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Otto Klemperer archive, 1792-1988

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Family Papers, 1792-1983 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 44/2 Klemperer, Josef
BOX-FOLDER 44/3 Klemperer/Klopper, Josef
BOX-FOLDER 44/4 Klemperer, Nathan
Klemperer, Victor
BOX-FOLDER 106/5 Clippings
BOX-FOLDER 44/5-7 Curriculum vitae
BOX-FOLDER 44/8 Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 44/9 Klemperer family: biographical dictionary
BOX-FOLDER 44/10 Klemperer: others
BOX-FOLDER 45/1 Rée family
BOX 45, 100 Correspondence, 1915-1974
Includes original handwritten and typed letters, with some photocopies, to and from publishing companies; lists of items donated to educational institutions; and photocopies of cover pages of music, newspaper clippings, and correspondence.
Arranged alphabetically by correspondents’ name.
BOX-FOLDER 45/2 B. Schott's Söhne
California State University
BOX-FOLDER 45/3 Donation
Otto Klemperer Archive
BOX-FOLDER 45/4 Catalogue listings of music
BOX-FOLDER 100/2 Photocopy of music title pages
Clem see Works by Otto Klemperer, Das Ziel
Eösze see Works by Otto Klemperer, Aria (Sehnsucht)
Freudenthal, Otto see Arrangements by Otto Klemperer, Cadenz zu Satz I von Beethovens g-dur Konzert
Homolya see Works by Otto Klemperer, Aria (Sehnsucht)
Klemperer, Lotte see Works by Otto Klemperer, Aria (Sehnsucht)
Klemperer, Lotte see Works by Otto Klemperer, Thamar
Osthoff, Wolfgang see Works by Otto Klemperer, Kreuz der Strasse
BOX-FOLDER 45/5 Royal Academy of Music, London
BOX-FOLDER 45/6 Santa Monica College
BOX-FOLDER 45/7-8 Universal Edition, 1909-1932
BOX-FOLDER 45/9 Universal Edition: Alfred Schlee, 1946-1948
BOX 46-48 Writings, 1914-1981
BOX 46 By Otto Klemperer
Contains published and unpublished items, including typescripts, carbon copies, photocopies, printed materials, newspaper clippings, lectures, speeches, letters about music and musicians, and statements on unrelated topics.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
BOX-FOLDER 46/1 An die Wiener Philharmoniker
BOX-FOLDER 46/2 Bach, Johann Sebastian
BOX-FOLDER 46/3 Bartók, Belá
BOX-FOLDER 46/4 Beecham, Sir Thomas
BOX-FOLDER 46/5 Beethoven, Ludwig van
BOX-FOLDER 46/6 Berg, Alban
BOX-FOLDER 46/7 Berlin Philharmonic Choir
BOX-FOLDER 46/8 Bruckner, Anton
BOX-FOLDER 46/9 Die Budapester Jahre
BOX-FOLDER 46/10 Compositions of Otto Klemperer
BOX-FOLDER 46/11 Conducting by memory or with score
BOX-FOLDER 46/12 Contemporary music
BOX-FOLDER 46/13 Der Dirigent Klemperer
BOX-FOLDER 46/14 Der Dirigent Toscanini
BOX-FOLDER 46/15 Drei Opernhäuser
BOX-FOLDER 46/16 Dülberg, Ewald
BOX-FOLDER 46/17 Felsenstein, Walter
BOX-FOLDER 46/18 Der Geistige und der Sport
BOX-FOLDER 46/19 Gespräch bei der Rückkehr nach Berlin
BOX-FOLDER 46/20 Gluck's Orpheus and Eurydice
BOX-FOLDER 46/21 Hindemith, Paul
BOX-FOLDER 46/22 Klemperer's protest
BOX-FOLDER 46/23 The Kroll Opera
BOX-FOLDER 46/24 Künstler über sich selbst
BOX-FOLDER 46/25 Los Angeles Philharmonic: speech before board of directors
BOX-FOLDER 46/26 Mahler, Gustav
BOX-FOLDER 46/27 Meine Erinnerungen an Lotte Lehman
