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Danny Kaye and Sylvia Fine collection, 1918-1992

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Music, 1939-1985 (continued)
The Danny Kaye Show, 1963-1967 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 281/4, 282/1-2, 760/3 A wonderful day like today
BOX-FOLDER 282/4 A wonderful day medley
Choir part only.
The Danny Kaye Tour Library, 1940s-1980s
Parts (boxes 283-358) and score arrangements (boxes 760-763) for music used by Kaye in his stage performances. Some titles are composed by Fine. If only parts or score arrangements are available, just the respective boxes are listed.
Arranged alphabetically by song title.
BOX-FOLDER 283/1 Ach du lieber
BOX-FOLDER 283/2 Airy fairy pipers
BOX-FOLDER 283/3 Airy fairy tales
BOX-FOLDER 283/4-6 All the world is a stage
BOX-FOLDER 284/1 Ami ami
BOX-FOLDER 284/2 Anatole of Paris
BOX-FOLDER 284/3-4 Ballin' the Jack
BOX-FOLDER 284/5 Ballin the jack (closing)
BOX-FOLDER 284/6 Barber shop
BOX-FOLDER 284/7, 760/4 Baseball man
Arranged by Bob Alberti.
BOX-FOLDER 284/8 Bathtub admiral
BOX-FOLDER 284/9 Battle hymn
BOX-FOLDER 285/1 Begin the beguine
BOX-FOLDER 285/2 Candy kisses
BOX-FOLDER 285/3-4 Carnival of Venice
BOX-FOLDER 285/5 Carnival of Venice jazz
BOX-FOLDER 627, 760/5 Casey
BOX-FOLDER 285/6 Chi chi pa
BOX-FOLDER 760/6 Ciu ciu bella
BOX-FOLDER 285/7 Cotton fields - blue tail fly
BOX-FOLDER 285/8 Crazy Barbara
BOX-FOLDER 286/1 Danny Kaye entrance
BOX-FOLDER 286/2 Danny Kaye overture
BOX-FOLDER 286/3 Deck the halls
BOX-FOLDER 286/4 Deenah
BOX-FOLDER 286/5-6 Dem bones
BOX-FOLDER 286/7 Dinah walk on
BOX-FOLDER 287/1-2 Do you ever think of me
BOX-FOLDER 287/3-5, 762/4 Drink, gypsy
Includes orchestral parts for theatrical version.
BOX-FOLDER 287/6 Dunhill bit
4th trumpet part only.
BOX-FOLDER 288/1 The first noel
BOX-FOLDER 288/2 Flamenco
BOX-FOLDER 288/3 Flea
BOX-FOLDER 288/4 Folk song medley
BOX-FOLDER 288/5 French intro
BOX-FOLDER 288/6 German concert song
BOX-FOLDER 288/7 Glory hallelujah twist
BOX-FOLDER 288/8 Good King Wenceslas
BOX-FOLDER 289/1 Great come and get it day
BOX-FOLDER 289/2 Ha shalom
BOX-FOLDER 289/3 Hawaiian-African
Empty folder.
On folder: All tacit.
BOX-FOLDER 289/4 I belong to Glasgow
BOX-FOLDER 761/1 I can't stop loving you
BOX-FOLDER 289/5 I like old people
BOX-FOLDER 289/6 I'd love to call you rose
BOX-FOLDER 289/7 I'll buy the ring
BOX-FOLDER 289/8 I'm five & Coda
BOX-FOLDER 290/1-2, 761/2 I've got a loverly bunch
BOX-FOLDER 290/3 The inch worm sequence
BOX-FOLDER 290/4 Jamaica farewell
BOX-FOLDER 290/5 January
BOX-FOLDER 290/6 Japanese song
BOX-FOLDER 291/1-2 Just in time
BOX-FOLDER 291/3 Kent commercial
BOX-FOLDER 291/4 Korea
BOX-FOLDER 291/5 Let there be peace
BOX-FOLDER 291/6 Life could not better be
BOX-FOLDER 292/1 Lily of the valley
BOX-FOLDER 292/2 The little white duck
BOX-FOLDER 292/3 Lonely again
BOX-FOLDER 292/4 Lonesome road
BOX-FOLDER 292/5 Look sharp - be sharp
Boston Pops orchestra arrangement.
BOX-FOLDER 292/6 Madam - Crepe Suzette
BOX-FOLDER 293/1 Man in my life
BOX-FOLDER 293/2 Medley
BOX-FOLDER 293/3 Melody in 4F
BOX-FOLDER 293/4-6, 761/3 Minnie the Moocher
BOX-FOLDER 761/4 Mona Luigi's
BOX-FOLDER 294/1 New baby
BOX-FOLDER 294/2 Neutral playoffs
BOX-FOLDER 294/3 Night and day
BOX-FOLDER 294/4-5, 295/1 Nonsense songs
BOX-FOLDER 295/2 The number on my house
Other title: I forgot the number on my house
BOX-FOLDER 295/3 Oh cha chornia (Dark eyes)
BOX-FOLDER 295/4 Oh come all ye faithful
BOX-FOLDER 295/5 P.S. 149
BOX-FOLDER 295/6 Pavlova
BOX-FOLDER 295/7 Peony bush
BOX-FOLDER 295/8 The puddle
BOX-FOLDER 295/9 Saints
BOX-FOLDER 296/1 Seven ages overture
BOX-FOLDER 296/2-3 Shickfitz
Lyrics by Sylvia Fine and Herb Baker, music by Sylvia Fine
Other title: Stickfitz
BOX-FOLDER 296/4 Sho sho
BOX-FOLDER 297/1 Sometimes I'm happy
BOX-FOLDER 297/2 South Rampart Street parade
BOX-FOLDER 297/3 Spanish flea
BOX-FOLDER 297/4 Stanislovsky
BOX-FOLDER 298/1 Story
BOX-FOLDER 761/5 Spiritual
BOX-FOLDER 298/2 Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows
BOX-FOLDER 298/3-4 Tall hope
BOX-FOLDER 298/5 Thank you letter
BOX-FOLDER 299/1-3 Thirties production
Contents: Everything I have is yours; Beguine; Ever see a dream walking; Broadway; 42nd street.
BOX-FOLDER 299/4 Thumbelina
BOX-FOLDER 762/5 Time after time
BOX-FOLDER 299/5 The triplets
BOX-FOLDER 299/6 True or false - false or true
BOX-FOLDER 299/7 Tschaikowsky
BOX-FOLDER 300/1 Turn around
BOX-FOLDER 300/2 The ugly duckling
BOX-FOLDER 300/3 Waltzing Matilda
BOX-FOLDER 300/4 We wish you a merry Christmas
BOX-FOLDER 300/5-6, 761/6 Wee Doch 'n Dorris (We Deoch and Dorris)
BOX-FOLDER 300/7 Wee Hughie
BOX-FOLDER 300/8 Will ye no come back again?
BOX-FOLDER 300/9 Wonderful Copenhagen
BOX-FOLDER 300/10 Yogi
BOX-FOLDER 300/11 Yogi (intro)
BOX-FOLDER 761/7 Young and foolish
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