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Irving Berlin collection, 1895-1990

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Non-Berlin Materials (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 586/5 Skylar, Sunny
The victory waltz
Manuscript piano-vocal score; [2] p.
BOX-FOLDER 586/5 Slawson, David & Buck Ram
Whistlin' in the breeze
Manuscript piano-vocal score; [4] p.
BOX-FOLDER 586/5 Steiner, Howard
I heard a robin in the rain
Manuscript lead sheet (melody); [2] p.
Manuscript lyrics (pencil); [1] leaf
Typescript lyric sheets; [4] leaves
BOX-FOLDER 586/5 Symes, Marty, Dick Robertson and Frank Weldon
Why did it have to end so soon
Sheet music
BOX-FOLDER 586/5 Thomas, Chandler
Introduction and allegro (in two voices)
Photocopy of manuscript lead sheet(?) (no lyrics); 7 p.
BOX-FOLDER 586/5 Thompson, Ken
After all this time
Manuscript piano-vocal score; [4] p.
BOX-FOLDER 586/6 Tobias, Charles
One little moment with you
Sketches; [6] p.
BOX-FOLDER 586/6 Vida, Pinky & Sunny Skylar
At de beach
Manuscript lead sheet; [1] p.
Typescript lyric sheet (with annotations); 1 leaf
De big bass violin
Manuscript lead sheet; [1] p.
Typescript lyric sheets; [3] leaves
At de Kop kop baseball game
Manuscript lead sheet; [1] p.
Typescript lyric sheet; [1] p.
Never swat a fly on a dewberry pie
Manuscript lead sheet; [1] p.
Typescript lyric sheet; [1] p.
BOX-FOLDER 586/6 Winslow, Max
Don't neglect me
Sketch; [2] p.
Typescript lyric sheets; [2] leaves
BOX-FOLDER 586/6 Miscellaneous
Sketch; [5] p.
BOX-FOLDER 586/7 Miscellaneous lyrics - non Berlin
Photocopies of holograph lyric sheets (with autograph); 5 items
Bond, Carrie Jenkins
The end of a perfect day
Cohen, George M.
(Chorus of) Over there
Dietz, Howard
O give me something to remember you by
Hammerstein, Oscar
Old river
Mercer, Johnny
The windows of Paris
BOX-FOLDER 587/1 Printed music - non Berlin
Sheet music; piano-vocal scores
Arlen, Harold
I never has seen snow
Two ladies in de shade of de banana tree
The Maguires
The MacIntyres
Brown, Francis
Our flag is there
Ellesworth, Bob
If I were Irving Berlin
Erdelyi, Joseph, Jr.
The star-spangled banner III
Foster, Stephen
Old dog tray
Francis, W.T.
The life of love
Goetz & Osbourne
Take me back to the garden of love
Hughes & Heyward
Freedom train
Izzo, Frankie
Ball and chain
Big black clouds
Chicken in the pot
Fortune all in snow
Kiss me now
Isle of joy
Moonlight paradise
Please don't shoot the 'Rover' (up to the moon for clover)
Jones, Clarence
Long lead on
Knight, Vic
Just a stow away
Macau, Miguel A.
Los poemas musicales
Roberts & Fisher
Good, good, good (That's you - that's you)
I lost a sweetheart
Rodgers, Richard
On your toes
Scherman, Robert
The daughter of Mrs. O'Dare
Tobias, Charles, Al Lewis & Harry Tobias
I've got the situation well in hand
Wilson, Sandy
I could be happy with you
It's never too late to fall in love
Wheeler, Kay
Strollin' along with you
BOX-FOLDER 587/2 Printed parts
Kahn, Gus & Ted Fiorito
I never knew
Jolson, Al, Louis Silver & Grant Clarke
Mother of mine, I still have you
BOX-FOLDER 587/3 Miscellaneous titles
Armed forces song folio, 1954 September - November
Rondino in G
Rondo in C
Cohan, George M.
The bell of the barbers' ball
Glover, Stephen
Fort Sumter grand march
Dream of love (Liebestraum No. 3)
Concerto in d minor
National melodies (series)
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