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George and Ira Gershwin collection, 1895-2008

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Music (continued)
BOX 58-59 Music Notebooks and Composition Exercises
The music notebooks and composition exercises in the Gershwin collection are organized alphabetically by title.
BOX-FOLDER 58/1 501 W. 110th St. N.Y.C.
GG holograph manuscript sketches; [1, 4] p.
In caption: 1921 October 6
p. 1: Unidentified study
p. 3: Kitty’s kisses
p. 4: Titles of songs used in Oh, Kay
p. 5: Maybe
BOX-FOLDER 58/2 Black notebook
GG holograph manuscript sketches, undated; 11 p.
p. 1: I was doing all right
p. 2: Wake up, brother, and dance; Unidentified
p. 3: Unidentified; My honor was at stake [Titled: Hot Dogs]
p. 4: I used to – but I don’t anymore; It’s nice to know
p. 5: Waltz; Yes, yes, oui, oui
p. 6: Hold on; Unidentified
p. 7: Love is here to stay; Ask me again
p. 8: Unidentified; Simple as A.B.C.
p. 9: Unidentified; Unforgettable; I got rhythm [untitled]
p. 10: Unidentified
p. 11: Unidentified
BOX-FOLDER 58/3 Composition exercises, 1923 January 29 and February 1
2 GG holograph manuscripts; [2] p. ea.
Laid in: IG holograph notes; [1] p.
BOX-FOLDER 58/4 Figured choral
GG holograph manuscript short score; [1, 2] p.
On cover: 1921 July 27
Bound Fragments, Sketches, 1929-1931
GG holograph manuscript; [84] p.
Note: Occasional notations in the hand of IG
p. 6: Liza
p. 15: Embraceable you
p. 17: Lady of the moon; I wants to stay here
p. 20: I speak English now
p. 38: My Sunday fella
p. 43: Oh you kid
p. 53: That well-known smile
p. 54: Pay some attention to me
p. 58: French waltz
p. 59: Barbary Coast
p. 60: Embraceable you; But not for me
p. 61: Barbary Coast; Embraceable you
p. 62: Treat me rough
p. 72: Love is sweeping the country
p. 76: Luckiest man in the world
p. 78: Delishious
BOX-FOLDER 58/5 Geo. M. Gershwin. tunes [1916-1922]
GG holograph manuscript sketches; [40] p.
Note: Some sketches have lyrics in the hand of IG
p. 1-2: Melodies
p. 3-4: Beautiful bird
p. 5-6: Ain’t love grand
p. 7-8: Year after year [Titled: Moonlight]
p. 8: He’s gone
p. 9-10: Nobody but you [untitled]
p. 11: We’re here because
p. 12: If I only had somebody like you
p. 13: Isn’t it wonderful
p. 14: Who’s winning; Unidentified fragment
p. 15: Melody
p. 16: Helen of Troy
p. 17: Yankee doodle blues [Titled: American blues]
p. 18: Foxtrot; Unidentified fragment
p. 19: Tune; Unidentified fragment
p. 20: Tune
p. 21: When do we dance? [untitled]
p. 22: Unidentified
p. 23: Somebody loves me [Titled: Tune]
p. 24: How about a boy? [Titled: One step]; Unidentified fragment
p. 25: Unidentified; Unidentified fragment; A little bit
p. 26: My baby; Unidentified fragment; Waltz; Little jazz bird
p. 27: Unidentified fragments; Rag tune (A raggy rhythm)
p. 28: Unidentified fragments
p. 29: Anything for you
p. 30: Unidentified fragments
p. 31: Molly on the shore; Unidentified fragment
p. 32: Naughty baby [untitled]; Unidentified fragment
p. 33: Walking home with Angeline [untitled]
p. 34-35: Unidentified fragments
p. 36: Unidentified fragment; Maybe [untitled]; Unidentified fragment
p. 37-38: Unidentified fragments
p. 39: Waltz hayseed; Unidentified fragment; Tune
p. 40: Theme; One step; Unidentified fragment
BOX-FOLDER 58/6 Girl crazy [notebook]
GG holograph manuscript sketches; [48] p.
On cover: 1930 July
Laid in: IG holograph/typescript notes; [6] p.
p. 1-6: Bronco busters
p. 9-12: The gambler of the West
p. 13: Of thee
p. 14: Tune; Unidentified
p. 15: Unidentified fragment; Oh you kid / Who’s charming? / I want a little more of what I got last night; Unidentified fragment
p. 16: Unidentified – [Sweet Packard?]
p. 17: How beautiful [untitled]
p. 18: Finale mat; Unidentified fragment; Some girls can bake a pie
p. 19: Unidentified fragment; Because, because; Garcon, s’il vous plait
p. 20: There’s no stopping us now
p. 21: Posterity is just around the corner; Finale mat
p. 22: Unidentified fragments
p. 23: Love is sweeping the country [untitled]
p. 24-25: Unidentified fragments
p. 26: The dimple on my knee; Because, because [untitled]
p. 27: Because, because
p. 28: Jilted; Love walked in [untitled]
p. 29: Unidentified fragments
p. 30: Entrance of Supreme Court judges
p. 31: Trumpeter blow your golden horn [Titled: Bless our president]; Unidentified fragment
p. 32: A kiss for Cinderella [untitled]
p. 33: Who is the lucky girl to be? [untitled]
p. 34-37: I was the most beautiful blossom [Titled: Recitative Diana]
p. 38: Posterity is just around the corner
p. 39: Who cares?
p. 40: Come, come to Jesus / Dawn of a new day [untitled]; Unidentified fragment
p. 41-42: Unidentified fragments
p. 43: Unidentified fragment; Union Square
p. 44-50: Unidentified fragments
BOX-FOLDER 58/7 Girl crazy sketches
GG holograph manuscript; [4] p.
p. 1: But not for me; Spanish
p. 2: Unidentified fragment; I got rhythm
p. 3: Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall; Hot
p. 4: Tune; Tune
BOX-FOLDER 58/8 Harmony exercises
GG holograph manuscript; [2] p.
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