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Writings, 1945-2001 (continued)
Writings about Billy Taylor, 1945-2001 (continued)
BOX 138, 142-145, 148 Articles
BOX-FOLDER 138/7 "The award-winning Jazz Alive." NPR Report Newsletter,July/Aug. 1981
BOX-FOLDER 142/2 Bailey, Peter. "Billy Taylor keeps jazz jumping." Black Stars magazine,Sept. 1973; p. 31
BOX-FOLDER 138/41 Basile, John. "The jazz line." Neon Navigator,April 1994
Photocopy of printed article
BOX-FOLDER 138/5 Bass, Lisa P. "An interview with Billy Taylor: marathon man of jazz education." Music Educators Journal,Jan. 1982
Photocopy of printed article
BOX-FOLDER 138/4 Bayane, Al. "An evening of jazz with the Billy Taylor Trio." Journal Maroc Soir,Feb./Mar. 1982
BOX-FOLDER 138/19 Belt, Byron. "Billy Taylor: jazz prophet with honor." Long Island Sunday Press,March 1976
Photocopy of printed article
BOX-FOLDER 143/7 Bernotas, Bob. "Dr. Billy Taylor." Jazz Player,Aug./Sept. 1996; p. 12
BOX-FOLDER 142/5 "Billy Taylor." Caribe,Fall 1982; p. 22
BOX-FOLDER 138/8 "Billy Taylor and his trio." Smithsonian Associates, Jan. 1986
BOX-FOLDER 138/9 "Billy Taylor appointed new Pote Jazz Artist." SMS Newsletter, Spring 1985
Published by the Settlement Music School.
BOX-FOLDER 138/10 "Billy Taylor enriches Lawrence artist series." Post Crescent(Appleton, Wisconsin), Oct. 2, 1976
Photocopy of printed article
BOX-FOLDER 138/17 "Billy Taylor: good jazz in Rutland." Rutland Daily Herald,Nov. 5, 1970
BOX-FOLDER 142/9 "Billy Taylor: pianist, author, teacher...." Pisces Magazine,April 1974; p. 30
BOX-FOLDER 138/11 "Billy Taylor premieres new work with Meet the Composer grant." Voice of Jazz Newsletter,Winter 1978
BOX-FOLDER 148/2 "Billy Taylor returns to Walt Harper's attic." Key magazine,Nov. 9, 1973; p. 12
BOX-FOLDER 148/3 "Billy Taylor Trio." Ravinia (International Festival of the Arts),June 16, 1994; p. 20
BOX-FOLDER 142/4 "Billy Taylor Trio appears with F-M Symphony." Howard Binford's Guide,Nov. 1978
BOX-FOLDER 142/11 "Billy Taylor's jazz at the Kennedy Center." Kennedy Center News,Jan./Feb. 2001; p. 11
(2 copies)
BOX-FOLDER 145/2 Bittan, Dave. "Pianist Billy Taylor: renaissance jazzman." Jazz Reach (Philadelphia Daily News),1986; p. J-6
BOX-FOLDER 138/26 "Black College Jazz Network Project presents Billy Taylor Trio in concert." Inside Line Newsletter (Clark College), Jan. 1983
BOX-FOLDER 142/8 Blum, Joe. "Billy Taylor: Dr. Jazz." Jazz Times, April 1984; p. 10
BOX-FOLDER 138/24 Blumenthal, Bob. "Billy Taylor's jazz at the Kennedy Center," 1995
BOX-FOLDER 138/22 Bourne, Michael. "Billy Taylor: the jazz doctor." Cognac Hennesey Jazz Notes,Fall 1995
BOX-FOLDER 138/51 Boyd, Herb. "Music II: jazz and classical," undated
Photocopy of printed article
BOX-FOLDER 138/42 Brown, Carol F. "Jazz on wheels," 1981
BOX-FOLDER 143/13 Campbell, Barbara. "How Mr. Taylor broke the ice with Mr. Frost." Jazz ASCAP Today,Sept. 1971; p. 20
BOX-FOLDER 138/37 Campbell, Barbara. "How Mr. Taylor broke the ice with Mr. Frost." New York Times,Jan. 3, 1971
BOX-FOLDER 143/1 "Celebration of life: Billy Taylor." Homecoming magazine,May/June 1995; p. 14
(2 copies)
BOX-FOLDER 138/14 Ciofreddi, Peg. "Billy Taylor talks about learning." Vermont Sunday News,Nov. 7, 1976
Photocopy of printed article
BOX-FOLDER 138/45 Clarke, Catherine K. "The Jazz-moblie man." Black Perspective in Music,undated
BOX-FOLDER 138/57 Combs, Walter H. "Pianist Billy Taylor brings jazz to television," undated
BOX-FOLDER 143/4 "Cooking in the attic." Merry Go Round,Nov. 19, 1972; p. 1
BOX-FOLDER 143/3 Deleon, Shirley. "Clapping hands with Billy Taylor." The Sign,April 1973; p. 26
(2 copies)
BOX-FOLDER 143/6 "Dr. Billy Taylor." Performing Arts magazine,May 1993; p. 6
BOX-FOLDER 138/30 "Dr. Billy Taylor: American jazz master," Oct. 22, 1990
Published by IAJE (International Association for Jazz Education).
