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Sidney Robertson Cowell collection, 1901-1992

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BOX 18-20 Writings and Publications, 1911-1990
Published articles, essays, program notes, and reviews by Sidney Robertson Cowell; unpublished writings by Sidney Robertson Cowell, including drafts, anecdotes, personal narratives, project proposals, class notes, fiction and poetry; also includes books, journals, and reports written by others.
Published Writings by Sidney Robertson Cowell, 1938-1988
Articles, essays, program notes, reviews, and obituaries.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX-FOLDER 18/1 “The Songs of a Nation Collect a Forgotten Claim,” 1938
BOX-FOLDER 18/2 “The Recording of Folk Music in California,” 1942
BOX-FOLDER 18/3 American Folk Song and Folk Lore: A Regional Bibliography, 1942
BOX-FOLDER 18/4 “White Spirituals,” 1943
BOX-FOLDER 18/5 Program notes written for Boston Symphony Orchestra performance of Henry Cowell’s Short symphony no. 4, 1947
BOX-FOLDER 18/6 “Old Harp Singing,” 1951
BOX-FOLDER 18/7 Review of Dances of Early California Days, by Lucile K. Czarnowski, [1950?]
BOX-FOLDER 18/8 Review of American Folk Songs of Protest, by John Greenway, [1953?]
BOX-FOLDER 18/9 “Songs from Cape Breton Island,” 1955
BOX-FOLDER 18/10 “Wolf River Songs,” 1956
BOX-FOLDER 18/11 “Songs of Aran,” 1957
BOX-FOLDER 18/12 Review of The Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads, vol. I, by Bertrand Harris Bronson, [1959?]
BOX-FOLDER 18/13 Review of Shanties from the Seven Seas, compiled by Stan Hugill, 1961
BOX-FOLDER 18/14 “The Connection between the Precenting of Psalms on Cape Breton Island and in Colonial New England Churches,” 1962
BOX-FOLDER 18/15 Obituary of Percy Grainger, 1962
BOX-FOLDER 18/16 Review of The Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads, vol. II, by Bertrand Harris Bronson, 1963
BOX-FOLDER 18/17 “Early American Spirituals,” 1967
BOX-FOLDER 18/18 Obituary of Charles Seeger, 1979
BOX-FOLDER 18/19 Introduction in Jaime de Angulo: The Music of the Indians of Northern California, 1988
BOX-FOLDER 18/20 Two reviews attributed to Henry Cowell but were actually written by SRC, 1945, 1959
BOX-FOLDER 18/21 Miscellaneous items, 1956, 1987, undated
Unpublished Writings by Sidney Robertson Cowell, 1911-1990
Narratives on Collecting, 1986-1990
Narratives, drafts of talks, notes, anecdotes, letters.
BOX-FOLDER 19/1 Narrative on California field collecting, undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/2 “Cinderella Kinnaird,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/3 Narrative on Mrs. Dusenberry, undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/4 Narrative on California field collecting, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 19/5 Narrative on field recordings, undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/6 “Fieldwork in Three Great Lake States,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/7 “First Solo Field Recordings, Nov. 10, 1936,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/8 Narrative on Leon Henderson, 1986
BOX-FOLDER 19/9 “Lady on Wheels,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/10 “Missing Uncle Charlie,” 1990
BOX-FOLDER 19/11 “My collection of folk music is unusual in these respects ...” undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/12 “Random notes on SRC’s folksong collecting in late 1930s,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/13 “The Walker-Ford Family of Singers,” 1990
BOX-FOLDER 19/14 Wayfaring Stranger—song sheet #9, undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/15 1936 remembrance, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 19/16 Resettlement Administration story, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 19/17 Collecting anecdote, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 19/18 Edson’s tune book, undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/19 Narrative about traveling in Japan, undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/20 Letters on folk singing, to Sam Eskin, undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/21 Handwritten narrative on folk song collecting, undated
Drafts of Reviews, Papers, and Reports, 1949-circa 1967
BOX-FOLDER 19/22 Draft of review for American Folk Songs of Protest, [1953?]
BOX-FOLDER 19/23 Draft of “The Connection between the Melismatic Psalm Singing of Cape Breton and of Colonial New England Churches,” 1961
BOX-FOLDER 19/24 Draft of “Early American Carols,” [1967?]
BOX-FOLDER 19/25 Draft of “Early American Spirituals,” 1966
Includes letter from the editor, song sheets and other notes.
BOX-FOLDER 19/26 Draft of review for England’s Dances by Douglas Kennedy, [1949?]
BOX-FOLDER 19/27 Draft of review for The English and Scottish Popular Ballads and Great British Ballads Not Found in Child, undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/28 Draft of paper on improvisation, rhythm in education and children’s music, undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/29 Draft of “Lessons with the Boston Symphony,” 1954
This was ghost-written for Henry Cowell.
