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George and Ira Gershwin collection, 1895-2008

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Iconography, 1894-1991 (continued)
Photographs (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-2 Rouben Mamoulian
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-3 Elsa Maxwell
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-4 Marilyn Miller
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-5 Ferenc Molnar
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-6 Edwina Mountbatten
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-7 Edwina Mountbatten
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-8 Edwina Mountbatten
Photographer: Dorothy Wilding
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-8a Luigi Pirandello
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-9 Aileen Pringle
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-10 Ann Ronell
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-11 Josefa (Josie) Rosanska
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-12 Arnold Schoenberg
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-13 Arnold Schoenberg
Photographer: Edward Weston
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-14 Bill Seeman
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-15 Andres Segovia
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-16 Oscar Shaw
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-17 Gloria Swanson
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-18 Alexander Tansman
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-19 Lawrence Tibbett
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-20 Ernst Toch
BOX-FOLDER 1017/VI-21 Unidentified girl
Note: Inscribed but not autographed
BOX-FOLDER 107/VI-22 Herman Wasserman
Miscellaneous photographs
BOX-FOLDER 108/1 33 Riverside Drive
BOX-FOLDER 108/2 33 Riverside Drive
BOX-FOLDER 108/3 33 Riverside Drive, George Gershwin's bedroom
BOX-FOLDER 108/4 33 Riverside Drive
BOX-FOLDER 137/46 Emanuel Alexandre, Nelson Rockefeller, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, unidentified (2)
BOX-FOLDER 108/6 Raymond Brossard: Interpretation of George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue
BOX-FOLDER 108/7 John W. Bubbles (5)
Photographer: Carl Van Vechten
BOX-FOLDER 108/8 Ruby Elzy
Photographer: Carl Van Vechten
BOX-FOLDER 137/42 George Gershwin's cadillac and piano
Note: Includes clipping re: Emanuel Alexandre
BOX-FOLDER 137/43 George Gershwin's furniture and American in Paris partition screen
Six color photographs
Note: Photographs taken in Emanuel Alexandre's barn. Screen designed and painted by Henry Botkin
BOX-FOLDER 108/9 Gershwin family mausoleum
BOX-FOLDER 137/7 Girl Crazy, 1930
61 photographs
Note: Original cast during out-of-town tryout outside the Shubert Theatre, Philadelphia
Laid in: Hotel flyer
BOX-FOLDER 108/22 "Portrait of George Gershwin"
By Isamu Noguchi
BOX-FOLDER 108/12 Playbill
Porgy and Bess
BOX-FOLDER 108/15 Boston, 1935 October 10
BOX-FOLDER 137/5 Todd Duncan, 1935
BOX-FOLDER 136/5 J. Rosamond Johnson, Todd Duncan, Anne Brown, 1935
BOX-FOLDER 137/35 George Gershwin, Alexander Smallens with cast at curtain call, 1935
BOX-FOLDER 139/16 Avon Long as "Sportin' Life" in Act II, Scene 2, 1942
Laid in: Avon Long autograph "To Charles," 1943 October 16
BOX-FOLDER 108/14 Berlin rehearsal (2), 1952 September 16
BOX-FOLDER 108/13 European tour (2), 1952
Gift of Albert Sirmay?
BOX-FOLDER 108/16 Leontyne Price, William Warfield, 1952 September
BOX-FOLDER 139/17 Montevideo, Uruguay (2), 1955 July
BOX-FOLDER 108/17 Vienna, Act I, scene I (2)
BOX-FOLDER 108/18 Vienna, Act III, scene 3
BOX-FOLDER 108/19 Vienna, Cast candids (8)
BOX-FOLDER 108/20 Vienna, Miscellaneous (6)
BOX-FOLDER 108/21 Metropolitan Opera production (7), 1985
BOX-FOLDER 136/6 J. Rosamond Johnson, undated
BOX-FOLDER 108/10 New York premiere of film Rhapsody in Blue
BOX-FOLDER 108/23 Albert Sirmay
BOX-FOLDER 108/11 David Alfaro Siquieros: Picture of "George in a Concert Hall"
BOX-FOLDER 137/6 Song of the Flame (film), 1930
L: Bernice Claire; R: Alexander Gray
BOX-FOLDER 108/24 Strike Up the Band, 1930
L: Bobby Clark; R: Paul McCullough
Note : Inscribed to Doris Carson from Bobby Clark
BOX-FOLDER 139/18 Strike Up the Band, 1930
Four contact sheets
Note: Includes typescript identification list; [3] p.
BOX-FOLDER 108/25 Lillian Taz, 1952 September 14
Inscribed to R.W. Tirana
BOX-FOLDER 108/5 Envelope from photographs by Carl Van Vechten
Paintings and drawings
The paintings and drawings are arranged alphabetically by artist, and then by subject.
BOX-FOLDER 108/26 ASCAP: George Gershwin
Reproduced pencil drawing
Note : One of a series of portraits of musicians distributed by ASCAP
BOX 145 Botkin, Henry: Another room at 1019 N. Roxbury, 1937 June
BOX 145 Botkin, Henry: Folly Beach, South Carolina, 1934
Note : Exterior of cottage
BOX 145 Botkin, Henry: Folly Beach, South Carolina, 1934
Note : Interior of cottage showing George at piano
BOX-FOLDER 133/1 Ettinger, Churchill: George Gershwin
Charcoal drawing
MAPCASE FOLDER 1 Gershwin, George: Henry Botkin, 1929 May
Charcoal drawing
Gershwin Gallery Gershwin, George: Self portrait, 1936
Oil painting
BOX-FOLDER 141/38 Gershwin, George: Self portrait, undated
Pencil sketch
Note: Includes GG signature from canceled check; deframed
BOX 144 Gershwin, George: Frances Gershwin Godowsky, late 1920s
Ink drawing
BOX-FOLDER 141/39 Gershwin, George: Leonore Strunsky Gershwin?, undated
Pencil sketch
Gershwin Gallery Gershwin, George: Jerome Kern, 1937
Oil painting
Framed Gershwin, George: Charles Martin Loeffler
Pencil drawing
BOX-FOLDER 108/28 Gershwin, George: The Merry Musician, vol. 1, no. 1
Holograph manuscript; [2] p.
BOX-FOLDER 133/5 Gershwin, George: Gregor Piatigorsky, 1931
Ink drawing
BOX-FOLDER 108/29 Gershwin, George: Aileen Pringle, 1931 January 26
Pencil drawing
Framed Gershwin, George: Arnold Schoenberg
Oil painting
BOX-FOLDER 144/12 Gershwin, George: Unknown, undated
Pencil portrait
Gershwin Gallery Gershwin, Ira: Self portrait, 1932
Oil painting
BOX-FOLDER 108/31 Porgy and Bess set design
Two photo reproductions of sketches
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