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Iconography, 1909-1974 (continued)
Authors and Subjects (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 4/11 Seeger, Charles. Color photograph by Simpson, 1973
Signed by Jean [?] Seeger, 1974.
BOX-FOLDER 4/11 Seeger, Ruth Crawford. Photograph with original signature of Charles Seeger, undated
BOX-FOLDER 4/11 Seldes, Gilbert. Photograph with original signature of daughter Marian Seldes, 1932
BOX-FOLDER 4/11 Sessions, Roger. Reproduction of photograph with original autograph, late 1920s
BOX-FOLDER 4/11 Shapero, Harold. Photograph with original autograph, March 1974
BOX-FOLDER 4/11 Shostakovich, Dmitri. One photograph, undated
BOX-FOLDER 4/11 Slonimsky, Nicolas. Photograph with original autograph, 1974
BOX-FOLDER 4/11 Smallens, Alexander. One photograph, undated
BOX-FOLDER 4/11 Stein, Erwin. Photograph by Roger Wood, undated
BOX-FOLDER 4/11 Stravinsky, Igor. Reproduction of autographed photograph, 1945
see also Jeu de Cartes three collaborators
Autograph from 1948.
BOX-FOLDER 4/11 Stuckenschmidt, H. H. Photograph by Nina von Jaanson with original autograph, undated
BOX-FOLDER 4/12 Tailleferre, Germaine. Photograph with original autograph, early 1920s
BOX-FOLDER 4/12 Talma, Louise. Photograph with original autograph, March 1947
BOX-FOLDER 4/12 Taylor, Davidson. Photograph with original autograph, undated
BOX-FOLDER 4/12 Thompson, Randall. Two photographs: one from the 1930s; the other with original autograph, 1973
The autograph from 1974.
BOX-FOLDER 4/12 Thomson, Virgil. Two photographs: one by Harry Dunham with original autograph dated 1936; the other dated 1941
BOX-FOLDER 4/12 Varèse, Edgard. Photograph with original signature of Louise Varèse, undated
BOX-FOLDER 4/12 Varèse, Louise. Photograph by Stephanie Rancou with original autograph, 1970s
BOX-FOLDER 4/12 Villa-Lobos, Heitor, undated
BOX-FOLDER 4/13 Ward, Robert. Photograph with original autograph, undated
BOX-FOLDER 4/13 Webern, Anton. One photograph, undated
BOX-FOLDER 4/13 Weill, Kurt. Photograph with original signature of Lotte Lenya
see also Lenya, Lotte
BOX-FOLDER 4/13 Weiss, Adolf. Photograph by Alfred Carlson with original signature of sister Mildred Baker, undated
BOX-FOLDER 4/13 Wigman, Mary. Reproduction of autographed photograph, 1952
BOX-FOLDER 4/13 Wolpe, Stefan
Photograph missing as of February 1993.
BOX 5-6 Scrapbooks, 1924-1947
BOX 5 Modern Music promotion book, 1924-1946
Scrapbook with green cover with gold accents; 56 p.
Contains materials used in promotion, advertising and subscription services. All materials are the work of Joel Lifflander, long-time volunteer and technical director at Modern Music.
BOX 6 Modern Music press book, 1925-1947
Scrapbook with black cover; 94 p.
Contains press clippings concerning Modern Music, its contributors and reprints of articles.
BOX 7 Auxiliary Pamphlets, 1925-1938
BOX-FOLDER 7/1 Auxiliary Pamphlets - General information by Minna Lederman
BOX-FOLDER 7/2 Program from German Staatsoper for production of Berg's Wozzeck, Dec. 1925
24 p.
BOX-FOLDER 7/3 Neue Musik-Zeitung, July 1926
28 p.
BOX-FOLDER 7/4 Program from Deutsche Kammermusik Baden Baden, 25-28 Juli, 1929
28 p.
BOX-FOLDER 7/5 Program from Carlos Chávez's H.P. (Caballos de vapor), the world premiere at Philadelphia Grand Opera Company, Mar. 1932
8 p.
This item is not mentioned in Minna Lederman's "General Information" regarding auxiliary pamphlets.
BOX-FOLDER 7/6 Libretto for Shostakovich's Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk district or Katerina Izmaǐlova. By Aleksandr Preǐs. Published by A.S. Gilman Co., Cleveland, OH, 1935
24 p.
BOX-FOLDER 7/7 Entartete Musik : eine Abrechnung von Staatsrat Dr. Hans Severus Ziegler. Published by Völkischer Verlag, Düsseldorf, 1938
32 p.
Laid in: newspaper clipping from Musical America, July 1938, titled "Düsseldorf Exhibits 'Degenerate Music'," written by Geraldine De Courcy.
BOX 7 Supplemental Material, 1924-1946
BOX-FOLDER 7/8 Additional material: List of items added to collection after completion of inventory
2 p.
BOX-FOLDER 7/9 Index: Volumes I - XII, November 1924 to June 1935. Published by The League of Composers, Nov. 1935
63 p.
BOX-FOLDER 7/10 Reich, Dr. Willi; translated by Adolph Weiss. A Guide to Alban Berg's Opera Wozzeck, 1931
Modern Music Monographs. Published by The League of Composers.
BOX-FOLDER 7/11 Final issue of Modern Music, Volume XXIII, No. 4, Fall 1946
336 p.
BOX-FOLDER 7/12 First issue of The League of Composers' Review, Vol I, no. 1, Feb. 1924
28 p.
Published by the League of Composers, Inc., New York, NY.
Oversize Iconography, 1928, 1934
Housed in the vault.
A color lithograph (unframed) of Paul Hindemith by Richard Heinsich, 1934
Original pen and ink drawing of Sergei Prokofiev by Natalia Gontcharova, 1928

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