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Correspondence, 1908-1988 , bulk 1920-1979 (continued)
Personal (non-family) and Professional, 1913-1988 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 3/56 Wolff, Leona, 1975
Wood, Robert C. see Container 21, Harvard University
BOX-FOLDER 3/57 Wyner, Yehudi, 1978, 1986, undated
BOX-FOLDER 3/58 Wyss, Niklaus, 1975
BOX-FOLDER 3/59 “W” miscellaneous, 1953, 1961-1969, 1972-1976, 1986
BOX-FOLDER 3/60 Yates, Peter, 1966, 1978
BOX-FOLDER 4/1 Yuize, Shin’ichi, 1978-1980 see also Container 21, East-West Music Encounter
BOX-FOLDER 4/2 Zulueta, Jorge, 1973
BOX-FOLDER 4/3 Letters identified by first name, A-G
BOX-FOLDER 4/4 Letters identified by first name, J-L
BOX-FOLDER 4/5 Letters identified by first name, M-T
BOX-FOLDER 4/6 Unidentified, 1913, [1924?], 1954
BOX-FOLDER 4/7 Fragments of letters
BOX 4-5 Family, 1908-1988
Correspondence to and from husbands, parents, siblings, in-laws and other family members relating to personal and professional activities. May include material attached to letters. Family members identified by first name only and correspondence addressed to “family” are placed at the end of the subseries. Correspondence both to and from Cowell and a particular individual are usually filed together within each folder. It will be noted when correspondence is separated.
Arranged alphabetically by name of person and chronologically therein.
BOX-FOLDER 4/8 Cotton, Anne Wendela Morrison (SRC's sister), 1965-1977, undated
SRC to AC.
BOX-FOLDER 4/9 Cotton, Anne Wendela Morrison, 1960-1964
AC to SRC.
BOX-FOLDER 4/10 Cotton, Anne Wendela Morrison, 1964-1965
AC to SRC.
BOX-FOLDER 4/11 Cotton, Anne Wendela Morrison, 1966-1977
AC to SRC.
BOX-FOLDER 4/12 Cowell, Henry, 1938
SRC to HC.
BOX-FOLDER 4/13 Cowell, Olive (SRC's mother-in-law), 1941-1948
SRC to OC.
BOX-FOLDER 4/14 Cowell, Olive, 1948-1976
SRC to OC.
BOX-FOLDER 4/15 Cowell, Olive, 1976-1980, undated
SRC to OC.
BOX-FOLDER 4/16 Cowell, Olive, 1976-1977
OC to SRC.
BOX-FOLDER 4/17 Cowell, Olive, 1977-1981
OC to SRC.
BOX-FOLDER 4/18 Hawkins, Charles Albert (SRC's father), 1921, undated
BOX-FOLDER 4/19 Hawkins, Charles Albert, 1921-1922, 1937-1952
CAH to SRC and other writings by CAH.
BOX-FOLDER 4/20 Hawkins, Charles Ernest (SRC's half-brother), 1962, 1966
BOX-FOLDER 4/21 Hawkins, Helen, 1968, 1986-1988
BOX-FOLDER 4/22 Hawkins, John “Bud” (SRC's brother), 1912, 1964, undated
BOX-FOLDER 4/23 Hawkins, Mabel “Muz” Morrison (SRC's mother), 1911-1919
BOX-FOLDER 4/24 Hawkins, Mabel “Muz” Morrison, 1920-1921 May
BOX-FOLDER 5/1 Hawkins, Mabel “Muz” Morrison, 1921 Oct.-1921 Dec.
BOX-FOLDER 5/2 Hawkins, Mabel “Muz” Morrison, 1922-1925
BOX-FOLDER 5/3 Hawkins, Mabel “Muz” Morrison, 1934 Oct.-1935 Sept.
BOX-FOLDER 5/4 Hawkins, Mabel “Muz” Morrison, 1935-1936 May
BOX-FOLDER 5/5 Hawkins, Mabel “Muz” Morrison, 1936 June-1937 May
BOX-FOLDER 5/6 Hawkins, Mabel “Muz” Morrison, 1930s
BOX-FOLDER 5/7 Hawkins, Mabel “Muz” Morrison, 1940s
BOX-FOLDER 5/8-9 Hawkins, Mabel “Muz” Morrison, undated
BOX-FOLDER 5/10 Hawkins, Mabel “Muz” Morrison, 1908, 1916, 1940-1943
MMH to her husband and to SRC.
BOX-FOLDER 5/11 Hawkins, Mabel “Muz” Morrison, 1912, 1916, 1934-1935, 1943
To MMH from others.
BOX-FOLDER 5/12 Hawkins, Odelia Comba (SRC's step-mother), 1941-1953
BOX-FOLDER 5/13 Insley, Ida E., 1955-1960
In addition to letters from Ida Insley to SRC, this material contains letters from others relating to Ida Insley’s death and her last will and testament.
