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Dexter Gordon collection, circa 1940-1996

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Correspondence, 1960-1988 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 5/51 District of Columbia, Dept. of Corrections
BOX-FOLDER 5/52 Dury, Monique
BOX-FOLDER 5/53 Elgort, Arthur
Embassy of Paraguay see United States. Embassy (Paraguay)
BOX-FOLDER 5/54 Farmer, Art
BOX-FOLDER 5/55 Festival Productions Inc.
France. Ministère de l'intérieur see République Française Ministère de l'intérieur
BOX-FOLDER 5/56 Friedman, Carol
BOX-FOLDER 5/57 Gaudry, Michel
BOX-FOLDER 5/58 Gentry, Theodore
BOX-FOLDER 5/59 Giddens, Billy
BOX-FOLDER 5/60 Gillespie, Dizzy
BOX-FOLDER 5/61 Gitler, Mary Jo
BOX-FOLDER 5/62 Goodwin, Jill
BOX-FOLDER 5/63 Gordon, Benjamin
BOX-FOLDER 5/64 Gordon, Dexter
Contains items written to Gordon's wife, Maxine.
BOX-FOLDER 5/65 Gordon, Dexter
Contains Christmas cards from Dexter Gordon.
BOX-FOLDER 5/66 Gordon, Lorraine
BOX-FOLDER 5/67 Gordon, Max
BOX-FOLDER 5/68 Gottlieb, Carol
BOX-FOLDER 5/69 Grosney, Paul
BOX-FOLDER 5/70 Group Dynamics, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 5/71 Gruntz, George
BOX-FOLDER 5/72 Hagiwara, Youichi
BOX-FOLDER 5/73 Hamill, Pete
BOX-FOLDER 5/74 Hand, Kevin
BOX-FOLDER 5/75 Hannigan, [?]
BOX-FOLDER 5/76 Harding and Kurnos
BOX-FOLDER 5/77 Harris, Ora
Harvard University Radio Broadcasting Co. see WHRB (Radio station : Cambridge Mass.)
BOX-FOLDER 5/78 Hay, Curtis
BOX-FOLDER 5/80 Hishinuma, Taeko
BOX-FOLDER 5/81 Hoffler, Irene
BOX-FOLDER 5/82 House of the Crossroads
BOX-FOLDER 5/83 Howard University
BOX-FOLDER 5/84 Hudnut, William
BOX-FOLDER 5/85 Hultin, Randi
BOX-FOLDER 5/86 Hutcherson, Bobby
BOX-FOLDER 5/87 Hutcherson-Zuniga, Rosemary
International Communication Agency see United States. International Communication Agency
BOX-FOLDER 5/88 Jackson, Cliff
BOX-FOLDER 5/89 Jacob, John E. (“A Night of Stars” at Lincoln Center)
Jazz India see Jazz Yatra
BOX-FOLDER 5/90 Jazz Institute of Chicago
BOX-FOLDER 5/91 Jazz Yatra
BOX-FOLDER 5/92 John Birks “Dizzy” Gillespie Center
BOX-FOLDER 5/93 Johnson, Carl
BOX-FOLDER 5/94 Johnson Publishing Company
BOX-FOLDER 5/95 Johnston, Glen
BOX-FOLDER 5/96 Jordan, Clifford
BOX-FOLDER 5/97 Jorgensen, Finn
BOX-FOLDER 5/98 Kabat, Julie
BOX-FOLDER 5/99 Keane, [?]
BOX-FOLDER 5/100 Kellaway, Roger
BOX-FOLDER 6/1 Knight, Larry
BOX-FOLDER 6/2 Konde family
BOX-FOLDER 6/3 Kurzenberger, Paul
BOX-FOLDER 6/4 Lambros, Pete
BOX-FOLDER 6/5 LaMothe, Brenda
BOX-FOLDER 6/6 Lazar, Irving
BOX-FOLDER 6/7 Lee, David
BOX-FOLDER 6/8 Leroux, Alain
BOX-FOLDER 6/9 Levenstein, Lev
BOX-FOLDER 6/10 Lewis, Larry Dan
BOX-FOLDER 6/11 Lind, Jack
BOX-FOLDER 6/12 Livérant, Babs
BOX-FOLDER 6/13 Lundvall, Bruce
BOX-FOLDER 6/14 Maizeret, Dan
BOX-FOLDER 6/15 Malone, Skip
BOX-FOLDER 6/16 Manno, Dana
BOX-FOLDER 6/17 Marable, Sheryle Ann
BOX-FOLDER 6/18 Mason, Konda
BOX-FOLDER 6/19 Matthews, Onzy
BOX-FOLDER 6/20 McLaughlin, John
BOX-FOLDER 6/21 McLean, Jackie
BOX-FOLDER 6/22 Meara, Anne
BOX-FOLDER 6/23 Metcalf, Lila
BOX-FOLDER 6/24 Metcalf, Oz
Mexican Consultate (New York) see Mexico. Consulado (New York, N.Y.)
BOX-FOLDER 6/25 Mexico. Consulado (New York, N.Y.)
BOX-FOLDER 6/26 Michelot, Pierre
BOX-FOLDER 6/27 Milioti, Clark
BOX-FOLDER 6/28 Miller, [?]
BOX-FOLDER 6/29 Milling-Bey, Darlene
BOX-FOLDER 6/30 Mingus, Sue Graham
BOX-FOLDER 6/31 Mondale, Joan
BOX-FOLDER 6/32 Moreau, Jacqueline
BOX-FOLDER 6/33 Morh, Francis
BOX-FOLDER 6/34 Mosely, Jon
BOX-FOLDER 6/35 Mullins, Diane
BOX-FOLDER 6/36 Muylaert, Roberto
NAACP see National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
BOX-FOLDER 6/37 Nanneth, Anthony
BOX-FOLDER 6/38 National Endowment for the Arts
BOX-FOLDER 6/39 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
BOX-FOLDER 6/40 National Public Radio
BOX-FOLDER 6/41 Nevada. Motion Picture Division
BOX-FOLDER 5/79 Neves, Renee
BOX-FOLDER 6/42 Newark (N.J.). Municipal Council
BOX-FOLDER 6/43 Newport Jazz Festival (New York)
BOX-FOLDER 6/44 Noel, Dan
BOX-FOLDER 6/45 Norman Annenberg Law Offices
BOX-FOLDER 6/46 Ohio State University
BOX-FOLDER 6/47 Parker, Charlie
BOX-FOLDER 6/48 Passman, Ray
BOX-FOLDER 6/49 Payne, Tyler
BOX-FOLDER 6/50 Pearce, Dorothy
BOX-FOLDER 6/51 Peter Levinson Communications
BOX-FOLDER 6/52 Pikuzinski, Eunice
BOX-FOLDER 6/53 Pilot, Joan
BOX-FOLDER 6/54 Pimental de Castro, Mario
BOX-FOLDER 6/55 Playboy Jazz Festival
BOX-FOLDER 6/56 Porte, Isabelle
BOX-FOLDER 6/57 Preston, Frances
BOX-FOLDER 6/58 Queens College (New York, N.Y.)
BOX-FOLDER 6/59 Radio Free Europe
BOX-FOLDER 6/60 Radiologica Clinica (Cuernvaca, Mexico)
BOX-FOLDER 6/61 Reagan, Ronald
BOX-FOLDER 6/62 Reardon, Patrick
BOX-FOLDER 6/63 Reaves-Phillips, Sandra
BOX-FOLDER 6/64 Redd, Vi
BOX-FOLDER 6/65 Reid, Rufus
BOX-FOLDER 6/66 Reitman, Linda R.
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