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Music, 1913-1954 (continued)
Music Notebooks and Composition Exercises (continued)
Red tune book, 1922 September 26 (continued)
GG holograph manuscript; [31] p.
Note: Some sketches have IG holograph lyric fragments
Laid in: IG typescript notes; [2] p.
p. 1: unidentified fragments
p. 2: unidentified fragments; Blues
p. 3: One Step; Tune
p. 4: Let’s Be Lonesome Together [untitled]
p. 5: Hang On to Me
p. 6: unidentified fragment; Naughty Baby
p. 7: unidentified
p. 8: unidentified fragments
p. 9: unidentified fragment; Play Me a Lowdown Tune
p. 10: Virginia; The Sunshine Trail
p. 11-16: unidentified fragments
p. 17: Slow foxtrot; unidentified fragment
p. 18: unidentified fragment; Paris
p. 19: Where Is She?; The Matrimonial Handicap; Aarons
p. 20: Weather Man; unidentified fragments
p. 21: unidentified fragments; The Half of it, Dearie, Blues
p. 22-23: unidentified fragments
p. 24: Toddle; unidentified fragment
p. 25: Love Is in the Air [Titled: Theme]; unidentified fragment; Flower Boat; unidentified fragment
p. 26: unidentified fragments; Ukulele Lorelei; unidentified fragments
p. 27-28: unidentified fragments
p. 29: When Toby Is Out of Town; What Is it about You Makes Me; unidentified fragment
p. 30: unidentified fragment; Leave it to Love
p. 31: unidentified fragment; Opening cho.
Bound T.B. Harms 62 W. 45th St., N.Y.C. [notebook], 1922 December 22
Manuscript chiefly in the hand of GG; 23 p.
Note: Theory and composition exercises
Note: This item was formally housed in Box 59, Folder 4; it was treated for conservation and subsequently rehoused in a clamshell box.
BOX-FOLDER 59/5 Themes [notebook], 1924-1925
GG holograph manuscript; [1, 17] p.
Laid in: IG typescript notes; [3] p.
p. 1: Southern Soil; [Rhapsody in Blue ?]; Rhapsody in Blue [Titled: Piano theme against this]
p. 2: [Prelude III?]; unidentified fragments; Rhapsody in Blue [untitled]
p. 3: unidentified fragments; Harlem Serenade; [Prelude or Sleepless Nights?]
p. 4: [Prelude or Sleepless Nights?]
p. 5-9: Concerto in F [untitled]
p. 10: [The Half of It, Dearie, Blues?]
p. 11: Concerto in F [untitled]
p. 13: [An American in Paris?]; Strike Up the Band (1927) [untitled]; unidentified fragment
p. 15: unidentified fragment
p. 16: Rhapsody in Blue [untitled]
p. 17: Piano pieces
BOX-FOLDER 59/6 Tune book, [1933-1937]
GG holograph manuscript; [96] p.
Note: Title annotations in the hands of IG and Kay Swift
Laid in: IG typescript notes; 10 p.
p. 1: Stand Up and Fight; unidentified fragments
p. 2: Chicadee; unidentified fragment
p. 3: Special Love; unidentified fragments
p. 4: First Lady and First Gent; unidentified fragments
p. 5: unidentified fragment; Comes the Revolution; unidentified fragments
p. 6: Mine [Titled: Love is O.K.]
p. 7: Finale material; Verse to 3-note waltz
p. 8-10: unidentified fragments
p. 11: Revolution in Blue
p. 12: Good Old Revolutions; March; unidentified fragment
p. 13: Waltz; March for a Ballet; unidentified fragment
p. 14: unidentified fragment; Love Walked In; Mary
p. 15: unidentified fragments
p. 16: Blues; Crown; Melody for Crown
p. 17: Crown Development; Crown-Robbins Fight
p. 18-19: unidentified compositional studies
p. 20-21: unidentified fragments
p. 22: unidentified fragment; Spiritual
p. 23: Cuban G.T.; Chromatic melody; Porgy
p. 25: Serena
p. 26: I Got Plenty o’ Nuthin’ [Titled: Porgy]
p. 27-28: unidentified fragments
p. 29: Choral effect
p. 30: Tune
p. 31: unidentified fragment; I Used to but I Don’t Anymore; Jingle
p. 32: It’s Nice to Know [Titled: Tune for Show]
p. 33: [Cockeyed Strain for Ballet?]; unidentified fragment; Ballet
p. 34: G.T. Waltz; unidentified fragment
p. 35: Southern style; Every Evenin’
p. 36: Operetta
p. 37: Chromatic tune; What’s the Big Idea
p. 38: Atmospheric tune; unidentified fragment
p. 39: Wake up, Brother, and Dance; unidentified fragment
p. 40: unidentified fragment; Conversational verse; unidentified fragment
p. 41: Tune; King of Swing
p. 42: Canon starts here; King of Swing
p. 43: Nostalgic; unidentified fragment
p. 44: unidentified fragment; Good verse; Cho. Hot; unidentified fragment
p. 45: Hold On!; unidentified fragments
p. 46: Instru; Prelude type
p. 47: unidentified fragment; unidentified
p. 48: The More I See You
p. 49: I Sigh I Cry
p. 50: I’m a Naughty Name; Bored; unidentified fragment
p. 51: What Can We Lose; unidentified fragments
p. 52: Who’d Ever Thought; unidentified fragment; Violin piece
p. 53: Slowly; Ballet; I’ve Got Beginner’s Luck
p. 54: Strong Afterbeats; One Word Title
p. 55: unidentified fragment; In the Nick of Time; Verse
p. 56: Prelude
p. 57: Say the Word; unidentified fragment; Western
p. 58: By Strauss; unidentified fragments
p. 59: Pay Some Attention to Me; Smooth one step
p. 60: I’ll Get You Yet; Just Another Rhumba [Titled: Cuban Rhythm and A Certain Spanish Lady]; Listen to Reason
p. 61: Melancholy; Mel; G.T.
p. 62: They Can’t Take That Away from Me; unidentified fragments
p. 63: Siren; Waltz
p. 64-65: unidentified fragments
p. 66: unidentified fragment; They All Laughed
p. 67: unidentified fragment; My Honor Was at Stake
p. 68: unidentified fragment; Slap That Bass; I Do the Right Thing but at the Wrong Time
p. 69: unidentified fragments
p. 70: They Can’t Take That Away from Me; I’ve Got Beginner’s Luck
p. 71: Try; unidentified fragment; I’m Myself Again; Rhythm
p. 72: unidentified fragments
p. 73: unidentified fragment; Stiff Upper Lip
p. 74: Try; Verse
p. 75: Nice Work if You Can Get It; unidentified fragments
p. 76: unidentified fragment; You’re So Unforgettable
p. 77: I Can’t Be Bothered Now
p. 78: Romantic theme for song?
p. 79: Try; unidentified fragment
p. 80: unidentified fragment
p. 81: Southern tune; Sleepless Night
p. 95: List of titles for a projected suite
p. 96: Tune; unidentified fragment; Ballet?
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