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Vivian Fine music manuscripts, 1927-2004

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Some or all content stored offsite.
Music, 1929-1993 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 3/5 Emily's images (flute, piano) 1987
Score, sketches
Titles are from poems by Emily Dickinson: A spider sewed at night; A clock stopped - not the mantel's; Exultation is the going; The robin is a Gabriel; After great pain, a formal feeling comes; The leaves like women interchange; A day! Help! Help! another day
Other sketches in notebook: Tomorrow and tomorrow; Lullaby; Sheila's song; Inscriptions; Whitman songs 3; Harpsichord; Cello sonata; Dancing winds; Pizzicato fanfare
BOX-FOLDER 3/6 Epitaph upon the death of Sir Albert Morton's wife (voice, piano) 1941
Words by Sir Henry Wotton
BOX-FOLDER 3/7 Fanfare (2 trumpets, 2 trombones, timpani) 1971
Score, parts
BOX-FOLDER 3/8 Fantasy for cello and piano 1962
Scores, sketches
BOX-FOLDER 3/9 Five preludes (piano) 1939-1941
BOX-FOLDER 3/10 Five Victorian songs (soprano, flute, clarinet, viola, cello) 1988
Titles: Aloof (words by Christina Rosetti); Cadmus and Harmonia (words by Matthew Arnold); Spring and fall (words by Gerard Manley Hopkins); Invictus (words by William E. Henley); Sonnet from the Portuguese (words by Elizabeth Barrett Browning)
BOX-FOLDER 3/11 The flicker (flute or piano) 1973
Score, sketches
BOX-FOLDER 3/12 A flower given to my daughter (low voice, violin, viola, cello) 1935
Words by James Joyce
Unidentified sketches on verso of score
At end: notes regarding "Mr. [Roger] Sessions" analysis
BOX-FOLDER 3/13 For a bust of Eric Satie - a short mass 1979
Words by Georges Guy
Score, sketches, parts, lyric sheets
BOX-FOLDER 3/14 For Aaron, an offering (4 cellos) 1972
BOX-FOLDER 3/15 Four Elizabethan songs (voice, piano) 1938-1941
see also Songs and arias
Titles: The bargain (words by Sir Philip Sidney); Daybreak (words by John Donne); Dirge (words by William Shakespeare); Spring's welcome (words by John Lyly)
"Dirge" has same melody as "Elizabethan song" from Songs and arias
BOX-FOLDER 3/16 Four lyric pieces for voice and piano 1933-1939
Score for The riddle is missing
Titles: A flower given to my daughter (words by James Joyce); Adios Bilbadito (anonymous); Sonnet (words by John Keats); The riddle
BOX-FOLDER 4/1 Four piano pieces 1966
BOX-FOLDER 4/2 Four pieces for two flutes 1930
Score, parts
BOX-FOLDER 4/3 Four polyphonic piano pieces 1931-1932
BOX-FOLDER 4/4 Four songs (voice, strings) 1933
Score, lyric sheets
Titles: The lover in winter plaineth for the spring (anonymous); Comfort to a youth that had lost his love (words by Robert Herrick); She weeps over Rahoon (words by James Joyce); Tilly (words by James Joyce)
Laid in: arrangement of "She weeps over Rahoon" for wind quintet, 1987
BOX-FOLDER 4/5 The garden of live flowers (soprano, tenor, baritone, piano) 1988
Words by Lewis Carroll
BOX-FOLDER 4/6 Gertrude and Virginia: a dialogue between Gertrude Stein and Virginia Woolf, using their own words (soprano, mezzo-soprano, clarinet, percussion, double bass, piano) 1981
Score, clarinet and double bass parts
BOX-FOLDER 4/7 The Great Wall of China (soprano, flute, cello, piano) 1947
Words by Franz Kafka
Score, lyric sheets
