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Henryk Szeryng collection, 1933-1988

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Business Records (continued)
Receipts (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 21/3 1986 - Austria-Holland
BOX-FOLDER 21/4 1986 - Italy-Yugoslavia
BOX-FOLDER 21/5 1987 - Austria-France/Monaco
BOX-FOLDER 21/6 1987 - Germany (West)
BOX-FOLDER 21/7 1987 - Israel-Switzerland
BOX-FOLDER 22/1 1988 - Belgium-Germany (West)
BOX-FOLDER 22/2 1988 - Italy-Switzerland
BOX 22 Income Tax Records
BOX-FOLDER 22/3 French
BOX-FOLDER 22/4 German - 1978 records
BOX-FOLDER 22/5 German - 1978-1979 (Curschmann-Schubel-Weiss, lawyers)
BOX-FOLDER 22/6 German - 1979 tax form and receipt records
BOX-FOLDER 22/7 German - 1983
BOX-FOLDER 22/8 United States - 1978-1988 (Markowitz, CPA)
BOX 23-29; OV-1 Photographs
BOX 23-25 Szeryng alone
BOX-FOLDER 23/1 "De 1923 a Nos Jours"
[originally an album arranged by Waltraud Szeryng (W.S.)].
BOX-FOLDER 23/2 Casual poses
BOX-FOLDER 23/3 Casual, with animals
BOX-FOLDER 24/1 Publicity, posed
BOX-FOLDER 24/2 Publicity, action
[Szeryng featured].
BOX-FOLDER 25/1 Publicity, "Sur Scene"
[Szeryng featured; formerly an album comprised of action photos arranged by W.S.].
BOX-FOLDER 25/2 Publicity, rejected
BOX 25 Szeryng with others
BOX-FOLDER 25/3 Carlos Chávez
BOX-FOLDER 25/4 Zoltan Kodaly
BOX-FOLDER 25/5 Gilles Lefebvre and others
BOX-FOLDER 25/6 Mr. (and Mrs.) Arthur Rubinstein
BOX-FOLDER 25/7 Chamber Ensembles
BOX-FOLDER 26/1-3 Szeryng "avec personalités du monde de la musique et des arts"
[formerly an album arranged by W.S.]: A-G, H-M, O-Z.
BOX-FOLDER 27/1 Szeryng "avec personalités politiques et diplomatiques"
[formerly an album arranged by W.S.].
BOX-FOLDER 27/2 Miscellaneous persons
BOX 27-28 Szeryng at events
BOX-FOLDER 27/3 Courses/Competitions/Conferences
BOX-FOLDER 28/1 Receiving awards
BOX-FOLDER 28/2 Miscellaneous
BOX 28 Szeryng at locations
BOX-FOLDER 28/3 Exhibits/Billboards
BOX-FOLDER 28/4 Israel - Bersheba Swimming Pool and elsewhere
BOX-FOLDER 28/5 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 28/6 Szeryng in transit
BOX 29 Other persons without Szeryng
BOX-FOLDER 29/1 Personalities of the music world
BOX-FOLDER 29/2 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 29/3 Musical instruments
BOX-FOLDER 29/4 Negatives
BOX-FOLDER 29/5 Slides
BOX-FOLDER OV-1/1 Miscellaneous: Oversize (2) - Amsterdam and with Teddy Kollek
BOX 30-32 Scrapbooks
BOX-FOLDER 30/1 1930"s, Baden-Baden, Paris, Berlin (Roscherstrasse)
BOX-FOLDER 30/2 1964 Australia tour
BOX-FOLDER 30/3 1964-65, Tokyo (Philips Record Co.)
BOX-FOLDER 31/1 1966, from Barbara Litwin, London
BOX-FOLDER 31/2 November 20-21, 1967 - Kurt Mazur, Dresden
BOX-FOLDER 31/3 1968, Bonn - Szeryng, Loelscher, Kempff Trio
BOX-FOLDER 32/1 1976 Australia Tour
BOX-FOLDER 32/2 July 1978, H.S. made "Citizen of Honor" of Prades, France
BOX-FOLDER 32/3 September 23, 1981, Sweden - from Alfonso and Rosquita Valle
BOX-FOLDER 32/4 Scrapbook: 1982, from the Association for Welfare of Soldiers in Israel
BOX OV 1-3, 8 Awards/Citations
BOX-FOLDER OV-1/2 Honorary degrees
BOX OV 1-3, 8 Awards/Citations
BOX-FOLDER OV-1/3 Austria
BOX-FOLDER OV-1/4 France
BOX-FOLDER OV-3/3 France - Book: Marsangy, L. Bonneville de. La Légion d'Honneur. n.p.: Éditions Neuf, n.d.
