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George and Ira Gershwin collection, 1895-2008

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Scrapbooks, 1913-1986 (continued)
Biographical (continued)
BOX-BOOK 87/16 Book 16, 1976-1982
124 p.
Includes: Lyrics and Lyricists "The Lyrics of Ira Gershwin"; Tip Toes (at Goodspeed); Let 'Em Eat Cake (Berkshires); Funny Face (Studio Arena and Goodspeed); "By Ira...By Goerge" Tribute at Carnegie Hall; Gershwin Concert ballet by Jerome Robbins; "Celebrating the Gershwins" at Brooklyn College; Secaucus scores found
BOX-BOOK 88/17 Book 17, 1983 January-May
96 p.
Includes: Restored version of A Star is Born; Rosalie (concert revival); My One and Only
BOX-BOOK 89/18 Book 18, 1983 May-August
92 p.
Includes: My One and Only; Gershwin Tony Award and tribute; renaming the Uris Theater to the Gershwin; Michael Feinstein interview with Ira; restored version of A Star is Born
BOX-BOOK 90/19 Book 19, 1983 August-1984 October
100 p.
Includes: Ira's death; Hang On To Me; Oh, Kay! (at Chichester Festival); Strike Up the Band (revival); Gershwin Room at the Library of Congress planned
BOX-BOOK 91/20 Book 20, 1984 October-1985 December
84 p.
Includes: Ira's death; Gershwin Night at the Library of Congress; My One and Only; Gershwin Congressional Medal
BOX-BOOK 91/21 Book 21, 1986 January-August
32 p.
Includes: My One and Only; George and Ira Gershwin awarded the Academy's Trustee Award at the Grammys; Girl Crazy (at Seattle Rep)
Porgy and Bess
BOX-BOOK 92/22 Book 1, 1935-1954 July
172 p.
Includes: Original production of Porgy and Bess, tours, 1942 revival, 1952 revival (that goes on to European tour and returns to Broadway)
BOX-BOOK 93/23 Book 2, 1954 August-1956
72 p.
Includes: Porgy and Bess in Paris, Zagreb, Yugoslavia, Israel, Alexandria, Athens, Cairo, La Scala, Milan, Rome, Lausanne, Geneva, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Russia, West Germany, Poland, Norway, and Czechoslovakia; Truman Capote's "The Muses are Heard" (about Russian tour)
BOX-BOOK 94/24 Book 3, 1957-1959
52 p.
Includes: Porgy and Bess film; various recordings
BOX-BOOK 94/25 Book 4, 1960-1965
50 p.
Includes: Porgy and Bess film in London; NY City Center Light Opera production; Russian student production; New Zealand production; Coconut Grove Playhouse production; Vienna production
BOX-BOOK 95/26 Book 5, 1966-1976
62 p.
Includes: Porgy and Bess Israeli production; Charleston production; Berlin production; Serbian production; Lisbon, Portugal production; LA Civic Light Opera production; Atlanta production; recording with Cleveland Orchestra; Houston Opera production (tour)
BOX-BOOK 96/27 Book 6, 1977-1984
108 p.
Includes: Porgy and Bess Houston Opera (tour continued); 1978 European tour; "Todd Duncan: A Mighty Voice" (TV); Houston Opera revival at Radio City; various other productions
BOX-BOOK 97/28 Book 7, 1985-1986 August
64 p.
Includes: Porgy and Bess 50th anniversary; Metropolitan Opera production; DuBose Heyward Centennial Celebration; 50th anniversary production at Charleston, South Carolina; Glyndebourne Festival Opera 1986 production
BOX-BOOK 98/29 Miscellaneous clippings: Volume 1, 1947-1971
44 p.
Includes: Articles and obituaries on other composers, lyricists, writers, performers, the music industry, etc.
BOX-BOOK 98/30 Miscellaneous clippings: Volume 2, 1972-?
102 p.
Includes: Articles and obituaries on other composers, lyricists, writers, performers, the music industry, etc.
BOX-BOOK 99/31 Ira gershwin Lyrics on Several Occasions, 1959-1977
48 p.
First scrapbooks
BOX-FOLDER 100/32 George Gershwin, 1909?-1920
36 p. +
BOX-FOLDER 100/33 Ira Gershwin, 1908-1910
143 p.
BOX-FOLDER 101/34 George Gershwin memorial scrapbook, 1937 July 11 - August 11
560 p.
