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George and Ira Gershwin collection, 1895-2008

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Biographical Materials (continued)
Ira Gershwin
BOX-FOLDER 69/3 California, here I came
Typescript/holograph manuscripts
5 drafts plus Ira Gershwin description
BOX-FOLDER 69/4 University of Maryland commencement exercises program, 1966
Note: Inscribed by Ira Gershwin to Ben Botkin
Lyrics on Several Occasions
Typescript pages
BOX-FOLDER 70/1 1-89
BOX-FOLDER 70/2 90-195
BOX-FOLDER 70/3 196-309
BOX-FOLDER 70/4 310-end
BOX-FOLDER 70/5 Variant title pages; Foreword and acknowledgements; List of possibilities
BOX-FOLDER 70/6 The not impossible he
BOX-FOLDER 70/7 Divers duets
BOX-FOLDER 70/8 The possessive case
BOX-FOLDER 70/9 With place names
BOX-FOLDER 70/10 The importunate male
BOX-FOLDER 70/11 The importunate female
BOX-FOLDER 70/12 A quartet of trios
BOX-FOLDER 71/1 A quintet of findings
BOX-FOLDER 71/2 Sextet of irreverence
BOX-FOLDER 71/3 Not for a musicologist
BOX-FOLDER 71/4 A set of sagas
BOX-FOLDER 71/5 A gathering of guidance
BOX-FOLDER 71/6 Ladies in lament
BOX-FOLDER 71/7 Sound effects
BOX-FOLDER 71/8 The element of time
BOX-FOLDER 71/9 Turns with terpsichore
BOX-FOLDER 71/10 The state of the union
BOX-FOLDER 71/11 A miscellany of acclaim
BOX-FOLDER 71/12 Euphoria revisited
BOX-FOLDER 71/13 Afterword
BOX-FOLDER 71/14 Worksheets; Saturday review, 1959 August 29
BOX 138 Galley proof
BOX 72-101, 137 Scrapbooks
The scrapbooks in the Gershwin collection are divided into three subseries. The first and second subseries, "Biographical" and "Porgy and Bess" respectively, are organized in chronological order. The third subseries, "Miscellany," is organized by subject matter. Books 1-31 have also been microfilmed: #93/20013.
BOX-BOOK 72/1 Book 1, 1913-24
60 p. +
BOX-BOOK 73/2 Book 2, 1925-26
51 p. +
Concerto in F; Rhapsody in Blue; Tell Me More; 135th Street; Lady Be Good! (English production)
BOX-BOOK 74/3 Book 3, 1927-29
54 p. +
Strike Up the Band; Funny Face; Rosalie; trip to Paris; Treasure Girl; An American in Paris; The Dybbuk; GG takes up painting; Show Girl; Strike Up the Band (2nd version)
BOX-BOOK 75/4 Book 4, 1930-31
57 p. +
Strike Up the Band; Girl Crazy; Of Thee I Sing; Delicious
BOX-BOOK 76/5 Book 5, 1932-34
54 p. +
Delicious; Of Thee I Sing; Second Rhapsody; Pardon My English; Pulitzer Prize; father's obituary; Cuban Overture; Let Them Eat Cake; Arts Club of Chicago exhibition of the George Gershwin Collection of Modern Paintings; National Tour
BOX-BOOK 77/6 Book 6, 1934 August-1939
78 p. +
Life Begins at 8:40; Porgy and Bess; Ziegfeld Follies of 1936; Suite from Porgy and Bess; Shall We Dance; GG illness and death; A Damsel in Distress; "Love Walked In" #1 tune; "Dawn of a New Day" anthem for worlds fair
BOX-BOOK 78/7 Book 7, 1940-45
63 p. +
Lady in the Dark; Girl Crazy (film); Toscanini conducts Rhapsody in Blue; Cover Girl; Lady in the Dark (film); The Firebrand of Florence; Where Do We Go From Here (film); Rhapsody in Blue (film biography)
BOX-BOOK 79/8 Book 8, 1946-51
59 p. +
Ziegfeld Follies of 1946 (film); Park Avenue; The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (film); The Barkleys of Broadway (film); death of mother Rose; death of Kurt Weill; An American in Paris (film)
BOX-BOOK 80/9 Book 9, 1952-55
70 p.
An American in Paris (film) academy awards; Of Thee I Sing (revival); Give a Girl a Break (film); Lady in the Dark (TV); A Star is Born (film); The Country Girl (film)
BOX-BOOK 81/10 Book 10, 1956-59
53 p.
Funny Face (film); Ewen biography "The Magic of Gershwin"; Ira's illness; Bell Telephone Hour-"Gershwin" (TV); Ella Fitzgerald Gershwin concert and recording
BOX-BOOK 82/11 Book 11, 1960-62
52 p.
