Set of parts for 4 instruments
BOX-FOLDER 164/5 Ozalid full score for 7 instruments
BOX-FOLDER 165/1 Photocopy full score, with pencil emendations
BOX-FOLDER 166/2 Copyist’s deschens parts
BOX-FOLDER 166/3-6 Extra parts
Satyric Festival Song (1932)
Composer: Arma, Paul [Imre Weisshaus]
BOX-FOLDER 194/9 Ink piccolo part, Satyric Festival Song
Scarlet Letter, The (1975)
Composer: Hunter Johnson
BOX-FOLDER 166/1 Ozalid full score
BOX-FOLDER 166/2 Ozalid full score
BOX-FOLDER 167/1 Ozalid piano rehearsal score, with choreographic notes
BOX-FOLDER 167/2-4 Ozalid parts
BOX-FOLDER 168/1 Ozalid parts
BOX-FOLDER 168/2-3 Extra parts
BOX-FOLDER 169/1-3 Extra parts
BOX-FOLDER 170/1-3 Extra parts
Satie, Erik see Trois Gnossiennes
Schuman, William see Judith; Night Journey; Voyage; Witch of Endor
Secular Games (1962)
Composer: Robert Starer
Starer’s title: Concerto a tre.
BOX-FOLDER 194/11 Published score and parts
Seraphic Dialogue see Triumph of St. Joan
Serenata, op. 13 see Serenata Morisca
Serenata Morisca (1916)
Composer: Enrico Tarenghi
Enrico Tarenghi’s title: Serenata, op. 13.
Choreographed by Ted Shawn and performed by Martha Graham on Denishawn tours (1921-1923) and in the Greenwich Village Follies (1923-1925).
BOX-FOLDER 176/1 Photocopy full score, orchestrated by J. McPhee
BOX-FOLDER 176/2 Copyist transparency parts
BOX-FOLDER 176/3 Set of parts
BOX-FOLDER 176/4 Photocopy extra parts
Serpent Heart see Cave of the Heart
Seter, Mordecai see Legend of Judith; Part Real-Part Dream; Point of Crossing
Six Pieces, op. 6 see Episodes: Part I
Starer, Robert see Holy Jungle; Lady of the House of Sleep; Phaedra; Visionary Recital; Secular Games
Steps in the Street (1989)
Composer: Wallingford Reigger
Reigger’s title: New Dance.
Reconstructed in 1989; originally part of Chronicle (1936).
BOX-FOLDER 177/1 Photocopy full score
BOX-FOLDER 177/2-5 Ozalid parts
BOX-FOLDER 177/6-10 Extra parts
BOX-FOLDER 178/1 Steps in the Street, orchestrated by Justin Dello Joio (reduced)
BOX-FOLDER 178/2-4 Parts
BOX-FOLDER 178/5-7 Extra parts
BOX-FOLDER 178/8 Transparency master
Stravinsky, Igor see Rite of Spring
Stroman, Susan see But Not for Me
Surinach, Carlos see Acrobats of God; Embattled Garden; Owl and the Pussycat
Táncszviť[Dance Suite] see Temptations of the Moon
Tangled Night (1986)
Composer: Klaus Egge
Egge’s title: Piano Concerto no. 2, op. 21.
BOX-FOLDER 179/1 Published full scores (2)
BOX-FOLDER 179/2 Published parts
BOX-FOLDER 179/3 Extra parts
Temptations of the Moon (1986)
Composer: Béla Bartók
Bartók’s title: Táncszviť [Dance Suite].
BOX-FOLDER 180/1 Published full score
BOX-FOLDER 180/2 Photocopy published full score
BOX-FOLDER 180/3-5 Ozalid parts
BOX-FOLDER 181/1 Ozalid published parts
BOX-FOLDER 181/2-4 Extra parts
BOX-FOLDER 182/1-6 Extra parts
Time of Snow, A (1968)
Composer: Norman Dello Joio
Dello Joio’s title: Heloïse and Abelard.
BOX-FOLDER 183/1 Photocopy full score
BOX-FOLDER 183/2 Photocopy full score
BOX-FOLDER 183/3 Photocopy full score
BOX-FOLDER 183/4 Photocopy piano/vocal score, with choreographic notes
BOX-FOLDER 183/5 Photocopy piano/vocal score, with choreographic notes
BOX-FOLDER 183/6 Photocopy piano/vocal score, with choreographic notes
BOX-FOLDER 184/1-2 Ozalid parts
BOX-FOLDER 184/3 Extra parts
Toch, Ernst see Harlequinade
Transitions (1934)
Composer: Lehman Engle
BOX-FOLDER 194/12 Trumpet part in ink
Triumph of St. Joan Symphony, The see Triumph of St. Joan
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