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Luther Henderson papers, circa 1930-2003

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Music, 1940s-2002 (continued)
General Projects
Musical theater productions, concerts, films, recording sessions, individual pieces, and miscellaneous projects.
Arranged alphabetically by title of project.
BOX-FOLDER 1/1-2, 52/1 Ain't misbehavin', 1978, 1988
Scores, sketches, lyric sheets, correspondence, and source materials
BOX-FOLDER 52/2 Ain't misbehavin' suite: for chamber orchestra, undated
BOX-FOLDER 126/1 The all night strut, 1976
Scores, program, and clippings
BOX-FOLDER 1/3 Benton and Bowles Inc. [advertisements], 1968-1969
Scores, sketches, parts, lyric sheets, and notes
For Avis Radio and Ambush Perfume
BOX-FOLDER 1/4 Billy Taylor's 80th birthday celebration [concert], 2002
Parts for "I wish I knew how it would feel to be free"
BOX-FOLDER 1/5-6, 2/1-2 Black and blue, 1989
Scores and sketches
BOX-FOLDER 52/3 Black, brown, and beige, undated
Score for "The Lord is my shepherd"
BOX-FOLDER 126/2 Blow that trumpet, brother, brother!, undated
Scores and script
BOX-FOLDER 126/3 Bricktop in Paris, 1980
Scores and script
BOX-FOLDER 2/3 Campbell's Soup [advertisement], 1990
Scores, sketches, and correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 2/4-5, 52/4 Classic Ellington [concert/recording], 1999, 2000
Scores, correspondence, notes, and source materials
Includes scores for the Far East suite
BOX-FOLDER 52/5 Come Sunday [recording session], 1994
Scores, sketches, parts, and correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 3/1 Conquering Thursday, 1969
Score for "Prologue"
BOX-FOLDER 3/2-5 The crystal tree, 1981
Scores and sketches
BOX-FOLDER 4/1-2 The crystal tree, 1981
Bass and drum parts
BOX-FOLDER 4/3 Do re mi, 1960
Scores for "I know about love" and "Listen baby"
BOX-FOLDER 5/1-2 Ellington suite, 1991
Scores, sketches, and source materials
BOX-FOLDER 5/3-5 Ellington's New York [concert], 1993
Scores, sketches, correspondence, notes, and source materials
Far East suite [recording project], 1999
see Classic Ellington
BOX-FOLDER 5/6 The first, 1981
Scores for "Ebbets field" and "There are days"
BOX-FOLDER 5/7 Happy New Year, 1980
List of musical numbers
BOX-FOLDER 52/6-7 Hey, foxy mama, 1987
Scores, sketches, lead sheets, lyric sheets, and notes
BOX-FOLDER 5/8 Hey, foxy mama, 1987
Lead sheets
BOX 6-7 Jelly's last jam, 1992
Piano-conductor score
Working title: Mr. Jelly Lord
BOX 8-16, 53, 54/1-5 Jelly's last jam, 1992
Scores, sketches, lead sheets, lyric sheets, and notes
Materials arranged chronologically, 1989-1992
BOX-FOLDER 17/1-5 Jelly's last jam, 1992
BOX-FOLDER 17/6 Laura, undated
Lead sheets
Music and lyrics by Stephen Citron
BOX-FOLDER 54/6 The mayor of Harlem, undated
Scores, sketches, lyric sheets, and script excerpts
BOX-FOLDER 54/7 Miscellany, 1956-1994
Instrumental works
Titles: Brass quintet; A Christmas theme; Ditty a' la Dizzy; Frolic Sam; It's rumor; Story cues
BOX-FOLDER 17/7 Miscellany, 1956-1994
Score excerpts, sketches and fragments, script excerpts, and notes
Chiefly unidentified materials
BOX-FOLDER 126/4 Miscellany, 1956-1994
Sketch book
On cover: Early '40s
BOX 18-20, 54/8 MLK suite, 1992
Scores and sketches
BOX 21-22 MLK suite, 1992
BOX-FOLDER 23/1 My Broadway, 1998
Scores for "Mean to me" and "Not while I'm around"
BOX-FOLDER 23/2-5, 54/9 Olds FLA '87 [Oldsmobile promotional event], 1987
Scores, script, and source materials
BOX-FOLDER 23/6 Olds for '60 [Oldsmobile promotional event], 1959-1960
BOX-FOLDER 23/7-9, 54/10 Olds for '87 [Oldsmobile promotional event], 1986
Scores, sketches, script, correspondence, program, and notes
BOX 24 Olds for '88 [Oldsmobile promotional event], 1987
Scores, script, notes, program, and source materials
BOX-FOLDER 25/1-3 Olds for '89 [Oldsmobile promotional event], 1988
Scores, vocal parts, and source materials
BOX-FOLDER 25/4-5, 26, 27/1-2 One more song, 1987
Music and lyrics by Stephen Citron
BOX 27/3-4, 28/1-3 One more song, 1987
Scores of miscellaneous songs
BOX-FOLDER 28/4-5, 29/1-3 One more song, 1987
Lead sheets
BOX-FOLDER 29/4-6 One more song, 1987
BOX-FOLDER 30/1-2 Play on!, 1997
BOX-FOLDER 30/3-4, 31/1-4 Play on!, 1997
Rehearsal scores
BOX-FOLDER 31/5 Play on!, 1997
Sketches and source materials
BOX 32 Polly, 2000
Rehearsal scores
Stage collaboration with Polly Bergen
BOX 33 Polly, 2000
Scores, sketches, lyric sheets, and script excerpts
BOX-FOLDER 34/1 Porgy and Bess suite (brass quintet), 1989
BOX-FOLDER 34/2 Porgy and Bess suite (brass quintet, orchestra), undated
BOX-FOLDER 34/3-8 Porgy and Bess suite (brass quintet, orchestra), undated
BOX 35 Reverend Jenkins' Almost All Colored Orphanage Band, 1987
Scores, lead sheets, lyric sheets, notes, and source materials
BOX-FOLDER 36/1-2 Riviera on the rocks, 1959
Scores and lead sheets
BOX-FOLDER 36/3-4 Saturday laughter, 1998-1999
Scores, lead sheets, and plot outline
Other title: Zuma's journey; Renaissance man
BOX-FOLDER 36/5 Siren song, undated
Scores and lead sheets
BOX 55-56 The slams [film], 1973
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