BOX-FOLDER 138/56 Eady, Laura. "Personality profile: Billy Taylor." Glamorette magazine,Sept. 1965
BOX-FOLDER 138/33 "Educating through jazz," Alumnus (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Jan/Feb. 1978
BOX-FOLDER 138/34 "Enthusiastic welcome for Step Into My Dream." Parsons Dance Company Newsletter,Spring 1994
BOX-FOLDER 144/1 Feber, Eric. "Jazz and the doctor are Taylor-made." Preview (The Virginian - Pilot and the Ledger - Star),March 30, 1990; p. 12
BOX-FOLDER 142/12 Franckling, Ken. "Billy Taylor's 50 years in jazz." Jazz Times,March 1993; p. 32
(2 copies)
BOX-FOLDER 138/13 Franklin, Ken. "Billy Taylor stays fresh after a half century in jazz," March 29, 1994
BOX-FOLDER 138/25 Fuller, Jim. "Billy Taylor's life is played in all keys." MPLS(?) Star & Tribune,June 21, 1985
Photocopy of printed article
BOX-FOLDER 143/8 Galvan, Carlos. "Dr. Billy Taylor." Radio Free Jazz magazine,Oct. 1975; p. 5
BOX-FOLDER 145/5 Gibbs, Vernon. "Swinging with Billy Taylor." Essence,Nov. 1974; p. 30
BOX-FOLDER 144/6 Greim, Lisa. "Jazz pianist Billy Taylor still sharing, learning." Greeley Tribune Preview,Sept. 21, 1989; p. 3
BOX-FOLDER 138/2 Grossweiner, Bob. "A conversation with Dr. Billy Taylor," undated
Photocopy of printed article
BOX-FOLDER 138/31 Grossweiner, Bob. "Dr. Billy Taylor: Dr. Jazz extraordinaire." Performance, undated
Photocopy of printed article
BOX-FOLDER 143/9 Henderson, Alex. "Dr. Billy Taylor: a Taylor-made Jazzmobile innovator." Jazz Link magazine,Nov. 1989; p. 4
(2 copies)
BOX-FOLDER 142/6 "J.M." "Billy Taylor: a jazz veteran." Cable Magazine,July 1985; p. 15
BOX-FOLDER 138/39 "Jazz alive," undated
BOX-FOLDER 148/4 "Jazz artist Dr. Billy Taylor ...." Paducah's Showcase magazine,Feb. 1991; p.2
BOX-FOLDER 138/43 "Jazz, classics, Native American, plus Peter and the Wolf." Applause,Winter 1994
Newsletter of the Edgar H. Smith Fine Arts Series.
