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George and Ira Gershwin collection, 1895-2008

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Music, 1913-1954 (continued)
Lyric Sheets (continued)
Titled Lyric Sheets (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 141/49 They All Love Love
Laid in: Lawrence Stewart typescript note; [1] p.
BOX-FOLDER 141/50 They All Remind Me of You
Laid in: Lawrence Stewart typescript note; [1] p.
BOX-FOLDER 60/54 The Time Has Come
BOX-FOLDER 60/55 Tropical
BOX-FOLDER 60/56 Turn to the Dreams Ahead
BOX-FOLDER 60/57 What Can I Do?
BOX-FOLDER 60/58 What's Mine is Yours
BOX-FOLDER 60/59 What's the Big Idea?
BOX-FOLDER 60/60 When There's a Chance to Dance
BOX-FOLDER 60/61 The Whole World's Turning Blue
BOX-FOLDER 60/62 Why Is It?
BOX-FOLDER 60/63 You're Too True to Be Good or He's Too True to Be Good
BOX 60, 141, 144 Untitled Lyric Sheets
BOX-FOLDER 60/64 Adventurous life or Recollections that will never leave me
BOX-FOLDER 60/65 All's right with the world
BOX-FOLDER 60/66 Although I used to be a child myself
BOX-FOLDER 60/67 Compilation from lyric notebook no. 1
BOX-FOLDER 60/68 Compilation from lyric notebook no. 2
BOX-FOLDER 60/69 A dream of a day
BOX-FOLDER 60/70 Give a viva for Havana
BOX-FOLDER 60/71 Gloomiest
BOX-FOLDER 144/8 He's a wonder
BOX-FOLDER 60/72 How's your family?
BOX-FOLDER 60/73 I care no whit for the witty line
BOX-FOLDER 60/74 I own a golden tone
BOX-FOLDER 60/75 In the nick of time
BOX-FOLDER 60/76 It never rains but it pours
BOX-FOLDER 60/77 I've always had a mania
BOX-FOLDER 60/78 I've been looking for love all my life
BOX-FOLDER 60/79 Let's be practical
BOX-FOLDER 60/80 The little things that count
BOX-FOLDER 60/81 Midiron gridiron and better outlook
BOX-FOLDER 60/82 A modern point of view
BOX-FOLDER 60/83 The moment you were there
BOX-FOLDER 60/84 Nijinsky lived for dancing
BOX-FOLDER 60/85 Our love will be eternal
BOX-FOLDER 60/86 Out of the blue comes you
BOX-FOLDER 60/87 Remember your annuity or platinum living
BOX-FOLDER 141/51 She's the greatest
BOX-FOLDER 60/88 Some morning
BOX-FOLDER 60/89 Song like "Babbit & Bromide"
BOX-FOLDER 60/90 The stars are still on high
BOX-FOLDER 60/91 Tes yeus et al.
BOX-FOLDER 60/92 That's that
BOX-FOLDER 60/93 Those eyes so full of mystery, et al.
BOX-FOLDER 60/94 When Cupid wings us
BOX-FOLDER 60/95 Whom?
BOX-FOLDER 60/96 Wowie! Zing!
BOX-FOLDER 60/97 You can sell me the Brooklyn Bridge I can think of nothing grander
BOX-FOLDER 60/98 You never did that for me and What a lovely evening
BOX-FOLDER 60/99 You show a dimple when you smile, et al.
BOX 61 Notes and Miscellany
BOX-FOLDER 61/1 Addenda
BOX-FOLDER 61/2 Ask me my ambition
BOX-FOLDER 61/3 Baby me; The songwriters Mother Goose; There should be a fortune in
BOX-FOLDER 61/4 Ballad - Movie actor hurt his foot
BOX-FOLDER 61/5 Cakewalk, et al.
BOX-FOLDER 61/6 Calendar for 1926
BOX-FOLDER 61/7 Civil service examination for a popular song lyrist
BOX-FOLDER 61/8 Coq d'or
BOX-FOLDER 61/9 Dance ideas
BOX-FOLDER 61/10 Dufy
BOX-FOLDER 61/11 East Indian diver
BOX-FOLDER 61/12 The epigram of Martial, Jr.
BOX-FOLDER 61/13 The erstwhile real estate
BOX-FOLDER 61/14 Every song can't be a hit
BOX-FOLDER 61/15 Everybody can sing
BOX-FOLDER 61/16 Famous trios
BOX-FOLDER 61/17 For it seems that suddenly
BOX-FOLDER 61/18 From a romantic notebook 1924
BOX-FOLDER 61/19 From A to Z
BOX-FOLDER 61/20 Glad I'm alive
BOX-FOLDER 61/21 Grammar Gurton needles
BOX-FOLDER 61/22 Grow young along with me
BOX-FOLDER 61/23 He spilled the beans
BOX-FOLDER 61/24 "Hitch one's wagon to a star, To"
BOX-FOLDER 61/25 How could I ever
BOX-FOLDER 61/26 How long
BOX-FOLDER 61/27 I have never seen, et al.
BOX-FOLDER 61/28 I was naive
BOX-FOLDER 61/29 I'm much too tired
BOX-FOLDER 61/30 I'm so timid
BOX-FOLDER 61/31 I'm the guy, et al.
BOX-FOLDER 61/32 It's a must
BOX-FOLDER 61/33 List of aphorisms (not a song title)
BOX-FOLDER 61/34 List of titles
BOX-FOLDER 61/35 Love songs gracious
BOX-FOLDER 61/36 Man of letters
BOX-FOLDER 61/37 The not impossible wife
BOX-FOLDER 61/38 Notes on song about or for comedian
BOX-FOLDER 61/39 Opening - These dizzy days
BOX-FOLDER 61/40 Our little bag of tricks
BOX-FOLDER 61/42 Parody of Porter’s “Let’s Do It” (incomplete)
BOX-FOLDER 61/43 Pay dirt for gold diggers
BOX-FOLDER 61/44 Quatrains
BOX-FOLDER 61/45 Quatre quatrains (No lyrics, envelope)
BOX-FOLDER 61/46 A reason for rhyme
BOX-FOLDER 61/47 Reflection
BOX-FOLDER 61/48 Reflections on investing in a play one hasn't read
BOX-FOLDER 61/49 Revue notions
BOX-FOLDER 61/50 Rhymes
BOX-FOLDER 61/51 Right you are, et al.
BOX-FOLDER 61/52 Salt of the earth
BOX-FOLDER 61/53 Service
BOX-FOLDER 61/54 Show business
BOX-FOLDER 61/55 Snake in the grass or Lyric about sins of Babylon
BOX-FOLDER 61/56 So called theme song
BOX-FOLDER 61/57 Spots we have never visited
BOX-FOLDER 61/58 There are lovelies
BOX-FOLDER 61/59 This time I mean it you'd be hard to replace
BOX-FOLDER 61/60 To--
BOX-FOLDER 61/61 "To--"
BOX-FOLDER 61/62 To all editors
BOX-FOLDER 61/63 To all editors (Blame W.S. Gilbert)
BOX-FOLDER 61/64 To Sylvia (No longer of Greenwich Village)
BOX-FOLDER 61/65 Very short story
BOX-FOLDER 61/66 The way we plan it
BOX-FOLDER 61/67 The well-dressed man
BOX-FOLDER 61/68 What a lucky guy I'm you're as much a myth
BOX-FOLDER 61/69 What can we lose
BOX-FOLDER 61/70 When my uncle dies
BOX-FOLDER 61/71 A word with you
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