BOX-FOLDER 46/28 Meine Tätigkeit an der Kroll Oper
BOX-FOLDER 46/29 Mendelssohn, Felix
BOX-FOLDER 46/30 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
BOX-FOLDER 46/31 Music today
BOX-FOLDER 46/32 My European spring tour in 1936
BOX-FOLDER 46/33 Occidental College speech
BOX-FOLDER 46/34 Otto Klemperer writes about a show
BOX-FOLDER 46/35 On my own behalf
BOX-FOLDER 46/36 Order of Pour le Mérite speech
BOX-FOLDER 46/37 Preamble to a talk to school boys
BOX-FOLDER 46/38 Productive Kräfte sind am Werke
BOX-FOLDER 46/39 Das Publikum im Opernhaus
BOX-FOLDER 46/40 Saz, Natalia
BOX-FOLDER 46/41 Schliessung der Kroll-Oper
BOX-FOLDER 46/42 Schönberg, Arnold
BOX-FOLDER 46/43 Shostakovich, Dimitri
BOX-FOLDER 46/44 Sibelius, Jean
BOX-FOLDER 46/45 Simmel, Georg
BOX-FOLDER 46/46 Sovetskaya Filarmoniya
BOX-FOLDER 46/47 Stanislavsky, Konstantin
BOX-FOLDER 46/48 Stravinsky, Igor
BOX-FOLDER 46/49 Tchaikowsky, Peter
BOX-FOLDER 46/50 Three questions on New Year's Eve
BOX-FOLDER 46/51 Über meine Budapester Jahre
BOX-FOLDER 46/52 Wagner, Richard
BOX-FOLDER 46/53 Working for art's sake
BOX-FOLDER 46/54 Zemlinski, Alexander von
BOX 47 About Otto Klemperer
Contains published and unpublished materials, including typescripts; carbon copies; photocopies; printed materials; newspaper clippings; anecdotes and articles in English, German, other languages, and translations from Russian; and transcripts of broadcasts and film scripts.
Arranged alphabetically by material type.
BOX-FOLDER 47/1 Anecdotes
BOX-FOLDER 47/2 Articles in English
BOX-FOLDER 47/3 Articles in German
BOX-FOLDER 47/4 Articles translated from Russian
BOX-FOLDER 47/5 Broadcasts
BOX-FOLDER 47/6 Film scripts
BOX-FOLDER 47/7 Miscellaneous items in various languages
BOX 47-48 Interviews with Otto Klemperer
Contains typescripts, photocopies, and carbon copies of interviews with Otto Klemperer, in English and German.
Arranged alphabetically by interviewer.
BOX-FOLDER 47/8 Bregstein, Philo
BOX-FOLDER 47/9 Freeman, John
BOX-FOLDER 47/10 Gausmann, Ernst Ludwig
Heyworth, Peter
BOX-FOLDER 48/1-4 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
BOX-FOLDER 48/5-6 Westdeutsche Rundfunk (WDR)
BOX-FOLDER 48/7 Kruttge, Eigel
BOX-FOLDER 48/8 Metz, Louis
BOX 49 Legal and Financial Papers, 1934-1984
Includes Freedom of Information Act correspondence; citizenship certificates and passports; insurance policies; income tax returns; and correspondence with lawyers.
Arranged alphabetically by name of organization or government agency, and chronologically therein.
Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FOIPA)
BOX-FOLDER 49/1 Central Intelligence Agency
BOX-FOLDER 49/2 Citizenship certificates/passports
BOX-FOLDER 49/3 Federal Bureau of Investigation
BOX-FOLDER 49/4 Freedom of Information Act
BOX-FOLDER 49/5 Germany: expatriation correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 49/11-13 Loeb and Loeb
BOX-FOLDER 49/6 Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
State Department
BOX-FOLDER 49/7 Johanna Klemperer
BOX-FOLDER 49/8 Lotte Klemperer
BOX-FOLDER 49/9 Otto Klemperer
BOX-FOLDER 49/10 Szinház és mozi
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