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Martha Graham collection, 1896-2003

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Music Inventory (continued)
BOX 192-193, 195-197 Supplementary Music
BOX-FOLDER 192/1 Music by Louis Horst, composed and/or arranged for the Martha Graham Dance technique classes, circa 1927-1929
BOX-FOLDER 192/2 Photocopy of above
BOX-FOLDER 192/4 Twenty-three pieces by Clifford Bowens, with audiocassette
BOX-FOLDER 192/5 Elite Sync by Adam Ben-David
BOX-FOLDER 195/1 Sonata for Two Violins by Mordecai Seter
(2 scores)
BOX-FOLDER 195/2 Ricercar by Mordecai Seter
BOX-FOLDER 195/3 Chacone et Scherzo pour Piano by Mordecai Seter
BOX-FOLDER 195/4 Yemenite Suite by Mordecai Seter
BOX-FOLDER 195/5 Movement for Piano by Yeshiva Lakner
BOX-FOLDER 195/6 Sextett by Yeshiva Lakner
(score and parts: Fl, Ob, Cl in C, Cor in C, Fag, Piano)
BOX-FOLDER 195/7 String Quartet by Josef Tal
(Score and Parts: Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello)
BOX-FOLDER 195/8 Dance (duet for two flutes) by Josef Tal
BOX-FOLDER 195/9 Out of the Dust by Ben-Zion Orgad
BOX-FOLDER 195/10 Morning Stars for alto, flute, violin, viola, and cello by Ben-Zion Orgad
BOX-FOLDER 195/11 Celestial Spheres for alto, flute, violin, viola, and cello by Ben-Zion Orgad
BOX-FOLDER 195/12 Songs of Rahel by Abraham Daus (two violas and flute)
BOX-FOLDER 193/9 Chronique by Carlos Surinach
(Ozalid full score)
BOX-FOLDER 193/10 Chronique by Carlos Surinach
(piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 193/16 Two scenes from Anthony and Cleopatra by Samuel Barber
(published full score)
BOX-FOLDER 196/1 Lord Hear my Longing by Johann Sebastian Bach; orchestrated by Walton
BOX-FOLDER 196/2 Concerto for Derabucca and Strings by Halim El-Dabh
(ozalid full score)
BOX-FOLDER 196/3 Music for Mouths, Marimba, Nbira, and Roto-toms by Malcolm Forsyth
(published full score)
BOX-FOLDER 196/4 Tomorrow the Festivals, op. 130by Alan Hovaness
(ozalid full score)
BOX-FOLDER 196/5 Sonata for Horn, Trumpet, and Trombone by François Poulanc
(published score and parts)
BOX-FOLDER 196/6 Notturno (Jacob’s Dream), op. 44 by Karol Rathaus
(published full score)
BOX-FOLDER 196/7 Night Music by George Rochberg
(published full score)
BOX-FOLDER 196/8 String Quartet by George Rochberg
(published score and parts)
BOX-FOLDER 197/1 Dance Sonata, op. 24 by Marion Bauer
(photocopy piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/2 Prelude by Paul Creston
(pencil score/ink score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/3 Myriologue, A by David Diamond
(holograph in ink piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/4 Songs of an Ancient People, op. 10 by Lehman Engle
(piano sketch in ink; ozalid piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/5 Dance by Herbert Haufreucht
(ozalid piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/6 To Martha Graham by Charles Naginski
(ozalid piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/7 Dance by Paul Nordoff
(ink piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/8 Evocation by Wallingford Riegger
(ink piano score, four-hands)
BOX-FOLDER 197/9 Eclogue by Dane Rudman
(photostat piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/10 Dance by Elie Siegmeister
(ink piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/11 Six pieces for solo voice by Imre Weisshause
(vocal score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/12 Four Songs by Pelkam Whyte
(ozalid piano-vocal score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/13 The Train to Johannisberg (composer unknown)
(ozalid piano-vocal score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/14 G by Carlos Chávez
(piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/14 Tarantella in E minor by W. Lomas
(piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/14 Tarentella, op. 26 by Théodore Lack
(piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/14 Toccata, op. 1 by Serge Prokofiev
(piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/14 3rd Gymnopédie by Erik Satie
(piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/14 Dance by Gustave Ferrari
(piano score)
BOX-FOLDER 197/15 Music from Louis Horst’s Dance classes
BOX-FOLDER 197/16 “Star Spangled Banner”
(published orchestration)
BOX-FOLDER 197/17 Dance Symphony by Aaron Copland
(photocopy 2nd flute part)
BOX-FOLDER 197/18 Fragments
BOX 308-376 Scrapbooks
The Martha Graham Collection contains an especially rich collection of Scrapbooks that span from 1926 to 1976. Documents contained within the scrapbooks include the official invitation from Germany to participate in the 1936 Olympics and Graham’s carbon copy of her refusal; transcripts of a German radio program from 1941; telegrams and notes of congratulations from luminaries such as Helen Hayes, Mary Wigman, Lincoln Kirstein, Sir Frederick Ashton, Svetlana Beriosova, and Michael Somes; and significant information on the Graham Company’s European tours during the Cold War. Other materials contained within the scrapbooks include invitations, speeches, fan mail, interviews, photographs, correspondence, reviews, and letters of tribute. For similar materials, the reader should see other parts of the collection, including Clippings; Programs; Writings By and About Martha Graham; and New York City Season and National and International Touring.
Arranged in chronological order.
BOX 308 1926-1929
BOX 309 1929-1930
BOX 310 1932-1933
BOX 311 1935-1936
BOX 312 1936 Tour
BOX 313 1936-1937
BOX 314 1938-1939
BOX 315 1939 Tour
BOX 316 1939-1940
BOX 317 1940 Tour
BOX 318 1940-1941
BOX 319 1941-1942
BOX 320 A, B 1941-1950
BOX 321 1942-1944
BOX 322 1944-1945
BOX 323 1945-1946
BOX 324 1946 Tour
BOX 325 1946-1947
BOX 326 1949-1951
BOX 327 1950
BOX 328 1950 Tour
BOX 329 1950-1967
BOX 330 1955 Tour (Asia)
BOX 331 1955 Tour (Singapore)
BOX 332 1955 Tour (Indonesia, Burma)
BOX 333 1955 Tour (Japan)
2 volumes
BOX 334 1955 Tour (India, Pakistan)
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