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Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation collection, 1894-1953

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Correspondence, 1894-1953 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 29/17 Eichheim, Henry, undated
Presumably pre-1932.
BOX-FOLDER 29/18 Eichheim, Henry, undated
BOX-FOLDER 29/19 Eichheim, Henry, 1921-1923
BOX-FOLDER 29/20 Eichheim, Henry, 1924
BOX-FOLDER 29/21 Eichheim, Henry, 1925-1932
BOX-FOLDER 29/22 Eichheim, Henry, 1933-1934
BOX-FOLDER 29/23 Eichheim, Henry, 1935-1940
BOX-FOLDER 29/24 Einstein, Louis
BOX-FOLDER 29/25 "El" miscellaneous
see also "E" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 29/26 Elcus, Gaston
BOX-FOLDER 29/27 Elias, Edward
BOX-FOLDER 29/28 Elie, Rudolph
Elkus, Albert
see California. University, Berkeley. Elkus, Albert
BOX-FOLDER 29/29 Elliott, Maud Howe
BOX-FOLDER 29/30 Elman, Mischa
BOX-FOLDER 29/31 Eloesser, L. (probably Closson)
BOX-FOLDER 29/32 Elshuco Trio
BOX-FOLDER 29/33 Elson, Joseph
BOX-FOLDER 29/34 Elwell, Herbert
BOX-FOLDER 29/35 Ely, Gertrude
BOX-FOLDER 29/36 Ely, Robert Erskine
BOX-FOLDER 29/37 Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists
BOX-FOLDER 29/38 Emery, Dorothy Radde
BOX-FOLDER 29/39 Emery, Mary
BOX-FOLDER 29/40 Enesco, Georges
Engel, Carl
see Library of Congress. Engel, Carl
BOX-FOLDER 29/41 Engel, Lehman
BOX-FOLDER 29/42 England, Albert C.
BOX-FOLDER 29/43 Engles, George
BOX-FOLDER 29/44 The English Singers
BOX-FOLDER 29/45 Epstein, Richard
BOX-FOLDER 29/46 Erb, John Warren
BOX-FOLDER 29/47 Erhard, Hellmut
BOX-FOLDER 29/48 Erskine, John
BOX-FOLDER 29/49 Espinel, Luisa
BOX-FOLDER 29/50 The Etude
see also Cooke, James Francis
Eugene Debs Memorial Fund
see Debs, Eugene, Memorial Fund
BOX-FOLDER 30/1 "Ev" miscellaneous
see also "E" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 30/2 Evans, Clarence
BOX-FOLDER 30/3 Evans, Edwin
Evans, Luther H.
see Library of Congress. Evans, Luther H.
BOX-FOLDER 30/4 Evans, Mark
BOX-FOLDER 30/5 Evans, Warwick, 1921-1930
BOX-FOLDER 30/6 Evans, Warwick, undated (presumably pre-1933)
BOX-FOLDER 30/7 Evans, Warwick, 1931-1934
BOX-FOLDER 30/8 Evans, Warwick, circa 1934-1936
BOX-FOLDER 30/9 Evans, Warwick, 1935-1939
BOX-FOLDER 30/10 Evans, Warwick, circa 1937-1947
BOX-FOLDER 30/11 Evans, Warwick, 1940-1941
BOX-FOLDER 30/12 Evans, Warwick, 1942-1944
BOX-FOLDER 30/13 Evans, Warwick, 1945-1949
BOX-FOLDER 30/14 Evans, Warwick, 1950-1953
BOX-FOLDER 30/15 Evans, Warwick, undated
Written from Madison, Wisc.
BOX-FOLDER 30/16 Evans, Warwick, undated
Written from various addresses.
BOX-FOLDER 30/17 Evanti, Lillian
BOX-FOLDER 30/18 Everett, Josephine P.
