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Music, 1913-1954 (continued)
Music Notebooks and Composition Exercises (continued)
Tune book, [1933-1937] (continued)
p. 22: unidentified fragment; Spiritual
p. 23: Cuban G.T.; Chromatic melody; Porgy
p. 25: Serena
p. 26: I Got Plenty o’ Nuthin’ [Titled: Porgy]
p. 27-28: unidentified fragments
p. 29: Choral effect
p. 30: Tune
p. 31: unidentified fragment; I Used to but I Don’t Anymore; Jingle
p. 32: It’s Nice to Know [Titled: Tune for Show]
p. 33: [Cockeyed Strain for Ballet?]; unidentified fragment; Ballet
p. 34: G.T. Waltz; unidentified fragment
p. 35: Southern style; Every Evenin’
p. 36: Operetta
p. 37: Chromatic tune; What’s the Big Idea
p. 38: Atmospheric tune; unidentified fragment
p. 39: Wake up, Brother, and Dance; unidentified fragment
p. 40: unidentified fragment; Conversational verse; unidentified fragment
p. 41: Tune; King of Swing
p. 42: Canon starts here; King of Swing
p. 43: Nostalgic; unidentified fragment
p. 44: unidentified fragment; Good verse; Cho. Hot; unidentified fragment
p. 45: Hold On!; unidentified fragments
p. 46: Instru; Prelude type
p. 47: unidentified fragment; unidentified
p. 48: The More I See You
p. 49: I Sigh I Cry
p. 50: I’m a Naughty Name; Bored; unidentified fragment
p. 51: What Can We Lose; unidentified fragments
p. 52: Who’d Ever Thought; unidentified fragment; Violin piece
p. 53: Slowly; Ballet; I’ve Got Beginner’s Luck
p. 54: Strong Afterbeats; One Word Title
p. 55: unidentified fragment; In the Nick of Time; Verse
p. 56: Prelude
p. 57: Say the Word; unidentified fragment; Western
p. 58: By Strauss; unidentified fragments
p. 59: Pay Some Attention to Me; Smooth one step
p. 60: I’ll Get You Yet; Just Another Rhumba [Titled: Cuban Rhythm and A Certain Spanish Lady]; Listen to Reason
p. 61: Melancholy; Mel; G.T.
p. 62: They Can’t Take That Away from Me; unidentified fragments
p. 63: Siren; Waltz
p. 64-65: unidentified fragments
p. 66: unidentified fragment; They All Laughed
p. 67: unidentified fragment; My Honor Was at Stake
p. 68: unidentified fragment; Slap That Bass; I Do the Right Thing but at the Wrong Time
p. 69: unidentified fragments
p. 70: They Can’t Take That Away from Me; I’ve Got Beginner’s Luck
p. 71: Try; unidentified fragment; I’m Myself Again; Rhythm
p. 72: unidentified fragments
p. 73: unidentified fragment; Stiff Upper Lip
p. 74: Try; Verse
p. 75: Nice Work if You Can Get It; unidentified fragments
p. 76: unidentified fragment; You’re So Unforgettable
p. 77: I Can’t Be Bothered Now
p. 78: Romantic theme for song?
p. 79: Try; unidentified fragment
p. 80: unidentified fragment
p. 81: Southern tune; Sleepless Night
p. 95: List of titles for a projected suite
p. 96: Tune; unidentified fragment; Ballet?
BOX 60-61 Lyric Sheets
The lyric sheets are divided into three subseries. The first subseries is organized alphabetically by title. The second and third subseries, "Untitled" and "Notes and Miscellany," are arranged alphabetically by first line.
BOX 60 Titled Lyric Sheets
BOX-FOLDER 60/1 All of Them Was Friends of Mine
BOX-FOLDER 60/2 Almost
BOX-FOLDER 60/3 Anglo Saxon Baby
BOX-FOLDER 60/4 Another You
BOX-FOLDER 60/5 At 11 p.m.
BOX-FOLDER 60/6 'Atta Girl
BOX-FOLDER 60/7 Back Home
BOX-FOLDER 60/8 Cheerio!
BOX-FOLDER 60/9 Dear Old Correspondence School
BOX-FOLDER 60/10 Don't Let's Be Beastly to the Germans
BOX-FOLDER 60/11 Don't You Remember
BOX-FOLDER 60/12 Fancy Work
BOX-FOLDER 60/13 Faults
BOX-FOLDER 60/14 Flower Boat
BOX-FOLDER 60/15 For No Reason at All
BOX-FOLDER 60/16 Geography
BOX-FOLDER 60/17 Hands Across the Table or Why I Was Born or Reflection on Poker
BOX-FOLDER 60/18 Hard to Replace
BOX-FOLDER 60/19 The Hills of Hollywood or Home on the Range
BOX-FOLDER 60/20 Hubby
BOX-FOLDER 60/21 I Know Somebody Who Loves You
BOX-FOLDER 60/22 I Wanna Be Wanted by You; Nothing to Look Forward to Blues; Words
BOX-FOLDER 60/23 I'll Get You Yet
BOX-FOLDER 60/24 I'll Supply the Title (You'll Supply the Tune)
BOX-FOLDER 60/25 I'm a Naughty Name
BOX-FOLDER 60/26 I'm Crazy about Rhymes
BOX-FOLDER 60/27 I'm No Fool
BOX-FOLDER 60/28 Imagine (Me without My You)
BOX-FOLDER 60/29 In the Wee Sma' Hours Sally and Elmer Were Sweethearts
BOX-FOLDER 60/30 I've Turned the Corner
BOX-FOLDER 60/31 Jokes for a Song about Jokes
BOX-FOLDER 60/32 Lament
BOX-FOLDER 60/33 Let's Show 'Em How This Country Goes to Town
BOX-FOLDER 60/34 Little Rhythm-Go 'Way
BOX-FOLDER 60/35 Mary-Louise
BOX-FOLDER 60/36 Mortgage on My Castle in Spain
BOX-FOLDER 60/37 The Nevada
BOX-FOLDER 60/38 A New Step Every Day
BOX-FOLDER 60/39 Nice to Know
BOX-FOLDER 60/40 Not So Long Ago
BOX-FOLDER 60/41 Oh You Kid!
BOX-FOLDER 60/42 Paper House in Japan
BOX-FOLDER 60/43 Precious Moments Wasted
BOX-FOLDER 60/44 Say it With [written with Lou Paley]
BOX-FOLDER 60/45 Snookums
BOX-FOLDER 60/46 So It's Going to Happen after All
BOX-FOLDER 60/47 Someone to Root Ror
BOX-FOLDER 60/48 Song about a Dance
BOX-FOLDER 60/49 Sporting, et. al.
BOX-FOLDER 60/50 Sweet Sorrow
BOX-FOLDER 60/51 Tell Me in the Gloaming
BOX-FOLDER 60/52 Ten Little Boy Friends
BOX-FOLDER 60/53 That Well-Known Smile
BOX-FOLDER 60/54 The Time Has Come
BOX-FOLDER 60/55 Tropical
BOX-FOLDER 60/56 Turn to the Dreams Ahead
BOX-FOLDER 60/57 What Can I Do?
BOX-FOLDER 60/58 What's Mine is Yours
BOX-FOLDER 60/59 What's the Big Idea?
BOX-FOLDER 60/60 When There's a Chance to Dance
BOX-FOLDER 60/61 The Whole World's Turning Blue
BOX-FOLDER 60/62 Why Is It?
BOX-FOLDER 60/63 You're Too True to Be Good or He's Too True to Be Good
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