BOX-FOLDER 19/30 Drafts for “Music in Ghana,” [196-]
BOX-FOLDER 19/31 Draft of review for Negro Folk Music of Alabama, undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/32 Draft of review for Vance Randolph’s publications on the Ozarks, undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/33 Draft of an obituary for Ruth Crawford Seeger, 1954
BOX-FOLDER 19/34 Draft of review for Shanties from the Seven Seas, [1961?]
BOX-FOLDER 19/35 Draft of review for Songs of the Irish, [1960?]
BOX-FOLDER 19/36 Drafts of “Three Generations of Folk Singers in the United States,” [195-?]
BOX-FOLDER 19/37 Draft of review for The Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads, vol. I, [1959?]
BOX-FOLDER 19/38 Draft of review for The Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads, vol. II, [1963?]
BOX-FOLDER 19/39 Draft of a review for Wayfaring Stranger, undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/40 Draft and notes for “White Spirituals,” undated
Miscellaneous, 1911-1967
Project proposals, class notes, fiction and poetry.
BOX-FOLDER 19/41 Materials related to project proposals, 1950-1951, undated
Includes correspondence, notes and draft reports.
BOX-FOLDER 19/42 Draft project proposals, 1937, 1951, undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/43 “Asia by Ear” notes, 1959
BOX-FOLDER 19/44 Notes from Japanese language course, 1967, undated
BOX-FOLDER 19/45 Notes from Lycée de jeunes Filles class, 1922-1923
In French.
BOX-FOLDER 19/46 “Anecdotes in the Chronicles of Matthew Paris,” [192-]
A graduate English course thesis.
BOX-FOLDER 19/47 Fiction by SRC, 1923
BOX-FOLDER 19/48 Poems by SRC, 1911, [194-?]
BOX-FOLDER 19/49 Miscellaneous notes, undated
BOX 20 Publications Written by Others
Books, journals, and reports. Two items are accompanied by explanatory narratives written by SRC.
BOX 21-22 Subject Files, 1942-1990, bulk 1950-1988
Correspondence, narratives, planning documents, programs, articles, clippings, and notes relating to individuals, organizations, and personal and professional interests and activities.
Arranged alphabetically by name of person, organization, or topic.
BOX-FOLDER 21/1 Africa, 1954, 1966, 1974,1980
Correspondence, SRC narratives, and a program.
BOX-FOLDER 21/2 The Boardman School Inc., 1949
BOX-FOLDER 21/3 Cage, John, 1986
Materials relating to 75th birthday celebration for Cage on the Westdeutscher Rundfunk Koln in Cologne, Germany.
BOX-FOLDER 21/4 Columbia University, Sixth Annual Festival of Contemporary American Music, 1950
Correspondence, program, planning materials.
BOX-FOLDER 21/5-7 East-West Music Encounter, 1960-1961
Correspondence, program, notes, planning documents, clippings related to Henry Cowell’s trip to Japan and Iran.
BOX-FOLDER 21/8 Friends of SRC, A-E
Obituaries and other materials relating to friends and colleagues of SRC.
BOX-FOLDER 21/9 Friends of SRC, H-S
Obituaries and other materials relating to friends and colleagues of SRC.
BOX-FOLDER 21/10 Gifts to libraries, 1971-1977, 1990
Materials relating to organizations receiving Cowell materials, including Library of Congress, New York State Historical Association and State University College at New Paltz.
BOX-FOLDER 21/11-13 Harvard University, Conference on Folk Music and Ballads, 1955
Correspondence, programs, clippings, notes.
BOX-FOLDER 21/14 Hayes, Roland, 1976 see also Container 3, Rooks, Shelby
Mostly correspondence between SRC and others regarding efforts to assist an ailing Mr. Hayes.
BOX-FOLDER 21/15 Hulme, Kathryn, 1984
Correspondence to various people in effort to reach Ms. Hulme.
BOX-FOLDER 21/16 International Folk Music Council, 1955-1979
Conference programs.
Iran see East-West Music Encounter
BOX-FOLDER 21/17-18 Ives, Charles, 1967-1988
see also Container 1, Bronson, Bertrand
see also Containers 1-2, Hitchcock, H. Wiley
see also Container 2, Kirkpatrick, John
Correspondence, narratives, articles, clippings.
Japan see East-West Music Encounter
BOX-FOLDER 22/1 Letters of introduction, 1953-1956
BOX-FOLDER 22/2 Mills College, 1944, 1950, 1955-1956
BOX-FOLDER 22/3 Pan American Union, 1942-1943
BOX-FOLDER 22/4 Photography of SRC, 1962-1965 see also Photographs Series
BOX-FOLDER 22/5-6 Ross, James, [195-?]
Letter from Mr. Ross and two works that he wrote: “The Sub-Literary Tradition in Scottish Gaelic Song-Poetry” and ”A Classification of Gaelic Folksong.”
BOX-FOLDER 22/7 Saylor, Bruce, 1975-1976 see also Container 3, Saylor, Bruce
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