BOX-FOLDER 4/8 A guide to the life expectancy of a rose (soprano, tenor, flute, violin, clarinet, cello, harp) 1956
Words by S.R. Tilley
Score, parts, notes/clipping
BOX-FOLDER 4/9 The human mind: Gertrude Stein's aria from the chamber opera "The women in the garden" 1977 (voice, piano) 1987)
see also The women in the garden
BOX-FOLDER 4/10 Hymns (2 pianos, horn, cello) 1991
Titles: Aeolus, god of the winds; Toward a distant shore
BOX-FOLDER 4/11 I have not told my garden yet (voice, piano) 1933
Words by Emily Dickinson
Score, sketches
Sketches on verso of score
BOX-FOLDER 14/1 In memoriam: George Finckel (4 or more cellos) 1987
Score, parts
BOX-FOLDER 4/12 Inscriptions (2 voices, piano) 1986
see also Emily's images
Score, sketch
BOX-FOLDER 4/13 Lacrymosa (2 trumpets, 2 trombones) 1972
BOX-FOLDER 4/14 Lieder for viola and piano 1979
Score, sketches, parts
Includes an arrangement for clarinet and piano
BOX-FOLDER 5/1 Light in spring poplars (chorus, viola, piano) 1987
Words by Stephen Sandy
BOX-FOLDER 5/2 Little suite for voice and piano 1930
Words by Carl Sandburg
BOX-FOLDER 5/3, 14/2 Lyric piece for cello and piano 1937
Score, cello part
BOX-FOLDER 5/3 Lyric piece for cello and string quartet, undated
Score, parts
BOX-FOLDER 5/4 Ma's in orbit (violin, percussion, double bass, piano) 1987
Score, parts
BOX-FOLDER 5/5 Madrigali spirituali (trumpet, string quartet) 1989
Score, parts
BOX-FOLDER 5/6-8 Meeting for equal rights 1866 (cantata for chorus, orchestra, mezzo-soprano, baritone, narrator) 1976
Score, sketches, parts, text/notes
BOX-FOLDER 6/1 Melos (double bass) 1964
Score, sketches
BOX-FOLDER 14/3-4 Memoirs of Uliana Rooney (soprano, 2 baritones, 2 female voices as chorus, chamber ensemble) 1993
Libretto by Sonya Friedman
Score, parts, libretto
BOX-FOLDER 6/2 Missa brevis (4 cellos, taped voice) 1972
BOX-FOLDER 6/3 Momenti (piano) 1979
Score, sketches
Inscribed: In honor of the 150th anniversary of Schubert's death and dedicated to Roger Sessions
BOX-FOLDER 6/4 Morning (chorus, organ, narrator) 1987
Text from "Walden" by H.D. Thoreau
Score, sketches
BOX-FOLDER 6/5 Music for flute (alto flute), oboe (English horn), and cello 1980
Score, parts
Inscribed: Commissioned by and dedicated to the Huntingdon Trio
BOX-FOLDER 6/6 Music for study (piano) 1935-1941
Titles: Pieces for children (1938); Five little canons (1941); Two duets for 4 hands (1939, 1941); Two descriptive pieces (1941) (not in folder); Study in changing meters (1935)
BOX-FOLDER 14/5 My sledge and hammer ly reclined (chorus, brass, strings, two pianos, percussion) 1967
Score, sketches, parts
BOX-FOLDER 6/7 My son, my enemy (percussion, string quartet, piano) 1965
Score, sketches, percussion part
BOX-FOLDER 6/8 New ways of seeing - music for film (string orchestra) 1954
Score, parts
BOX-FOLDER 6/9 The nightingale (mezzo-soprano, percussion - played by the singer) 1976
Words by various authors
Score, lyric sheet
BOX-FOLDER 6/10 Nightingales (motet for six instruments) 1979
Score, parts
BOX-FOLDER 6/11 Oda a las ranas (Ode to frogs) (women's chorus, flute, oboe, cello, percussion) 1989
see also Canciones y danzas
Words by Pablo Neruda
Score, lyric sheets
Later used as second movement of Canciones y danzas
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