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George and Ira Gershwin collection, 1895-2008

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Biographical Materials, 1913-1986 (continued)
George Gershwin
BOX-FOLDER 137/2 Address book, circa 1931
Bound Autograph album from P.S. 25 graduation, 1913 June 25
Note: Inscribed to Benjamin Rodman by GG and other classmates; includes invitation, program, and class photograph
BOX-FOLDER 67/4 Birth certificate
BOX-FOLDER 141/57 Birth certificate transcript, 1898 October 7
Bound Armitage, Merle. Schoenberg: Articles by Schoenberg, Edward Stein, and Others. New York, G. Schirmer, 1937
Note: Inscribed to GG by Arnold Schoenberg
Laid in: IG descriptive note
Bound Forsyth, Cecil. Orchestration. London, MacMillan, 1914
Note: Signed by GG
Laid in: IG descriptive note
Bound Galsworthy, John. Maid in Waiting. London, William Heinemann, Ltd., 1931
Note: Inscribed to GG by Galsworthy
Laid in: IG descriptive note
Bound Handy, William C. Blues: An Anthology. New York, Boni, 1926
Note: Inscribed to GG by Handy and Abbe Niles
Laid in: IG descriptive note
Bound Stravinsky, Igor. Stravinsky, an Autobiography. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1936
Note: Inscribed to GG by Stravinsky
Laid in: IG descriptive note
Framed Certificate, Induction into NYU Musical Theatre Hall of Fame, 1993 November 10
BOX-FOLDER 67/1 Citation, National Association of Performing Artists, 1937
BOX-FOLDER 67/2 Diary of Paul Mueller, George Gershwin's butler, 1934-1936
Laid in: Note by IG, 2 p.; Typescript first half of diary, 2 p.; Itinerary, Gershwin tour, 1936 January 13 - February 10, 2 p.
BOX-FOLDER 67/3 Essays by Rosamond Walling Tirana (7), 1928, 1950, 1959, 1993 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 67/5 Henry Botkin, essay
BOX-FOLDER 67/6 Hollywood Bowl Memorial Concert, 1937 September 8
Four ticket stubs and envelope
BOX-FOLDER 141/58 Illness: schedule of last two months, 1937 June 12 - July 11
IG holograph manuscript; [1] p.
BOX-FOLDER 67/7 Invitation and admission card for memorial service in Los Angeles, 1937 July 15
BOX-FOLDER 67/8 A Journey to Greatness reviews, 1936
BOX-FOLDER 67/9 Letter to Rose Gershwin from James T. White & Co., Publishers, 1941 January 30
BOX-FOLDER 67/10 List of likes and dislikes
GG holograph manuscript; 1 p.
BOX-FOLDER 67/11 The Bell Telephone Hour bound script, 1959 November 20
BOX-FOLDER 67/12 Nellie Revell Radio Program broadcast script, 1933 March 13
BOX-FOLDER 67/13 Newspaper clippings from scrapbook
Some photocopies
Note: Collected by Rose Gershwin
BOX-FOLDER 68/1 Newspaper clippings (miscellaneous) 1937-1938, 1963, 1973 and undated
Some photocopies
BOX-FOLDER 68/2 Newspaper clippings (obituaries), 1937
BOX-FOLDER 68/3 Obituary (Daily News), 1937 July 13
BOX-FOLDER 136/22 Notes on collaborating with George, written by Ira for Isaac Goldberg, 1931 June?
BOX-FOLDER 132/13 Pulitzer Prize Special Citation awarded to George Gershwin, 1998 April 14
BOX-FOLDER 68/4 Radio broadcast script, 1942 February 8
Rhapsody in Blue
BOX-FOLDER 68/5 Screenplay by Clifford Odets, 1942 August 28
BOX-FOLDER 68/6 Screenplay by Howard Koch, 1943 June 16
BOX-FOLDER 69/1 Screenplay by Sonia Levien, 1943 January 30
BOX-FOLDER 69/2 Story outline by Kathryn Scola and Ira Gershwin, 1941 October 24
BOX-FOLDER 139/12 Pre-production notes on music for Gershwin film
Two IG typescript/holograph manuscripts; 7 p. each
Laid in: Two Lawrence Stewart notes; [1] p. each
BOX-FOLDER 141/59 Transcript of IG conferences with Robert Rossen, 1941 August 13-18
Typescript; 27 p.
