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Harry Von Tilzer and H. Harold Gumm papers, 1878-1959

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Some or all content stored offsite.
BOX 46-50 Scripts
Chiefly scripts of musicals and revues, skits and radio scripts, and miscellaneous routines, scenes, gags, and other performances. Authors are identified if known.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
BOX 46/1 Ann of Harlem
Tom Barry
BOX 46/2 Betty, the baby, and us
Junie McCree
BOX 46/3 Bookland, 1910
Addison Burkhardt, Edgar Allen Woolff
BOX 46/4 Christine, 1924
Douglas Grant
BOX 46/5 Don't make me laugh (manuscript)
Charlie Burns
BOX 46/6 Down the joy line; A river of fun banked with music
Junie McCree
BOX 46/7 Dumb luck; A story of chance and chances
W. Vaughan Dunham, Dolph Singer
BOX 46/8 The elopement
Junie McCree, Edward Clark
BOX 46/9 The extra added attraction
Junie McCree, Edward Clark
BOX 46/10 Harry Conley
BOX 46/11 [Ensemble of] Hello New York
Junie McCree
BOX 46/12 Helped by the enemy (skit)
BOX 46/13 Hogan in society
Junie McCree
BOX 46/14 Hoodlum College
BOX 46/15 Hoosier girl
Edward P. Moran, Harry Von Tilzer
BOX 46/16 The huckster and the ham
Junie McCree
BOX 46/17 Hugh decides
BOX 46/18 Imagination scene (partial)
BOX 47/1 Insults
Dolph Singer, Harry Von Tilzer
BOX 47/2 Jimmie Cooper's revue, 1924-1925
BOX 47/3 The jolly baron
BOX 47/4 Just around the corner
BOX 47/5 The love of nations [Abe Reynolds' show]
Ad. Singer
BOX 47/6 Lover's lane; An episode of adolescence
Dolph Singer
BOX 47/7 Marie Eline
Dolph Singer
BOX 47/8 The matinee girls
Junie McCree
BOX 47/9 A merry whirl, 1916-1917
BOX 47/10 The milky way
Dolph Singer, Harry Von Tilzer
BOX 47/11 Miss Emily Darrell, 1924-1925
Dolph Singer
BOX 47/12 Mr. and Mrs. (At home)
Dolph Singer, Theodore Lesser
BOX 47/13 Mrs. Johnson's husband; A farcical romance on a side street, paved with satire
BOX 47/14 More nonsense (2nd act only)
BOX 47/15 Mushrooms
Dolph Singer
BOX 47/16 The other brother
George Totten Smith
BOX 47/17 On the beach
BOX 47/18 On the ice
Dolph Singer, Harry Von Tilzer
BOX 48/1 Passing the time away; A lesson in watchfulness
Dolph Singer
BOX 48/2 Performing camel
BOX 48/3-4 The rose girl
Arthur J. Lamb, Harry Von Tilzer
BOX 48/5 Sea drift; A musical romance of the south seas
Hugh Stanislaus Stange, Dolph Singer, Harry Von Tilzer
BOX 48/6 Shavings
BOX 48/7 So this is Paris, 1930
H. C. Greene
BOX 48/8 Soldier's sweetheart
BOX 48/9 Son decides (short story)
BOX 48/10 The spicy island; A musical burletta in one scene
Dave Lewis
BOX 48/11 Squirrels
Dolph Singer, Harry Von Tilzer
BOX 48/13 The substitute model
Junie McCree
BOX 48/12 The system
Junie McCree with Taylor Granville
BOX 49/1 Tom foolery
Junie McCree
BOX 49/2 Trailing a smuggler
Junie McCree
BOX 49/3 The village cut-ups
BOX 49/4 Where there's a will
BOX 49/5 Window washers
Dolph Singer, Leo Donnelly
BOX 49/6 A Yankee Doodle girl, 1904-1905
Jack Singer, arranger
BOX 49/7 You asked for it
BOX 49/8 You know me Al
BOX 49/9-10 Untitled scripts
BOX 49/11-12 Miscellaneous routines, gags, etc.