BOX-FOLDER 137/22 Frances Gershwin New York Times clipping, 1928 November 4
BOX 102-108, 133-134, 136-137, 139, 144 Iconography, 1894-1991
The iconography is divided into two subseries, "Photographs" and "Paintings and drawings."
The photographs are divided into five subseries. The first, fourth and fifth subseries, "Photographs taken by George Gershwin," "Photographs belonging to George Gershwin," and "Miscellaneous" photographs, are organized alphabetically by subject's name. The second and third subseries, "Photographs of George Gershwin and family and friends," "Photographs of Ira, Arthur, Frances Gershwin Godowsky, and other family members and friends," are organized in chronological order.
Photographs taken by George Gershwin
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-1 Irving Berlin
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-2 Irving Berlin
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-3 Henry Botkin
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-4 Gloria Braggioti
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-5 William Daly
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-6 William Daly
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-7 Ruby Elzy
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-8 George Gershwin
(Self portrait)
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-9 George Gershwin, Irving Berlin
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-10 George Gershwin, Irving Berlin
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-11 George Gershwin, Irving Berlin
BOX-FOLDER 133/1 Leonore Gershwin, 1936
Note: Inscribed on mounting board by George Gershwin
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-12 Rose Gershwin
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-13 Leopold Godowsky, Sr.
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-14 Leopold Godowsky, Sr.
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-15 Leopold Godowsky, Sr.
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-16 Kay Halle
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-17 Jerome Kern
Note: Painting by George Gershwin
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-18 Emily Paley
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-19 David Alfaro Siqueiros
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-20 David Alfaro Siqueiros, unidentified
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-21 Kay Swift
BOX-FOLDER 102/I-22 Andrea Warburg, Kay Warburg
Photographs of George Gershwin and family and friends
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-1 Family: Arthur Gershwin, maid, George Gershwin, Rose Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, circa 1900, Brooklyn, NY
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-2 George Gershwin, Arthur Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, Rose Lagowitz, Coney Island, 1912
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-2a Arthur Gershwin, George Gershwin, Coney Island, 1912
BOX-FOLDER 137/3 Ira Gershwin, Frances Gershwin, Arthur Gershwin, George Gershwin, Rose? Gershwin, Coney Island, 1912?
BOX-FOLDER 133/2 George Gershwin, Atlantic City, 1916
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-3 George Gershwin, circa 1918
BOX-FOLDER 103//II-4 George Gershwin, circa 1918
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-5 George Gershwin at piano
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-5a George Gershwin at piano, 1919
Note: From Illustrated News
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-6 George Gershwin
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-7 Unidentified woman and man, Al Jolson, George Gershwin, circa 1920
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-7a George Gershwin, circa 1920
BOX-FOLDER 141/29 George Gershwin, 1924
Note: Inscribed to "Maxie" (Max Rosen, née Rosenzweig)
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-7b George Gershwin at Pall Mall Court, London, 1925 May
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-8 George Gershwin, 1925 July
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-9 George Gershwin, Whitehall Hotel, NY, 1925
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-10 Deems Taylor, Ferde Grofé, Paul Whiteman, Blossom Seely, George Gershwin, 1925
BOX-FOLDER 135/25 George Gershwin in hat, 1925
BOX-FOLDER 139/13 George Gershwin, 1926 December
Photographer: Nicholas Ház
Note: Inscribed to Frances Gershwin Godowsky
BOX-FOLDER 141/37 George Gershwin hands holding vase, 1926 December
Photographer: Nicholas Ház
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-11 George Gershwin, 1927
Photographer: Edward Steichen
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-12 George Gershwin
Note: Third from left
BOX-FOLDER 136/80 George Gershwin, Arthur Gershwin, Morris Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, and Rose Gershwin, 1927 or 1928?
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-13 George Gershwin, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, 1928 April
BOX-FOLDER 141/36 George Gershwin, Vienna, 1928
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-14 Back row: Ira Gershwin, Leonore Gershwin, George Gershwin, Emmerich Kalman, Henrietta Malkiel, Vienna, 1928 April 28
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-15 Franz Lehar, George Gershwin, Vienna, 1928 May
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-16 Ray Hornikel, James Rosenberg, George Gershwin, Fritz Reiner, Richard Crooks, Cincinnati, 1929 February 28
BOX-FOLDER 103/II-17 George Gershwin, unidentified woman
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