BOX-FOLDER 30/19 Ewen, David
BOX-FOLDER 30/20 "E" old "see" references
BOX-FOLDER 30/21 "F" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 30/22 Faelten, Carl and Reinhold
BOX-FOLDER 30/23 Fagge, (illegible)
BOX-FOLDER 30/24 Fahnestock, Bruce and Sheridan
BOX-FOLDER 30/25 Fairbank, Janet (Mrs. Kellogg Fairbank)
BOX-FOLDER 30/26 Fairchild, Blair
BOX-FOLDER 30/27 Falla, Manuel de
BOX-FOLDER 30/28 Farmer, Dr. Frank C.
BOX-FOLDER 30/29 Farnam, Lynwood
BOX-FOLDER 30/30 Farrand, Beatrix
Farrand, Max
see Huntington (Henry E.) Library and Art Gallery
BOX-FOLDER 30/31 Farrar, Geraldine (fund appeal)
BOX-FOLDER 30/32 Farrell, James T. (fund appeal)
BOX-FOLDER 30/33 Farrington, Isobelle Scudder
BOX-FOLDER 30/34 Farwell, Arthur
BOX-FOLDER 30/35 Fass, Marjorie
Fassett, James H.
see Columbia Broadcasting System. Fassett, James H.
BOX-FOLDER 30/36 Fay, Charles Norman and Mrs.
BOX-FOLDER 30/37 Fay, William Rodman
BOX-FOLDER 31/1 "Fe" miscellaneous
see also "F" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 31/2 Feakins, William B.
BOX-FOLDER 31/3 Fearon, Walter
BOX-FOLDER 31/4 Fedorovsky, Paul
see also Averino, Olga
BOX-FOLDER 31/5 Fekete Zoltan
BOX-FOLDER 31/6 Felber, Hermann
BOX-FOLDER 31/7 Feldman, Samuel
BOX-FOLDER 31/8 Felici, Alicita
BOX-FOLDER 31/9 Fellowes, Edmund Horace
BOX-FOLDER 31/10 Felman, Hazel
BOX-FOLDER 31/11 Felton, Cora Smedberg
BOX-FOLDER 31/12 Fenn, H. A. (lawyer)
BOX-FOLDER 31/13 Fergus, Phyllis
BOX-FOLDER 31/14 Férir, Emile
BOX-FOLDER 31/15 Ferner, Walter V.
BOX-FOLDER 31/16 Ferrier, André
BOX-FOLDER 31/17 Ferry, Abby F.
BOX-FOLDER 31/18 Ferry, Ann H.
BOX-FOLDER 31/19 Fessenden, Hart
see also Farrell, James T.
BOX-FOLDER 31/20 Fetter, Helen
Feustmann, M. M.
see Scopes & Feustmann
BOX-FOLDER 31/21 Feytmanns, Gustave
BOX-FOLDER 31/22 "Fi" miscellaneous
see also "F" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 31/23 Fiakova, Elizabetha
BOX-FOLDER 31/24 Ficher, Jacobo
BOX-FOLDER 31/25 Fiedler, Arthur
BOX-FOLDER 31/26 Fiedler, Samuel
Field Museum of Natural History
see Chicago. Field Museum of Natural History
BOX-FOLDER 31/27 Fierlinger, Jos.
BOX-FOLDER 31/28 Filene, Lincoln
BOX-FOLDER 31/29 Fine, Irving
BOX-FOLDER 31/30 Fine Arts Quartet
BOX-FOLDER 31/31 Finney, Ross Lee
BOX-FOLDER 31/32 Firestone, Nathan and Hilda
BOX-FOLDER 31/33 "Fis" miscellaneous
see also "F" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 31/34 Fischer, Carl (firm)
see also Reese, Gustave
BOX-FOLDER 31/35 Fisher, (first name unknown)
BOX-FOLDER 31/36 Fisher, Dorothy Canfield
BOX-FOLDER 31/37 Fisher, Herbert Albert L.
BOX-FOLDER 31/38 Fisher, Mabel
BOX-FOLDER 31/39 Fisher, Margaret, 1934-1952
BOX-FOLDER 31/40 Fisher, Margaret, 1953 and undated
Fisher, Ruth Page
see Page, Ruth
Fisher, Thomas Hart
see Page, Ruth
BOX-FOLDER 31/41 Fisher, William Arms, Mrs.
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