BOX 49/13 Miscellaneous gags, notes, etc., by Dolph Singer
BOX 49/14-15 Miscellaneous scenes
BOX 49/16 Scenes for Harry Conley by Dolph Singer
Radio Scripts for the following broadcasts:
BOX 50/1 Amateur song writers' contest, written by Dolph Singer and Joe Laurie, Jr.
BOX 50/2 The cavalcade of America. The old Fall River line, 1946; presented by Du Pont; starring Brian Donlevy
BOX 50/3 Hits and misses; written by Dolph Singer; featuring Harry Von Tilzer
Features "Just Around the Corner."
BOX 50/4 Indiana presents (Station WIRE, Indianapolis; Book III: Indiana composers; Chapter 29, Harry Von Tilzer)
BOX 50/5 Voice of Firestone, 1947, WNBC
BOX 50-52 Subject Files, 1931-1954
Files of H. Harold Gumm, mostly regarding black performers for whom Gumm was an agent in the 1930s and 1940s. Also included are records from a 1942 production of Cabin in the Sky and papers concerning the board of directors of the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Arranged alphabetically by subject or last name of performer, then by subject therein.
Beverly Hills Hotel
BOX-FOLDER 50-52 Correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 50/7 Contracts (and related correspondence): Antonio & Sally DeMarco - Luigi Albolino & Susan R. Jarrell
BOX-FOLDER 50/8 Minutes of board meetings, 1946-1954
BOX-FOLDER 50/9 Financial reports
BOX-FOLDER 50/10 Miscellaneous
Cabin in the Sky Production
BOX-FOLDER 50/11 Correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 50/12 Contracts between H. Harold Gumm and Albert Lewis
BOX-FOLDER 50/13 Contracts between H. Harold Gumm and Isabel M. Duncan, Al Goldin, Joe Goldin, & Jack Yorke
BOX-FOLDER 50/14 Financial reports
Jester Hairston
BOX-FOLDER 50/15 Correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 50/16 Script for Chloé
BOX-FOLDER 50/17 Script for Christopher Columbus
BOX-FOLDER 50/18 Script for Her majesty the queen
BOX-FOLDER 50/19 Script for Untitled synopsis for all-Negro musical
BOX-FOLDER 50/20 Program for Run, little children
BOX-FOLDER 50/21 Clippings
Teddy Hale
BOX-FOLDER 51/1 Correspondence, memos
BOX-FOLDER 51/2 Scripts (fragments)
BOX-FOLDER 51/3 Contracts
BOX-FOLDER 51/4 Financial papers
BOX-FOLDER 51/5 Farm deed of Ted Lewis
Georgette Harvey
BOX-FOLDER 51/6 Correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 51/7 Contracts between Georgette Harvey and Merle Armitage Concerts, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 51/8 Contracts between Georgette Harvey and Roy Ellison
BOX-FOLDER 51/9 Contracts between Georgette Harvey and H. Harold Gumm
BOX-FOLDER 51/10 Contracts between Georgette Harvey and Lou Irwin, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 51/11 Contracts between Georgette Harvey and Guthrie McClintic
BOX-FOLDER 51/12 Contracts between Georgette Harvey and NBC
BOX-FOLDER 51/13 Contracts between Georgette Harvey and Theatre Guild, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 51/14 Contracts between Georgette Harvey and Richard Wheaton
BOX-FOLDER 51/15 Real estate transactions
BOX-FOLDER 51/16 Will
BOX-FOLDER 51/17 Clippings
BOX-FOLDER 51/18 Miscellanous
Mann Holiner
BOX-FOLDER 51/19 Correspondence (including drafted agreements, etc.)
Rex Ingram
BOX-FOLDER 52/1-2 Correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 52/3 Correspondence, financial papers regarding Emperor Jones
BOX-FOLDER 52/4 Emperor Jones script (partial)
BOX-FOLDER 52/5 Contracts between Rex Ingram and Columbia Artists, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 52/6 Contracts between Rex Ingram and Goldie & Gumm
BOX-FOLDER 52/7 Contracts between Rex Ingram and Anna Lucasta Co.
BOX-FOLDER 52/8 Litigation: Martha Salzberg vs. Rex Ingram
BOX-FOLDER 52/9 Litigation: Ida Mae Hubbard vs. Rex Ingram
BOX-FOLDER 52/10 Litigation: Muriel Rahn complaint to Actors' Equity Association
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