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Laurence Picken papers, 1900-2001

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Some or all content stored offsite.
BOX 1-18, 64, 66 Project Files, circa 1950-1999
Chiefly research materials related to published papers and scholarly topics of interest to Picken. Includes photocopies of various original Chinese documents, drafts of publications, correspondence, and notes.
Arranged alphabetically by folder title. Picken's original captions have been used whenever possible, although these may contain alternative or erroneous spellings of words. Article titles in the container list may not reflect those of actual published materials.
BOX-FOLDER 1/1 "Acculturation and the Tōgaku repertory" (Picken/Marett)
BOX-FOLDER 1/2 Afterwards for Picken, Adkins, Page
BOX-FOLDER 9/1 "An Afghan quail-lure of typological and acoustic interest"
BOX-FOLDER 1/3 "Anatolian drum and shawm come to a Greek smuggler's village"
BOX-FOLDER 1/4 Ancient Chinese songs
BOX-FOLDER 9/2 "Ancient matters" - Koji-ruien
BOX-FOLDER 9/3 Ang Kunshan
BOX-FOLDER 1/5 Arthur Cooper's lecture and correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 1/6 Bach quotations from the 18th Century
BOX-FOLDER 9/4 Banshikichō
BOX-FOLDER 1/7 Bibliographic data on key manuscripts
BOX-FOLDER 1/8 British Council: "Science in Chungking"
BOX-FOLDER 1/9-11 Bugaku
BOX-FOLDER 1/12-13 Burmese music
BOX-FOLDER 9/5-6 Burmese music - draft papers and correspondence with Muriel Williamson
BOX-FOLDER 1/14 Catalogue of documents of music from the collection of the Fushimi-no-miya family
BOX-FOLDER 10/1 Champa
BOX-FOLDER 10/2 Ch'ao-chou requiem
BOX-FOLDER 10/3 Ch'ên
BOX-FOLDER 1/15 Ch'in schools
BOX-FOLDER 1/16-20 Chiang K'uei
BOX-FOLDER 1/21 Children's sound producing toys
BOX-FOLDER 1/22 China
BOX-FOLDER 1/23 Chinese Buddist music
BOX-FOLDER 1/24 Chinese friction chordophones
BOX-FOLDER 1/25-26 Chinese folksongs
BOX-FOLDER 1/27-29 Chinese music
BOX-FOLDER 1/30 Chinese texts relative to Toroden
BOX-FOLDER 1/31 Chū Ōga Ryūteki Yōroku-fu
BOX-FOLDER 10/4 Chuang-chên
BOX-FOLDER 1/32 Concert programs
BOX-FOLDER 1/33 Conflation and analysis
BOX-FOLDER 2/1-2 Correspondence and translations by Ishibashi/Fukushima
BOX-FOLDER 2/3 Dai Nihon shi
BOX-FOLDER 2/4 Daoist white-stone [i.e. White Stone Daoist]: Jiang Kui - collected songs and pieces
BOX-FOLDER 2/5 Double-sided printing of Sadachō items
BOX-FOLDER 2/6 Dunhuang lute music (Rockwell)
BOX-FOLDER 10/5 Dunhuang piba-pu
BOX-FOLDER 2/7 Encyclopedia Britannica
BOX-FOLDER 2/8 Ethiopic liturgical music
BOX-FOLDER 2/9 "The fate of Tang music in Japan"
BOX-FOLDER 2/10-12 Fengshen Zhuan
BOX-FOLDER 2/13, 10/6 "Finger techniques for the zithers sô-no-koto and kin in Heian times" (Mitani/Picken)
BOX-FOLDER 10/7 First transcriptions of Meiji and Shōwa printed shō tablatures
BOX-FOLDER 3/14 Fragments of Fengxue
BOX-FOLDER 3/15 "Frequency doubling chordophones" (Adkins/Williams/Flowers/Picken)
BOX-FOLDER 3/16 Fujiwara genealogies
BOX-FOLDER 3/17-18 "The functional names of notes in Modai note-sets"
BOX-FOLDER 11/1 Gagaku
BOX-FOLDER 11/2 Gagaku (Harich-Schneider)
BOX-FOLDER 2/19 Gakka-roku (excerpts)
BOX-FOLDER 2/20 Gidayu
BOX-FOLDER 2/21 Gogenfu (copy of F.R.W.'s transcripts)
BOX-FOLDER 11/3 GoGen Kin-Fu
BOX-FOLDER 2/22 Notes on gougche-pu derived from Yang YenLin and Zhang Shipeng