BOX-FOLDER 144/2 "Jazz ensemble and Billy Taylor captivated spring Arts Festival." Fisk News,Spring/Summer 1973; p. 11
BOX-FOLDER 144/3 "Jazz for children." Jazz & Pop,No. 3, 1969; p. 12
BOX-FOLDER 148/5 "Jazz party." Jet,Sept. 3, 1981; p. 62
BOX-FOLDER 144/7 "Jazz week with Captain Kangaroo." Music Educators Journal,March 1969; p. 46
BOX-FOLDER 144/9 "Jazzatainment for young people ...." Upbeat/WBGO-FM Radio,Oct. 1997; p. 1
BOX-FOLDER 138/46 "Jazztimes convention to feature Dr. Billy Taylor." The Grapevine,Dec. 1990
BOX-FOLDER 138/3 Johnson, Monifa. "A talk with Dr. T." Atlanta Jazz Newsletter,Sept. 1993
BOX-FOLDER 138/1 King, Anita. "A conversation with Billy Taylor," undated
BOX-FOLDER 138/35 Klee, Joe E. "George Wein, Billy Taylor, and the New York Repertory Company." FM Guide,June 1974
BOX-FOLDER 145/8 Kowalchyk, Gayle. "Taylor-made jazz." Keys/Piano Music magazine,Nov./Dec. 1989; p.1
BOX-FOLDER 144/8 Lammen, Lex. "Jazz: Billy Taylor." Klavier,januari-februari, 1968; p. 258
BOX-FOLDER 144/10 "Learning what to listen for." Children's House,Spring/Summer 1973; p. 10
BOX-FOLDER 143/5 Lester, Jonathan. "The Doctor is in." Daily Options,July 22, 1994; p. 12
BOX-FOLDER 138/47 "Lewis & Taylor give you a jazzy earful." Clowes News,Jan./Feb. 1992
BOX-FOLDER 138/29 Lucas, John. "Doctor Taylor is in the house." Northfield Magazine,April/May 1987
BOX-FOLDER 138/44 Luzon, C. F. "Jazzman." Cakes & Ale Fine Arts Newsletter,Sept. 26, 1972
(2 copies)
BOX-FOLDER 148/6 Luzon, C. F. "Jazzman." Cakes & Ale Fine Arts Newsletter,Sept. 26, 1972
BOX-FOLDER 138/18 Lyons, Len. "Billy Taylor: jazz pianist, Ph.D." Contemporary Keyboard,Dec. 1976
Photocopy of printed article
BOX-FOLDER 148/12 Matthews, Paul. "Billy Taylor, pt. 1." Cadence,Oct. 1995; p.19
BOX-FOLDER 148/13 Matthews, Paul. "Billy Taylor, pt. III." Cadence, Dec. 1995; p. 5
BOX-FOLDER 148/14 Matthews, Paul. "Billy Taylor, pt. IV." Cadence,Jan. 1996; p. 19
BOX-FOLDER 138/48 "Meet Dr. Jazz." Ed-Cetera (Maricopa Community Colleges),Nov. 16, 1983
BOX-FOLDER 144/11 "Meet Dr. Taylor." Inner Visions (Black Music Association),Jan./Feb. 1986; p. 10
BOX-FOLDER 138/49 "Meet the artists," 1995
Photocopy of printed article
BOX-FOLDER 144/12 "Meet the Billy Taylor Trio." TV Star Parade,Nov. 1967; p. 20
BOX-FOLDER 138/20 Micklin, Bob. "Billy Taylor: one-man band." Newsday,Aug. 2, 1973
Photocopy of printed article
BOX-FOLDER 144/5 Middleton, Joe. "Jazz legend makes local appearance." Gallery of Sound Gazette,May 1994; p. 5
BOX-FOLDER 138/54 Miller, S. L. "National Jazz Service Organization." Crisis,May 1990
Photocopy of printed article
BOX-FOLDER 143/2 Mitchell, Paula Banks. "Chemistry works: Ramsey Lewis and Billy Taylor...." Weekender Magazine (Centre Daily Times),Oct. 19, 1990; p. 3C
BOX-FOLDER 138/64 Morgenstern, Dan. "Taylor-made frostings." Downbeat,March 4, 1971
BOX-FOLDER 145/7 Morgenstern, Dan. "Taylor-made frostings." Downbeat,March 1971; p. 18
BOX-FOLDER 138/28 Murray, Bill, editor. "Celebrity of the day: Billy Taylor," 1994
From Herbert-Bennett Management.
BOX-FOLDER 145/1 "Music missionary Billy Taylor." Sepia magazine,Nov. 1969; p. 28
BOX-FOLDER 138/52 "Music, music, music." Intercom (Department of Public Relations),Oct. 26, 1991
BOX-FOLDER 138/53 "Musicfest hosts Billy Taylor." Music at Trinity (Trinity University),Spring 1986
BOX-FOLDER 138/55 "O.K., Billy!" Time magazine,Aug. 6, 1973
Photocopy of printed article (4 copies)
BOX-FOLDER 142/7 Owens, Jimmy. "Billy Taylor: American jazz master." Jazz Educators Journal,Winter 1991; p. 30
BOX-FOLDER 138/12 Parker-Sparrow, Bradley. "Billy Taylor presents America's classical music." Downbeat magazine, May 1980
Photocopy of printed article
BOX-FOLDER 138/58 "Piano explosion head Van Wezel way." Sounds (The jazz club of Sarasota),Sept./Oct. 1988 and Jan/Feb. 1989.
BOX-FOLDER 138/59 Pooley, Eric. "Piano man." New York Magazine,Dec. 24, 1990
Photocopy of printed article
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