Note: "Exemplaire imprimé spécialement pour Henryk Szeryng, Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur" imprinted before title page. Préface de L'Amiral Georges Cabanier. Inscribed by Georges Cabanier. Special leather-bound edition, with medallion.
BOX-FOLDER OV-8/1 France: July 18, 1978 - "Citizen of Honor of Prades"
BOX-FOLDER OV-1/5 Israel - 1
BOX-FOLDER OV-8/2 Israel - 2
BOX-FOLDER OV-3/1 Israel: December 24, 1972 - Asociacion Pro Bienestar del Soldad en Israel-Comite Nacional
BOX-FOLDER OV-1/6 Israel: Tel Aviv, December 1982 - Huberman Centenary
BOX-FOLDER OV-1/7 Mexico - 1
BOX-FOLDER OV-8/4 Mexico - 2
BOX-FOLDER OV-3/2 Monaco: November 18, 1985 - Commandeur de l'Ordre Saint Charles
BOX-FOLDER OV-8/5 Poland
BOX-FOLDER OV-2/2 United States - 1
BOX-FOLDER OV-8/6 United States - 2
BOX-FOLDER OV-8/7 Yugoslavia
BOX-FOLDER OV-2/3 Miscellaneous Countries (Alphabetical)
BOX-FOLDER OV-2/4 Inscribed
BOX-FOLDER OV-2/5 Recording awards
BOX 33-142; OV 4-6, 8 Music
BOX 33-117 Printed
BOX-FOLDER 33/1 Aguirre, Julián.
Huella; violin and piano. New York: Carl Fischer, Inc., 1940.
Transcribed by Jascha Heifetz.
BOX-FOLDER 33/2 Albéniz, Isaac.
Asturias. Leyenda (de la "Suite Española"); solo violin. Transcribed by Xavier Turull. Madrid: Union Musical Española, 1965.
Two copies, one signed by Szeryng.
BOX-FOLDER 33/3 Albéniz, Isaac.
Asturias. Malagueña (de la "Suite Española"); violin and piano. New York: Carl Fischer, Inc., 1940.
Score only.
Transcribed by Fritz Kreisler. Signed by Szeryng. Some editorial markings.
BOX-FOLDER 33/4 Albéniz, Isaac.
Asturias. El Puerto (from Iberia); violin and piano. Madrid: Union Musical Española, 1906.
Transcribed by Jascha Heifetz - filed in Szeryng's collection under Heifetz arrangements. Signed by Szeryng. Editorial markings.
BOX-FOLDER 33/5 Albéniz, Isaac.
Asturias. Tango, opus 165, no. 2; violin and piano. New York: Carl Fischer, Inc., 1927/1955.
Transcribed by Fritz Kreisler. Signed by Szeryng. Earlier edition of the violin part laid in.
BOX-FOLDER 33/6 [Anonymous].
Studie XV; solo violin. n.p., n.d.
Photocopied excerpt from a larger work.
BOX-FOLDER 33/7 Arias, Antonio.
Antologia de estudios para violin; solo violin. Madrid: Real Musical, 1986.
Preface by Henryk Szeryng.
BOX-FOLDER 33/8 Avidom, Menahem.
Concertino; violin and piano. Tel Aviv: Israeli Music Publications, 1954.
Edited by Jascha Heifetz. Signed by Szeryng. Inscribed calling card of the composer laid in. Two copies.
BOX-FOLDER 33/9 Bach, Johann Sebastian.
O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort [Cantata, BWV 60]. Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, 1973.
Piano score.
Signed by Szeryng. Inscribed.
BOX-FOLDER 33/10 Bach, Johann Sebastian.
Jesu joy of man's desiring; violin and continuo. London: Oxford University Press, 1930.
Edited by Harvey Grace. Signed by Szeryng. Editorial markings.
BOX-FOLDER 33/10 Bach, Johann Sebastian.
Jesu meine freude [cantata].
Manuscript facsimile string parts, n.d.
BOX-FOLDER 33/11 Bach, Johann Sebastian.
Chaconne for violin alone; violin and piano. New York: C. F. Peters, n.d.
Score only.
Piano parts added by Robert Schumann and Felix Mendelssohn. Signed by Szeryng.
BOX-FOLDER 33/12 Bach, Johann Sebastian.
[Concerto] Brandenburg concerto no. 2. Kassel: Bärenreiter, 1956.
Miniature score.
Edited by Heinrich Besseler. Printed with Szeryng's name.
BOX-FOLDER 33/13 Bach, Johann Sebastian.
Brandenburg concerto no. 2, BWV 1047. Kassel: Bärenreiter, 1959.
Score and parts.
Signed by Szeryng. Editorial markings.
BOX-FOLDER 33/14 Bach, Johann Sebastian.
Brandenburg concerto no. 4, BWV 1049. Kassel: Bärenreiter, 1977.
Miniature score.
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