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Luther Henderson papers, circa 1930-2003

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Music, 1940s-2002 (continued)
Luther Henderson Songbook
Scores and lead sheets, most of which were intended for future publication as bound volumes. Includes both vocal and instrumental works.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 Accelerator and Don't sing it
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 All for Harold (That's my boy!)
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 Andante, op. 2
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 Baby blue
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 Be a girl
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 Blue legato brass
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 The blues
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 The bossa cha-cha nova
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 Bossa nova: op. 1
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 Bossa nova: op. 2
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 Call it love
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 Can't stop
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 Chicago
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 Chicken reel
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 Cloak and dagger
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 Clockwise permutation
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 Crystal tree
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 Darling
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 The devil you say
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 Don't mess with Tess
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 Doxology for my teeny bopper: op. 1
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 Doxology for my teeny bopper: op. 2
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 Dream smoke
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 A drum is a woman
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 The evil eye
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 For the homeless
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 For the Lord
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 Fox trot
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 Frankie and Johnny twist
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 The future Mrs. (Mr.) me
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 Give me a man
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 A gospel wedding song
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 Got no time
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 Gotta have talent
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 Hey Cherie!
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 High hat
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 Home is the entire world
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 I know her name
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 If I could fly
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 India inck
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 Just got me
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 Lady of the lavender mist
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 The Lord is my shepherd
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 Love has a funny way
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 Love scene
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 Love song
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 Love stays
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 Lullaby
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 Lutu's song
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 Magical man
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 March time
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 Margo's tune
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 Meditation
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 Melanie's lullaby
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 Melanie's marching song
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 Mercy me
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 Minuet in blue-hoo
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 Mutual funds
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 My gray matter
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 My kind of love
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 My love
BOX-FOLDER 84/4 Not your heart
BOX-FOLDER 84/4 Nothin' funny
BOX-FOLDER 84/4 No wonder
BOX-FOLDER 84/4 Oh God
BOX-FOLDER 84/4 Old MacDonald's farm
BOX-FOLDER 84/4 Opus staccato
BOX-FOLDER 84/4 Please don't go away from me
BOX-FOLDER 84/4 River song
BOX-FOLDER 85/1 The saga of Bailey
BOX-FOLDER 85/1 Satin-skinned gal
BOX-FOLDER 85/1 September theme
BOX-FOLDER 85/1 Small aria
BOX-FOLDER 85/1 So what
BOX-FOLDER 85/1 Solitaire
BOX-FOLDER 85/1 Solo and duet
BOX-FOLDER 85/1 Sorrow
BOX-FOLDER 85/1 The Soulville train
BOX-FOLDER 85/1 The spelling bee
BOX-FOLDER 85/1 Spell it out
BOX-FOLDER 85/1 Stanley
BOX-FOLDER 85/1 Stephanie
BOX-FOLDER 85/1 Sweet little baby of mine
BOX-FOLDER 85/1 Sweet Mary
BOX-FOLDER 85/2 Take his hand
BOX-FOLDER 85/2 Take my hand
BOX-FOLDER 85/2 Ten good years
BOX-FOLDER 85/2 Thanksgiving
BOX-FOLDER 85/2 That's life, I guess
BOX-FOLDER 85/2 That's no news
BOX-FOLDER 85/2 There's a look to her
BOX-FOLDER 85/2 There's something about a man who doesn't love you
BOX-FOLDER 85/2 This land
BOX-FOLDER 85/2 The time is wrong
BOX-FOLDER 85/2 Theme
BOX-FOLDER 85/2 To a tilted em
BOX-FOLDER 85/2 The torque
BOX-FOLDER 85/2 Travel on
BOX-FOLDER 85/2 A tune for WM. S.
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 Waltz in E♭
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 Watergate watchman
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 Well, well
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 What a day
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 What a star can do
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 What ever happened to the dream
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 What ev'ry woman knows
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 What happened
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 What I'm gonna do
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 What kind of jazz is that?
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 White of her
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 Wiggins
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 Woman
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 Yesterday's child
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 You name it
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 Young man
BOX-FOLDER 85/4 Lists of songs for inclusion
Music Library Files
Annotated scores and lists of materials in Henderson's library.
Arranged alphabetically by folder title.
BOX-FOLDER 85/5 Beane, Reginald
BOX-FOLDER 85/6 Bells are ringing
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