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Irving Berlin collection, 1895-1990

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Legal Papers (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 397/5 At the picture show
BOX-FOLDER 397/6 Bring back my Lena to me
BOX-FOLDER 397/7 Christmas time seems years, years away
BOX-FOLDER 397/8 Colored Romeo
BOX-FOLDER 397/9 Come back to me, my melody
BOX-FOLDER 397/10 Dear Mayme, I love you
BOX-FOLDER 397/11 Do your duty doctor
BOX-FOLDER 397/12 Don't take your beau to the seashore
BOX-FOLDER 397/13 Down to the Folies Bergere
BOX-FOLDER 397/14 Down to the Folies Bergere
BOX-FOLDER 397/15 Dreams, just dreams
BOX-FOLDER 397/16 Drowsy head
BOX-FOLDER 397/17 Dying rag
BOX-FOLDER 397/18 Ephraham played upon the piano
BOX-FOLDER 397/19 He played it on his fid, fid, fiddle-de-dee
BOX-FOLDER 397/20 Let's dance that beautiful waltz
BOX-FOLDER 397/21 Hiram's band
BOX-FOLDER 397/22 Home again blues
BOX-FOLDER 397/23 I love you more each day
BOX-FOLDER 397/24 I wish that you was my girl, Molly
BOX-FOLDER 397/25 If I thought you wouldn't tell
BOX-FOLDER 397/26 If the managers only thought the same as mother
BOX-FOLDER 397/27 I'm a happy married man
BOX-FOLDER 397/28 I'm going back to Dixie
BOX-FOLDER 397/29 I'm going on a long vacation
BOX-FOLDER 397/30 Is there anything else that I can do for you
BOX-FOLDER 397/31 Jake, Jake the Yiddisha ball player
BOX-FOLDER 397/32 Kiss me, my honey, kiss me
BOX-FOLDER 397/33 Lead me to that beautiful band
BOX-FOLDER 397/34 The lyre bird and the jay
BOX-FOLDER 397/35 The lyre bird and the jay
BOX-FOLDER 397/36 Million dollar ball
BOX-FOLDER 397/37 My wife's gone to the country, hurrah, hurrah
BOX-FOLDER 397/38 My wife's gone to the country, hurrah, hurrah
BOX-FOLDER 397/39 My dream of the USA
BOX-FOLDER 397/40 Next to your mother who do you love
BOX-FOLDER 397/41 No one could do it like my father
BOX-FOLDER 397/42 Oh, how that German could love
BOX-FOLDER 397/43 Oh! that beautiful rag
BOX-FOLDER 397/44 Oh! where is the wife tonight
BOX-FOLDER 397/45 Oh! where is the wife tonight
BOX-FOLDER 397/46 Piano man
BOX-FOLDER 397/47 Ragtime mocking bird
BOX-FOLDER 397/48 Rosie you are working
BOX-FOLDER 397/49 Russian lullaby & Always
BOX-FOLDER 397/50 Sayonara
BOX-FOLDER 397/51 She was a dear little girl
BOX-FOLDER 397/52 Sombrero land
BOX-FOLDER 397/53 Sombrero land
BOX-FOLDER 397/54 Some little something about you
BOX-FOLDER 397/55 Someone just like you dear
BOX-FOLDER 397/56 Spanish love
BOX-FOLDER 397/57 Spanish love
BOX-FOLDER 397/58 Stop that rag
BOX-FOLDER 397/59 Sweet Italian love
BOX-FOLDER 397/60 Sweet Marie, make-a-rag-a-time dance
BOX-FOLDER 397/61 Take a little tip from father
BOX-FOLDER 397/62 Thank you, kind sir
BOX-FOLDER 397/63 That mysterious rag
BOX-FOLDER 397/64 That opera rag
BOX-FOLDER 397/65 There are no wings on a foxhole
BOX-FOLDER 397/66 There's a girl in Havana
BOX-FOLDER 397/67 When he sings the songs my mother sang to me
BOX-FOLDER 397/68 When I discovered you
BOX-FOLDER 397/69 When I hear you play that piano Bill
BOX-FOLDER 397/70 Wild cherries
BOX-FOLDER 393/5 Wild cherries rag (inst.)
