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Sidney Robertson Cowell collection, 1901-1992

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BOX 6-9 Materials Relating to Fieldwork, 1936-1962
Materials related to Cowell’s field recording trips, from various phases of her career, including reports, fieldnotes, correspondence, memoranda, training documents, lists of songs and recordings, song pamphlets, song transcriptions, articles, drafts of reports and handwritten notes.
Arranged chronologically.
Resettlement Administration Field Trip to North Carolina with John Lomax, 1936
Final report, fieldnotes, annotated song list, correspondence.
BOX-FOLDER 6/1 “Report on Two Weeks’ Trip to North Carolina,” 1936
Written by Sidney Robertson with John Lomax and Frank Brown.
BOX-FOLDER 6/2 Fieldnotes, 1936
BOX-FOLDER 6/3 “Titles and Notes on Tunes that Turned Up in One Form or Another at the Mountain Music and Dance Contests at Asheville, North Carolina, July 23-25, 1936”
BOX-FOLDER 6/4 Correspondence, 1936
see also Container 2, Lomax, John
see also Container 3, Seeger, Charles
Resettlement Administration, 1936-1938
Correspondence, memoranda, field reports, fieldnotes, training documents, song lists, song pamphlets, articles.
Correspondence, memoranda, field reports and notes are arranged chronologically.
BOX-FOLDER 6/5 Correspondence, memoranda, notes, 1936 Jan.-Oct.
BOX-FOLDER 6/6 Correspondence, memoranda, field reports, 1936 Nov.
BOX-FOLDER 6/7 Correspondence, memoranda, fieldnotes, 1936 Nov. 21-23
BOX-FOLDER 6/8 Correspondence, memoranda, reports, 1936 Nov. 27-Dec. 30
BOX-FOLDER 6/9 Correspondence, memoranda, notes, reports, 1937 Jan.-Feb.
BOX-FOLDER 6/10 Correspondence, memoranda, notes, 1937 Mar.-Apr. 4
BOX-FOLDER 6/11 Correspondence, fieldnotes, 1937 May-June
BOX-FOLDER 6/12 Correspondence, memoranda, reports, 1937 July-Sept.
BOX-FOLDER 6/13 Correspondence, reports, 1937 Oct.-Dec.
BOX-FOLDER 6/14 Correspondence, memoranda, 1938 Jan., undated
BOX-FOLDER 6/15 “Collection of American Traditional Music,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 6/16 Drafts of music program memorandum, 1936
BOX-FOLDER 6/17 Training documents, undated
BOX-FOLDER 6/18 “Harmonica Playing Bibliography,” undated
Music Memorandum, no. 12. Includes drafts.
BOX-FOLDER 6/19 “Mrs. Dusenbury,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 6/20 “Proposed List of Songs for Publication in Song Sheet Form,” 1936 Aug. 22
BOX-FOLDER 6/21 “Reservations and Limitations on Records, SR Series, nos. 1-156,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 6/22 Lists of recordings from National Folk Festival and from Minn. and Wis., 1937
BOX-FOLDER 6/23 Lists of songs
BOX-FOLDER 6/24 Information on playing recordings and other topics
BOX-FOLDER 6/25 Song pamphlets
No. 8 is missing.
BOX-FOLDER 6/26 “Accession List of Records” from the Special Skills Division, undated
BOX-FOLDER 6/27 Articles on the Resettlement Administration
BOX-FOLDER 6/28 Miscellaneous
California Folk Music Project, 1937-1954
Final report, notes, lists of songs, correspondence.
BOX-FOLDER 7/1 “A Study of California Folk Music,” 1940 Jan.
BOX-FOLDER 7/2 “Outline for a Book Tentatively Called Folksong in California,” 1954 July
BOX-FOLDER 7/3 Handwritten notes for “Folksong in California”
BOX-FOLDER 7/4 Checklist of recordings made for the California Folk Music Project, 1937 July-1939, July 18
BOX-FOLDER 7/5 Lists of California folk music, 1938-1939, 1954, undated
Includes performers and may include dates and places and annotations by Sidney Robertson Cowell. Includes list of Calif. recordings for the Sidney Robertson Cowell Duplication Project at the Library of Congress.
BOX-FOLDER 7/6 Correspondence, 1938
BOX-FOLDER 7/7 Black, Eleanora and Sidney Robertson, comp. The Gold Rush Song Book. San Francisco: Colt Press, 1940.
Carrie Grover from Gorham, Maine, 1941
List of recordings.
BOX-FOLDER 7/8 “Records of the Singing and Fiddle Playing of Mrs. Carrie Grover, from Gorham, Maine”
Appalachian Trip with Maud Karpeles, 1950
see also Photographs of Appalachian trip with Maud Karpeles
Handwritten diary, notes, list of recordings.
BOX-FOLDER 7/9 Handwritten diary and notes
BOX-FOLDER 7/10 Typewritten notes, 1950 Sept. 8- Oct. 18
BOX-FOLDER 7/11 “Tape Recordings Made in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, Sept.-Oct. 1950,” by Maud Karpeles and Sidney Robertson Cowell
Wolf River Songs and Ford-Walker Family, 1952-1957
Drafts of article, notes, song sheets, lists of songs.
BOX-FOLDER 7/12 Cowell, Sidney Robertson. Wolf River Songs. New York: Folkways Records, 1956.
BOX-FOLDER 7/13 Typewritten drafts for Wolf River Songs, [1952-1954?]
BOX-FOLDER 7/14 Handwritten notes for Wolf River Songs, [1952-1954?]
