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Music, 1913-1954 (continued)
Music Notebooks and Composition Exercises (continued)
Red tune book, 1922 September 26 (continued)
Laid in: IG typescript notes; [2] p.
p. 1: unidentified fragments
p. 2: unidentified fragments; Blues
p. 3: One Step; Tune
p. 4: Let’s Be Lonesome Together [untitled]
p. 5: Hang On to Me
p. 6: unidentified fragment; Naughty Baby
p. 7: unidentified
p. 8: unidentified fragments
p. 9: unidentified fragment; Play Me a Lowdown Tune
p. 10: Virginia; The Sunshine Trail
p. 11-16: unidentified fragments
p. 17: Slow foxtrot; unidentified fragment
p. 18: unidentified fragment; Paris
p. 19: Where Is She?; The Matrimonial Handicap; Aarons
p. 20: Weather Man; unidentified fragments
p. 21: unidentified fragments; The Half of it, Dearie, Blues
p. 22-23: unidentified fragments
p. 24: Toddle; unidentified fragment
p. 25: Love Is in the Air [Titled: Theme]; unidentified fragment; Flower Boat; unidentified fragment
p. 26: unidentified fragments; Ukulele Lorelei; unidentified fragments
p. 27-28: unidentified fragments
p. 29: When Toby Is Out of Town; What Is it about You Makes Me; unidentified fragment
p. 30: unidentified fragment; Leave it to Love
p. 31: unidentified fragment; Opening cho.
Bound T.B. Harms 62 W. 45th St., N.Y.C. [notebook], 1922 December 22
Manuscript chiefly in the hand of GG; 23 p.
Note: Theory and composition exercises
Note: This item was formally housed in Box 59, Folder 4; it was treated for conservation and subsequently rehoused in a clamshell box.
BOX-FOLDER 59/5 Themes [notebook], 1924-1925
GG holograph manuscript; [1, 17] p.
Laid in: IG typescript notes; [3] p.
p. 1: Southern Soil; [Rhapsody in Blue ?]; Rhapsody in Blue [Titled: Piano theme against this]
p. 2: [Prelude III?]; unidentified fragments; Rhapsody in Blue [untitled]
p. 3: unidentified fragments; Harlem Serenade; [Prelude or Sleepless Nights?]
p. 4: [Prelude or Sleepless Nights?]
p. 5-9: Concerto in F [untitled]
p. 10: [The Half of It, Dearie, Blues?]
p. 11: Concerto in F [untitled]
p. 13: [An American in Paris?]; Strike Up the Band (1927) [untitled]; unidentified fragment
p. 15: unidentified fragment
p. 16: Rhapsody in Blue [untitled]
p. 17: Piano pieces
BOX-FOLDER 59/6 Tune book, [1933-1937]
GG holograph manuscript; [96] p.
Note: Title annotations in the hands of IG and Kay Swift
Laid in: IG typescript notes; 10 p.
p. 1: Stand Up and Fight; unidentified fragments
p. 2: Chicadee; unidentified fragment
p. 3: Special Love; unidentified fragments
p. 4: First Lady and First Gent; unidentified fragments
p. 5: unidentified fragment; Comes the Revolution; unidentified fragments
p. 6: Mine [Titled: Love is O.K.]
p. 7: Finale material; Verse to 3-note waltz
p. 8-10: unidentified fragments
p. 11: Revolution in Blue
p. 12: Good Old Revolutions; March; unidentified fragment
p. 13: Waltz; March for a Ballet; unidentified fragment
p. 14: unidentified fragment; Love Walked In; Mary
p. 15: unidentified fragments
p. 16: Blues; Crown; Melody for Crown
p. 17: Crown Development; Crown-Robbins Fight
p. 18-19: unidentified compositional studies
p. 20-21: unidentified fragments
p. 22: unidentified fragment; Spiritual
p. 23: Cuban G.T.; Chromatic melody; Porgy
p. 25: Serena
p. 26: I Got Plenty o’ Nuthin’ [Titled: Porgy]
p. 27-28: unidentified fragments
p. 29: Choral effect
p. 30: Tune
p. 31: unidentified fragment; I Used to but I Don’t Anymore; Jingle
p. 32: It’s Nice to Know [Titled: Tune for Show]
p. 33: [Cockeyed Strain for Ballet?]; unidentified fragment; Ballet
p. 34: G.T. Waltz; unidentified fragment
p. 35: Southern style; Every Evenin’
p. 36: Operetta
p. 37: Chromatic tune; What’s the Big Idea
p. 38: Atmospheric tune; unidentified fragment
p. 39: Wake up, Brother, and Dance; unidentified fragment
p. 40: unidentified fragment; Conversational verse; unidentified fragment
p. 41: Tune; King of Swing
p. 42: Canon starts here; King of Swing
p. 43: Nostalgic; unidentified fragment
p. 44: unidentified fragment; Good verse; Cho. Hot; unidentified fragment
p. 45: Hold On!; unidentified fragments
p. 46: Instru; Prelude type
p. 47: unidentified fragment; unidentified
p. 48: The More I See You
p. 49: I Sigh I Cry
p. 50: I’m a Naughty Name; Bored; unidentified fragment
p. 51: What Can We Lose; unidentified fragments
p. 52: Who’d Ever Thought; unidentified fragment; Violin piece
p. 53: Slowly; Ballet; I’ve Got Beginner’s Luck
p. 54: Strong Afterbeats; One Word Title
p. 55: unidentified fragment; In the Nick of Time; Verse
p. 56: Prelude
p. 57: Say the Word; unidentified fragment; Western
p. 58: By Strauss; unidentified fragments
p. 59: Pay Some Attention to Me; Smooth one step
p. 60: I’ll Get You Yet; Just Another Rhumba [Titled: Cuban Rhythm and A Certain Spanish Lady]; Listen to Reason
p. 61: Melancholy; Mel; G.T.
p. 62: They Can’t Take That Away from Me; unidentified fragments
p. 63: Siren; Waltz
p. 64-65: unidentified fragments
p. 66: unidentified fragment; They All Laughed
p. 67: unidentified fragment; My Honor Was at Stake
p. 68: unidentified fragment; Slap That Bass; I Do the Right Thing but at the Wrong Time
p. 69: unidentified fragments
p. 70: They Can’t Take That Away from Me; I’ve Got Beginner’s Luck
p. 71: Try; unidentified fragment; I’m Myself Again; Rhythm
p. 72: unidentified fragments
p. 73: unidentified fragment; Stiff Upper Lip
p. 74: Try; Verse
p. 75: Nice Work if You Can Get It; unidentified fragments
p. 76: unidentified fragment; You’re So Unforgettable
p. 77: I Can’t Be Bothered Now
p. 78: Romantic theme for song?
p. 79: Try; unidentified fragment
p. 80: unidentified fragment
p. 81: Southern tune; Sleepless Night
p. 95: List of titles for a projected suite
p. 96: Tune; unidentified fragment; Ballet?
BOX 60-61 Lyric Sheets
The lyric sheets are divided into three subseries. The first subseries is organized alphabetically by title. The second and third subseries, "Untitled" and "Notes and Miscellany," are arranged alphabetically by first line.
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