BOX-FOLDER 2/23 Guan's comments on Tōgaku titles in Hakuga nofue-fu
BOX-FOLDER 2/24 Haloun: notes for the burning of the books
BOX-FOLDER 11/4 Hayashi Kenzō
BOX-FOLDER 2/25 Hirade
BOX-FOLDER 2/26-27 Honorary doctorate, 1988
BOX-FOLDER 3/1 Hosho-fu
BOX-FOLDER 3/2 Hōshō ritsu-kan
BOX-FOLDER 11/5 Hyōjō
BOX-FOLDER 12/1 Ichikotsuchō
BOX-FOLDER 3/3 Instrument collection
BOX-FOLDER 12/2 "The instrumentarium of a village in Northeast Thailand"
BOX-FOLDER 3/4 Jao Tsung-I preface, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 3/5 Japanese historical linguistics
BOX-FOLDER 3/6 "Jew's harps and mouth organs"
BOX-FOLDER 3/7 Jiang Kui
BOX-FOLDER 3/8 Jiaofang-ji
BOX-FOLDER 3/9 Jiegulu
BOX-FOLDER 64/1 Jinchi-yoroku
BOX-FOLDER 3/10 Junior sinologues
BOX-FOLDER 3/11-12 Kaichū-fu
BOX-FOLDER 3/13-14 "A keyboard fugue by Bach"
BOX-FOLDER 3/15 Kikutei: "Pieces for biwa, notated in calendrically correct tunings, from the Kikutei-ke Monjo of the Heian Hakubutsukan"
BOX-FOLDER 3/16 Ko-fu ritsu
BOX-FOLDER 13/1-2 Korean court dance under Sejong and Sejo
BOX-FOLDER 3/17 Kucha music influence
BOX-FOLDER 3/18 Kunaichō shoryōbu
BOX-FOLDER 3/19 Kyōkun shō
BOX-FOLDER 13/3 Libo songs in Gi-shi Gakufu
BOX-FOLDER 3/20-22, 13/4 Library of Congress exhibition, 1999
BOX-FOLDER 3/23 "A lion dance of the Song Dynasty"
BOX-FOLDER 3/24 Mabuchi Usaburō
BOX-FOLDER 3/25 "The magic of children's sound-producing toys"
BOX-FOLDER 3/26 Mahmut Ragip Gazimihal
BOX-FOLDER 3/27 "Making a Khaein" (Adkins/Page/Picken)
BOX-FOLDER 3/28 Marett transcription of Chōkōraku
BOX-FOLDER 3/29 Material from "Ancient echos of China"
BOX-FOLDER 3/30 "Midnight music" (Yebanyue)
BOX-FOLDER 4/1 Miscellaneous articles
BOX-FOLDER 4/2 Miscellaneous materials in Chinese
BOX-FOLDER 14/1, 64/2 Miscellaneous music in Chinese
BOX-FOLDER 4/3-24, 14/2-4, 64/3 Miscellaneous research materials
Includes appendices, bibliographies, examples, figures, and various documents in Chinese
BOX-FOLDER 4/25 Mongolian articles
BOX-FOLDER 4/26 "Music for a lion-dance" of the Song Dynasty
BOX-FOLDER 5, 6/1-11, 15, 64/4-5 Music of the Tang Court
BOX-FOLDER 4/27 Music Research Institute of Chicago (Peking)
BOX-FOLDER 6/12-21 Musica Asiatica articles
BOX-FOLDER 6/22, 14/5 "Musical implications of Chinese songtext with unequal lines and the significance of nonsense syllables, with special reference to artsongs of Song Dynasty"
BOX-FOLDER 6/23 "Musical inter-relationships between Tang Chinese compositions; Three items with titles in the names of imperial military leaders"
BOX-FOLDER 6/24 Musikethnologische Jahresbibliographie Europas
BOX-FOLDER 16/1 Namguan
BOX-FOLDER 6/25 Namguan Patsy Choo
BOX-FOLDER 6/26 Nawa contents
BOX-FOLDER 6/27 Neopolitan cries
BOX-FOLDER 6/28-29 Notes
BOX-FOLDER 6/30 Notes on Hichiriki scores: Nakahara-roseishō and others
BOX-FOLDER 6/31 Notes on mensural notation in Ō-dai
BOX-FOLDER 6/32 Notes on mouth organ scoring
BOX-FOLDER 6/33 Notes on music manuscripts purhcased by Elling Eide
BOX-FOLDER 16/2 "Notes on some important Togaku manuscripts in Tenri University Library"
BOX-FOLDER 6/34 Notes on tablature system of Kofu/Hōshōfu (Ritsu/Ryokan)
BOX-FOLDER 16/3 Ojikichō
BOX-FOLDER 7/1 Okugaki
BOX-FOLDER 7/2 Personalia and CV
BOX-FOLDER 7/3 Pipa techniques and terms
BOX-FOLDER 7/4 Pipafu
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