Ira Gershwin
BOX-FOLDER 141/60 Birth certificate transcript, 1928 January 31
BOX-FOLDER 69/3 California, Here I Came
Five typescript/holograph manuscript drafts and IG description
BOX-FOLDER 141/61 Figures of speech, books, and theatre, 1909-1924
Three holograph manuscript lists; [14] p. with typescript transcriptions; 9 p.
BOX-FOLDER 69/4 University of Maryland commencement exercises program, 1966
Note: Inscribed by Ira Gershwin to Ben Botkin
Lyrics on Several Occasions
Typescript pages
BOX-FOLDER 70/1 1-89
BOX-FOLDER 70/2 90-195
BOX-FOLDER 70/3 196-309
BOX-FOLDER 70/4 310-end
BOX-FOLDER 70/5 Variant title pages; foreword and acknowledgements; list of possibilities
BOX-FOLDER 70/6 The Not Impossible He
Laid in: Lawrence Stewart typescript note; [1] p.
BOX-FOLDER 70/7 Divers Duets
BOX-FOLDER 70/8 The Possessive Case
BOX-FOLDER 70/9 With Place Names
BOX-FOLDER 70/10 The Importunate Male
BOX-FOLDER 70/11 The Importunate Female
BOX-FOLDER 70/12 A Quartet of Trios
BOX-FOLDER 71/1 A Quintet of Findings
BOX-FOLDER 71/2 Sextet of Irreverence
BOX-FOLDER 71/3 Not for a Musicologist
BOX-FOLDER 71/4 A Set of Sagas
BOX-FOLDER 71/5 A Gathering of Guidance
BOX-FOLDER 71/6 Ladies in Lament
BOX-FOLDER 71/7 Sound Effects
BOX-FOLDER 71/8 The Element of Time
BOX-FOLDER 71/9 Turns with Terpsichore
BOX-FOLDER 71/10 The State of the Union
Laid in: Lawrence Stewart typescript note; [1] p.
BOX-FOLDER 71/11 A Miscellany of Acclaim
BOX-FOLDER 71/12 Euphoria Revisited
BOX-FOLDER 71/13 Afterword
BOX-FOLDER 71/14 Worksheets; Saturday review, 1959 August 29
BOX-FOLDER 141/62-64, 145/1 Preparatory notes, research, and unused drafts
BOX 138 Galley proof
BOX 72-101, 137 Scrapbooks, 1913-1986
The scrapbooks are divided into three subseries. The first and second subseries, "Biographical" and " Porgy and Bess " respectively, are organized in chronological order. The third subseries, "Miscellany," is organized by subject matter. Books 1-31 will be served on microfilm: #93/20013.
BOX-BOOK 72/1 Book 1, 1913-1924
60 p. +
BOX-BOOK 73/2 Book 2, 1925-1926
51 p. +
Includes: Concerto in F; Rhapsody in Blue; Tell Me More; 135th Street; Lady Be Good! (English production)
BOX-BOOK 74/3 Book 3, 1927-1929
54 p. +
Includes: Strike Up the Band; Funny Face; Rosalie; trip to Paris; Treasure Girl; An American in Paris; The Dybbuk; GG takes up painting; Show Girl; Strike Up the Band (2nd version)
BOX-BOOK 75/4 Book 4, 1930-1931
57 p. +
Includes: Strike Up the Band; Girl Crazy; Of Thee I Sing; Delicious
BOX-BOOK 76/5 Book 5, 1932-1934
54 p. +
Includes: Delicious; Of Thee I Sing; Second Rhapsody; Pardon My English; Pulitzer Prize; father's obituary; Cuban Overture; Let 'Em Eat Cake; Arts Club of Chicago exhibition of the George Gershwin Collection of Modern Paintings; national tour
BOX-BOOK 77/6 Book 6, 1934 August-1939
78 p. +
Includes: Life Begins at 8:40; Porgy and Bess; Ziegfeld Follies of 1936; Suite from Porgy and Bess; Shall We Dance; GG illness and death; A Damsel in Distress; "Love Walked In" #1 tune; "Dawn of a New Day" anthem for worlds fair
BOX-BOOK 78/7 Book 7, 1940-1945
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