BOX-FOLDER 5/14 Mibach, H. J., 1956, 1962
BOX-FOLDER 5/15 Mibach, Jeane Mary Morrison (SRC's sister), 1957
BOX-FOLDER 5/16 Mibach, Lisa (SRC's niece), 1954-1963, 1987
BOX-FOLDER 5/17 Robertson, Kenneth (SRC's ex-husband), 1937, undated
BOX-FOLDER 5/18 Betsy (niece), 1983
BOX-FOLDER 5/19 Nancy (niece), 1985
BOX-FOLDER 5/20 Sally (sister-in-law), 1968, 1981-1983, undated
BOX-FOLDER 5/21 To family from SRC, 1912-1921
BOX-FOLDER 5/22 To family from SRC, 1922-[1928?]
BOX-FOLDER 5/23 To family from SRC, 1941, undated
BOX 6-9 Materials Relating to Fieldwork, 1936-1962
Materials related to Cowell’s field recording trips, from various phases of her career, including reports, fieldnotes, correspondence, memoranda, training documents, lists of songs and recordings, song pamphlets, song transcriptions, articles, drafts of reports and handwritten notes.
Arranged chronologically.
Resettlement Administration Field Trip to North Carolina with John Lomax, 1936
Final report, fieldnotes, annotated song list, correspondence.
BOX-FOLDER 6/1 “Report on Two Weeks’ Trip to North Carolina,” 1936
Written by Sidney Robertson with John Lomax and Frank Brown.
BOX-FOLDER 6/2 Fieldnotes, 1936
BOX-FOLDER 6/3 “Titles and Notes on Tunes that Turned Up in One Form or Another at the Mountain Music and Dance Contests at Asheville, North Carolina, July 23-25, 1936”
BOX-FOLDER 6/4 Correspondence, 1936
see also Container 2, Lomax, John
see also Container 3, Seeger, Charles
Resettlement Administration, 1936-1938
Correspondence, memoranda, field reports, fieldnotes, training documents, song lists, song pamphlets, articles.
Correspondence, memoranda, field reports and notes are arranged chronologically.
BOX-FOLDER 6/5 Correspondence, memoranda, notes, 1936 Jan.-Oct.
BOX-FOLDER 6/6 Correspondence, memoranda, field reports, 1936 Nov.
BOX-FOLDER 6/7 Correspondence, memoranda, fieldnotes, 1936 Nov. 21-23
BOX-FOLDER 6/8 Correspondence, memoranda, reports, 1936 Nov. 27-Dec. 30
BOX-FOLDER 6/9 Correspondence, memoranda, notes, reports, 1937 Jan.-Feb.
BOX-FOLDER 6/10 Correspondence, memoranda, notes, 1937 Mar.-Apr. 4
BOX-FOLDER 6/11 Correspondence, fieldnotes, 1937 May-June
BOX-FOLDER 6/12 Correspondence, memoranda, reports, 1937 July-Sept.
BOX-FOLDER 6/13 Correspondence, reports, 1937 Oct.-Dec.
BOX-FOLDER 6/14 Correspondence, memoranda, 1938 Jan., undated
BOX-FOLDER 6/15 “Collection of American Traditional Music,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 6/16 Drafts of music program memorandum, 1936
BOX-FOLDER 6/17 Training documents, undated
BOX-FOLDER 6/18 “Harmonica Playing Bibliography,” undated
Music Memorandum, no. 12. Includes drafts.
BOX-FOLDER 6/19 “Mrs. Dusenbury,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 6/20 “Proposed List of Songs for Publication in Song Sheet Form,” 1936 Aug. 22
BOX-FOLDER 6/21 “Reservations and Limitations on Records, SR Series, nos. 1-156,” undated
BOX-FOLDER 6/22 Lists of recordings from National Folk Festival and from Minn. and Wis., 1937
BOX-FOLDER 6/23 Lists of songs
BOX-FOLDER 6/24 Information on playing recordings and other topics
BOX-FOLDER 6/25 Song pamphlets
No. 8 is missing.
BOX-FOLDER 6/26 “Accession List of Records” from the Special Skills Division, undated
BOX-FOLDER 6/27 Articles on the Resettlement Administration
BOX-FOLDER 6/28 Miscellaneous
California Folk Music Project, 1937-1954
Final report, notes, lists of songs, correspondence.
BOX-FOLDER 7/1 “A Study of California Folk Music,” 1940 Jan.
BOX-FOLDER 7/2 “Outline for a Book Tentatively Called Folksong in California,” 1954 July
BOX-FOLDER 7/3 Handwritten notes for “Folksong in California”
BOX-FOLDER 7/4 Checklist of recordings made for the California Folk Music Project, 1937 July-1939, July 18
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