BOX-FOLDER 7/15 Song sheets with accompanying notes and annotations
BOX-FOLDER 7/16 “Sidney Robertson Cowell Duplication Project,” 1957 Dec. 10
From Library of Congress. List of songs with names of performer, date and place of recording.
Songs from Cape Breton Island, 1950-1962
Drafts of article, song sheets, song transcriptions, list of recordings, correspondence, article, program sheets.
BOX-FOLDER 7/17 Cowell, Sidney Robertson and John P. Hughes. Songs from Cape Breton Island. New York: Folkways Records, 1955.
BOX-FOLDER 7/18 Drafts for sections of Songs from Cape Breton Island, undated
BOX-FOLDER 7/19 Song sheets with notes and annotations, undated
BOX-FOLDER 8/1 Transcriptions of songs recorded of North Shore Singers in Nova Scotia, Newton, Mass. and at Harvard, 1950-1953 or 1954
BOX-FOLDER 8/2 Lists of recordings from the project, including from a Library of Congress Sidney Robertson Cowell duplication project
BOX-FOLDER 8/3 Correspondence, 1953-1955
BOX-FOLDER 8/4 Abstract of “The Connection between the Precenting of Psalms on Cape Breton Island and in Colonial New England Churches,” 1962
BOX-FOLDER 8/5 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 8/6 Program sheets, 1953
BOX-FOLDER 8/7 Travel materials
Songs of Aran, 1955-1957
Song sheets and transcriptions with annotations.
BOX-FOLDER 8/8 Cowell, Sidney Robertson. Songs of Aran. New York: Folkways Records, 1957
BOX-FOLDER 8/9 Song sheets and transcriptions with notes and annotations, [1955-1956?].
Includes sheets of recordings from the Sidney Robertson Cowell Duplication Project at the Library of Congress.
Travels in Asia and the Middle East, 1955-1957
Final reports, drafts, anecdotes, notes.
Arranged alphabetically by country.
BOX-FOLDER 8/10 “A Note on Music in Colombo (Ceylon),” undated
BOX-FOLDER 8/11 “Report on Music in Hong Kong,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 8/12 “A Note on Music in Macao (Macau),” undated
BOX-FOLDER 8/13 “Report on Music in Madras and Bombay,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 8/14 “A Report to the Rockefeller Foundation on Music in Iran,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 8/15 “Persian Tales: SRC to S.E. Iran,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 8/16 “Persian Tales: Iranian WPA,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 8/17 “Persian Tales and Travelogue, cont’d.,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 9/1 “From SRC’s Notebook: Recording Session at Nomad Encampment outside Abadan,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 9/2 Random anecdotes, notes and comments about Iran, undated
Includes list of recordings from the Sidney Robertson Cowell Duplication Project at the Library of Congress.
BOX-FOLDER 9/3 “A Note on Korean Performances (Orchestra, Ballet) Heard in Hong Kong,” March 1957
BOX-FOLDER 9/4 “A Report to the Rockefeller Foundation on Music in Lebanon,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 9/5 “A Report to the Rockefeller Foundation on Music in Pakistan,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 9/6 “A Report on Music in Singapore,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 9/7 “Report on Music in Thailand,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 9/8 “A Report to the Rockefeller Foundation on Music in Turkey,” undated
BOX 9-16, 28 Materials Relating to Henry Cowell, 1915-1992
Personal narratives by Sidney Robertson Cowell on Henry Cowell's life and work; articles and essays by and about Henry Cowell; discographical material; and photocopies of a selection of Henry Cowell holographs with annotations by Sidney Robertson Cowell.
Miscellaneous Material by and about Henry Cowell, 1920-1992
Personal narratives by Sidney Robertson Cowell, discographical material, information about family, articles and essays by Henry Cowell, articles about Henry Cowell, clippings.
BOX-FOLDER 9/9 Narratives about Henry Cowell and Sidney Robertson Cowell written by SRC, 1971, undated
BOX-FOLDER 9/10 Biographical essay on Henry Cowell (possibly written by SRC), undated
BOX-FOLDER 9/11 Narrative on honors bestowed upon Henry Cowell, written by SRC, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 9/12 “HC and Foreign State Department Assignments,” written by SRC, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 9/13 Material on Henry Cowell and Iran, 1957, 1975-1977, 1988, undated
BOX-FOLDER 9/14 “HC and the National Institute of Arts and Letters,” written by SRC, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 9/15 Narrative on Henry Cowell’s wristwatch, written by SRC, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 9/16 Materials relating to Henry Cowell’s discography
Includes SRC’s addenda to American Music Recordings: A Discography of 20th-Century U.S. Composers, 1992
BOX-FOLDER 9/17 “Anniversary Pieces: Music by Henry Cowell for His Wife, 1941-1965,” list compiled in 1979
BOX-FOLDER 9/18 “Music photocopied for me in 1985, from a closed private collection, which I may not identify, in Northern California,” 1985
see also Container 29
BOX-FOLDER 9/19 Materials relating to Olive Cowell (Henry Cowell’s stepmother), 1976, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 9/20 “Henrietta,” by Sidney Robertson Cowell, undated
A narrative about Henry Cowell’s first stepmother.
BOX-FOLDER 9/21 Miscellaneous documents by SRC on Henry Cowell, undated
BOX-FOLDER 9/22 “The Composer’s World,” by Henry Cowell, 1961
BOX-FOLDER 9/23 “International Music?” by Henry Cowell, 1961
BOX-FOLDER 9/24 “Oriental Influence on Western Music,” by Henry Cowell, 1961
BOX-FOLDER 9/25 “Piano Instruction Course,” by Henry Cowell, 1920
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