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George and Ira Gershwin collection, 1895-2008

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Music, 1913-1954 (continued)
Lyric Sheets (continued)
Notes and Miscellany (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 61/22 Grow young along with me
BOX-FOLDER 61/23 He spilled the beans
BOX-FOLDER 61/24 "Hitch one's wagon to a star, To"
BOX-FOLDER 61/25 How could I ever
BOX-FOLDER 61/26 How long
BOX-FOLDER 61/27 I have never seen, et al.
BOX-FOLDER 61/28 I was naive
BOX-FOLDER 61/29 I'm much too tired
BOX-FOLDER 61/30 I'm so timid
BOX-FOLDER 61/31 I'm the guy, et al.
BOX-FOLDER 61/32 It's a must
BOX-FOLDER 61/33 List of aphorisms (not a song title)
BOX-FOLDER 61/34 List of titles
BOX-FOLDER 61/35 Love songs gracious
BOX-FOLDER 61/36 Man of letters
BOX-FOLDER 61/37 The not impossible wife
BOX-FOLDER 61/38 Notes on song about or for comedian
BOX-FOLDER 61/39 Opening - These dizzy days
BOX-FOLDER 61/40 Our little bag of tricks
BOX-FOLDER 61/42 Parody of Porter’s “Let’s Do It” (incomplete)
BOX-FOLDER 61/43 Pay dirt for gold diggers
BOX-FOLDER 61/44 Quatrains
BOX-FOLDER 61/45 Quatre quatrains (No lyrics, envelope)
BOX-FOLDER 61/46 A reason for rhyme
BOX-FOLDER 61/47 Reflection
BOX-FOLDER 61/48 Reflections on investing in a play one hasn't read
BOX-FOLDER 61/49 Revue notions
BOX-FOLDER 61/50 Rhymes
BOX-FOLDER 61/51 Right you are, et al.
BOX-FOLDER 61/52 Salt of the earth
BOX-FOLDER 61/53 Service
BOX-FOLDER 61/54 Show business
BOX-FOLDER 61/55 Snake in the grass or Lyric about sins of Babylon
BOX-FOLDER 61/56 So called theme song
BOX-FOLDER 61/57 Spots we have never visited
BOX-FOLDER 61/58 There are lovelies
BOX-FOLDER 61/59 This time I mean it you'd be hard to replace
BOX-FOLDER 61/60 To--
BOX-FOLDER 61/61 "To--"
BOX-FOLDER 61/62 To all editors
BOX-FOLDER 61/63 To all editors (Blame W.S. Gilbert)
BOX-FOLDER 61/64 To Sylvia (No longer of Greenwich Village)
BOX-FOLDER 61/65 Very short story
BOX-FOLDER 61/66 The way we plan it
BOX-FOLDER 61/67 The well-dressed man
BOX-FOLDER 61/68 What a lucky guy I'm you're as much a myth
BOX-FOLDER 61/69 What can we lose
BOX-FOLDER 61/70 When my uncle dies
BOX-FOLDER 61/71 A word with you
BOX 62 Music Owned by the Gershwins
The music owned by George and Ira is organized alphabetically; first by composer, and then by composition title.
Arlen, Harold
BOX-FOLDER 62/1 Bloomer Girl
Bound sheet music and Ozalids
Note: Inscribed to Lee and IG by Anya and Harold Arlen
Laid in: IG typescript notes; [1] p.
Bach, J.S.
BOX-FOLDER 62/2 Toccatas
Leipzig: C.F. Peters, undated
Note: Signed by GG
Borchard, Adolphe
BOX-FOLDER 62/3 L’elan: Esquisse Symphonique
Paris: Evette et Schaeffer, 1924
Note: Inscribed to GG by A. Borchard
Bucharoff, Simon
BOX-FOLDER 62/4 Sechs Lieder
Leipzig: Steingräber-Verlag, 1924
Note: Inscribed to GG by S. Bucharoff
Casella, Alfred
BOX-FOLDER 62/5 Serenata
Vienna: Universal-Edition, 1928
Note: Inscribed to GG by A. Casella, 1929
Debussy, Claude
BOX-FOLDER 62/6 Images. No. 3, Rondes de Printemps
Paris: Durand, 1910
Note: Signed by GG
Grünberger, Alfred
BOX-FOLDER 62/7 Kleiner Walzer
Vienna: Gutmann, 1928
Note: Inscribed to GG by A. Grünberger, 1928
Poulenc, Francis
BOX-FOLDER 62/8 Mouvements Perpétuels
London: J. & W. Chester, 1919
Note: Inscribed to GG by F. Poulenc
BOX-FOLDER 62/9 Promenades
London: J. & W. Chester, 1923
Note: Signed by GG
Rimsky-Korsakov, N
BOX-FOLDER 62/10 Scheherazade
Arrangement for piano, four hands
New York: G. Schirmer, 1918
Note: Inscribed by IG to Albert Sirmay
Schönberg, Arnold
BOX-FOLDER 62/11 6 Kleine Klavierstücke
Leipzig: Universal-Edition, 1913
Note: Inscribed to GG, 1927
BOX 63-66, 136-137, 139-141 Correspondence, 1915-1976
The correspondence consists of letters to and from George and Ira as well as a small amount with other Gershwin family members and Alexander Smallens. All are presented in a single alphabetical series, arranged by the name of the other correspondent. Within each correspondent's chronological range, every letter by George or Ira are given their own individual folder while those of the correspondent may be grouped together. All condolence telegrams received upon George’s death are placed together at the end, arranged alphabetically by the senders’ names.
Abramson, Max
BOX-FOLDER 63/1 1918 September 11
BOX-FOLDER 63/2 1918 September 12
BOX-FOLDER 141/16 1918 September 20
BOX-FOLDER 63/3 1918 September 25
American Consulate, Netherlands
BOX-FOLDER 136/8 1936 June 10
Re: obtaining a visa for Arthur Kaufman
Armitage, Merle
BOX-FOLDER 63/4 1936-1937
BOX-FOLDER 63/5 1938 February 9
BOX-FOLDER 63/6 1938, 1946, 1956 March
BOX-FOLDER 63/7 1956 December 17
BOX-FOLDER 63/8 1957 July 12
BOX-FOLDER 63/9 1957 July 22
BOX-FOLDER 63/10 1957 July 26
BOX-FOLDER 63/11 1957 August 9
BOX-FOLDER 63/12 1957 August 20 (from Ira)
BOX-FOLDER 63/13 1957 August 20 (to Ira)
BOX-FOLDER 63/14 1957 September 2-3
BOX-FOLDER 63/15 1957 September 4
BOX-FOLDER 63/16 1957 September 16
BOX-FOLDER 63/17 1957 November 16
BOX-FOLDER 63/18 1957 November 19
BOX-FOLDER 63/19 1958 January - August 26
BOX-FOLDER 63/20 1958 August 27
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