BOX-FOLDER 393/6 Wishing
BOX-FOLDER 393/7 Woodman, woodman, spare that tree
BOX-FOLDER 393/8 Yankee love
BOX-FOLDER 393/9 You've built a fire down in my heart
BOX-FOLDER 398/1 Miscellaneous listing - Leota Bryan Eckhardt
BOX-FOLDER 398/2 Miscellaneous listing - E. Ray Goetz
BOX-FOLDER 398/3 Miscellaneous listing of recorded copyrights
BOX-FOLDER 398/4 Miscellaneous lists of royalties
BOX-FOLDER 398/5 Miscellaneous titles
BOX-FOLDER 398/6 Miscellaneous - cancellation of A Zion lullaby
Copyrights registered in Mexico
BOX-FOLDER 398/7 Correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 398/8 Data
BOX-FOLDER 398/9 Registration certificates
BOX-FOLDER 398/10 Titles, A-Z
BOX-FOLDER 398/11 Miscellaneous
Copyrights: Waterson, Berlin & Snyder
BOX-FOLDER 399/1 1909-1910
BOX-FOLDER 399/2 1911-1912
BOX-FOLDER 399/3 1913-1914
BOX-FOLDER 399/4 1915-1916
BOX-FOLDER 399/5 1917-1918
Legal cases
Smith vs. Berlin
BOX-FOLDER 518/1 Smith's exhibits for examination, pretrial; [14] leaves
Typescript, carbon, photocopies
BOX-FOLDER 518/2 Defendant's exhibits for examination, pretrial; [109] leaves
BOX-FOLDER 518/3 Various manuscript lead sheets and piano-vocal scores; [100] leaves
BOX-FOLDER 519/3 Miscellaneous letters, sheet music, copyrights and photocopies of manuscripts; [76] leaves
BOX-FOLDER 519/1 Proof for display as evidence; [21] leaves
BOX-FOLDER 519/2 Proof for display as evidence; [17] leaves
BOX-FOLDER 520/1 Transcript of testimony, pt. 1; 608 p.
Carbon copy
BOX-FOLDER 520/2 Transcript of testimony, pt. 2; 609-1086 p.
Carbon copy
BOX-FOLDER 521/1 Examination of Berlin, Kresa, Chandler; 155 p.
Carbon copy
BOX-FOLDER 521/2 Examination of Berlin, Kresa, Chandler; 362 p.
Carbon copy
BOX-FOLDER 521/3 Examination of Kresa and deposition of Chandler; pp. 156-289, 290-362
Carbon copy
BOX-FOLDER 522/1 Typescript deposition of Alfred Smith; 386 p.
BOX-FOLDER 521/4 Typescript deposition of Alfred Smith; pp. 387-644
BOX-FOLDER 522/2 Deposition of Alfred Smith; 642 p.
Carbon copy
BOX-FOLDER 523/1 Snyder, Ted vs. Berlin, Irving
Typescript deposition of Ted Snyder; 421 p.
BOX-FOLDER 523/2 Irving Berlin vs. Commissioner of the board of elections, 1964 ; [4] leaves
BOX-FOLDER 523/3 Irving Berlin Inc. vs. Waterson, Berlin & Snyder C., re: Homesick, 1922 ; [21] leaves
BOX-FOLDER 523/4 Earl Taylor vs. Irving Berlin, 1932
Deposition, release & clippings
BOX-FOLDER 523/5 Blackmar vs. Ellin Berlin, 1949
BOX-FOLDER 523/6 Irving Berlin vs. New York State Board of Elections, 1976
BOX-FOLDER 523/7 Miscellaneous: Mandy/Do whatcha wanna do- comparison chart for case
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