Oh, Kay (revival); Of Thee I Sing (production); Girl Crazy; The George and Ira Gershwin Songbook; The Gershwin Years (TV)
BOX-BOOK 83/12 Book 12, 1963-64
50 p. +
ASCAP plaque on birthplace; Oh, Kay!; 17 trunk songs unearthed by Ira; The Songs of Harold Arlen (TV); fire at Chappell's in London; death of Cole Porter; Kiss Me Stupid (film)
BOX-BOOK 84/13 Book 13, 1965-67
61 p. +
Kiss Me Stupid (film); When the Boys Meet the Girls (film); George Gershwin's Theater (An Unusual Entertainment); Honorary degree for Ira from University of Maryland; Lady in the Dark (Pasadena Playhouse); Star! (film)
BOX-BOOK 85/14 Book 14, 1968-72
100 p.
Lady Be Good! (London); Star! (film); Of Thee I Sing (revival); Who Cares (Balancine ballet); Gershwin Festival (University of Miami); Ira elected to the Songwriters Hall of Fame; 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous, 'S Gershwin (TV); Of Thee I Sing (TV); Gershwin exhibit at Library of Congress; George Gershwin stamp issued
BOX-BOOK 86/15 Book 15, 1973-75
82 p.
George Gershwin stamp; 75th anniversary of George's birth; Gershwin Film Retrospective; 50th Anniversary of Rhapsody in Blue; Lady Be Good! (at Goodspeed); Uris Theater renamed The Gershwin; "Tribute to Ira Gershwin" Benefit; "Mr. Words," a musical salute to Ira Gershwin; "Our Love is Here to Stay" with Steve and Eydie (TV)
BOX-BOOK 87/16 Book 16, 1976-82
124 p.
Lyrics and Lyricists "The Lyrics of Ira Gershwin"; Tip Toes (at Goodspeed); Let 'Em Eat Cake (Berkshires); Funny Face (Studio Arena and Goodspeed); "By Ira...By Goerge" Tribute at Carnegie Hall; Gershwin Concert ballet by Jerome Robbins; "Celebrating the Gershwins" at Brooklyn College; Secaucus scores found
BOX-BOOK 88/17 Book 17, 1983 January-May
96 p.
Restored version of A Star is Born; Rosalie (concert revival); My One and Only
BOX-BOOK 89/18 Book 18, 1983 May-August
92 p.
My One and Only; Gershwin Tony Award and tribute; renaming the Uris Theater to the Gershwin; Michael Feinstein interview with Ira; restored version of A Star is Born
BOX-BOOK 90/19 Book 19, 1983 August-1984 October
100 p.
Ira's death; Hang On To Me; Oh, Kay! (at Chichester Festival); Strike Up the Band (revival); Gershwin Room at the Library of Congress planned
BOX-BOOK 91/20 Book 20, 1984 October-1985 December
84 p.
Ira's death; Gershwin Night at the Library of Congress; My One and Only; Gershwin Congressional Medal
BOX-BOOK 91/21 Book 21, 1986 January- August
32 p.
My One and Only; George and Ira Gershwin awarded the Academy's Trustee Award at the Grammys; Girl Crazy (at Seattle Rep)
Porgy and Bess
BOX-BOOK 92/22 Book 1, 1935-1954 July
172 p.
Original production of Porgy and Bess, tours, 1942 revival, 1952 revival (that goes on to European tour and returns to Broadway)
BOX-FOLDER 93/23 Book 2, 1954 August-1956
72 p.
Porgy and Bess in Paris, Zagreb, Yugoslavia, Israel, Alexandria, Athens, Cairo, La Scala, Milan, Rome, Lausanne, Geneva, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Russia, West Germany, Poland, Norway, and Czechoslovakia; Truman Capote's "The Muses are Heard" (about Russian tour)
BOX-FOLDER 94/24 Book 3, 1957-59
52 p.
Porgy and Bess film; various recordings
BOX-FOLDER 94/25 Book 4, 1960-65
50 p.
Porgy and Bess film in London; NY City Center Light Opera production; Russian student production; New Zealand production; Coconut Grove Playhouse production; Vienna production
BOX-FOLDER 95/26 Book 5, 1966-76
62 p.
Porgy and Bess Israeli production; Charleston production; Berlin production; Serbian production; Lisbon, Portugal production; LA Civic Light Opera production; Atlanta production; recording with Cleveland Orchestra; Houston Opera production (tour)
BOX-FOLDER 96/27 Book 6, 1977-84
108 p.
Porgy and Bess Houston Opera (tour continued); 1978 European tour; "Todd Duncan: A Mighty Voice" (TV); Houston Opera revival at Radio City; various other productions
BOX-FOLDER 97/28 Book 7, 1985-1986 August
64 p.
Porgy and Bess 50th anniversary; Metropolitan Opera production; Dubose Heyward Centennial Celebration; 50th anniversary production at Charleston, South Carolina; Glyndebourne Festival Opera 1986 production
BOX-FOLDER 98/29 Miscellaneous clippings: Volume 1, 1947-71
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