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Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation collection, 1894-1953

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Correspondence, 1894-1953 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 37/6 Guggenheim Foundation
BOX-FOLDER 37/7 Guidi, Scipione
BOX-FOLDER 37/8 Guilbert, Gilles
BOX-FOLDER 37/9 Guild, Courtenay
Guild for Musicians
see Kahn, Erminie
BOX-FOLDER 37/10 Guilet Quartet
BOX-FOLDER 37/11 Gunn, Glenn Dillard
BOX-FOLDER 37/12 Gunston Hall
BOX-FOLDER 37/13 Gustafson, Ester
BOX-FOLDER 37/14 Gutberg, Ingrid and Karen
Gutchë, Gene
see Gutsche, Romeo
BOX-FOLDER 37/15 Gutman, Elizabeth
BOX-FOLDER 37/16 Gutman, Ida
BOX-FOLDER 37/17 Gutsche, Romeo
BOX-FOLDER 37/18 Guttman, Louis
BOX-FOLDER 37/19 Guzmán, Luis
BOX-FOLDER 37/20 Gyring, Elizabeth
BOX-FOLDER 37/21 "G" unidentified
BOX-FOLDER 37/22 "H" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 37/23 Habicht, Robert
BOX-FOLDER 37/24 Haddock, G. Marston
BOX-FOLDER 37/25 Hadley, Henry and Mrs.
BOX-FOLDER 37/26 Hadow, W. Henry
BOX-FOLDER 37/27 Haensel and Jones
BOX-FOLDER 37/28 Hagedorn, Hermann
BOX-FOLDER 37/29 Hageman, Richard
BOX-FOLDER 37/30 Hager, Mina
BOX-FOLDER 37/31 Hague, Eleanor
BOX-FOLDER 37/32 Hahn, Reynaldo
BOX-FOLDER 37/33 Haiss, D.
BOX-FOLDER 37/34 "Hal" miscellaneous
see also "H" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 37/35 Halász, László
BOX-FOLDER 37/36 Hale, Philip and Irene
BOX-FOLDER 37/37 Hale, Richard W. (attorney)
Hale and Dorr, Attorneys
see Library of Congress. Legal advice to E.S. Coolidge
BOX-FOLDER 37/38 Halleux, Laurent
BOX-FOLDER 37/39 Halstead, Aline (Mrs. Albert) and Margaret
BOX-FOLDER 37/40 Hamelin, Gaston
BOX-FOLDER 37/41 Hamill, Charles H. (lawyer)
BOX-FOLDER 37/42 Hamill, Ernest A.
Hamilton, Clarence C.
see Wellesley College. Hamilton, Clarence C.
BOX-FOLDER 37/43 Hamilton College
BOX-FOLDER 37/44 Hamlin, Frank H.
BOX-FOLDER 37/45 Hamlin, George
Hammond, E. C.
see Mount Holyoke College. Hammond, E. C.
BOX-FOLDER 37/46 Hammond, William Churchill
BOX-FOLDER 37/48 Hampden, Walter
BOX-FOLDER 37/47 Hampton Institute
BOX-FOLDER 37/49 "Han" miscellaneous
see also "H" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 37/50 Handel and Haydn Society (Boston, Mass.)
BOX-FOLDER 37/51 Handley, A. H.
BOX-FOLDER 37/52 Hanenfeldt, Mary M.
BOX-FOLDER 37/53 Hanna, A. J.
BOX-FOLDER 37/54 Hanson, Howard
BOX-FOLDER 37/55 Harmati, Sandor and Ruth
BOX-FOLDER 37/56 Harms, William
BOX-FOLDER 37/57 Harnoncourt, Eberhard d'
BOX-FOLDER 37/58 Harper's Bazaar
BOX-FOLDER 38/1 "Harr" miscellaneous
see also "H" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 38/2 Harris, George
BOX-FOLDER 38/3 Harris, Leslie
BOX-FOLDER 38/4 Harris, Roy, 1932
BOX-FOLDER 38/5 Harris, Roy, 1933
BOX-FOLDER 38/6 Harris, Roy, 1934-1935
BOX-FOLDER 38/7 Harris, Roy, 1936-1939
BOX-FOLDER 38/8 Harris, Roy, 1940-circa 1950
BOX-FOLDER 38/9 Harris, Roy, undated (presumably pre-1937)
BOX-FOLDER 38/10 Harris, Roy, undated (presumably 1937 or later)
BOX-FOLDER 38/11 Harris, Roy, undated
BOX-FOLDER 38/12 Harris, Wilhelmina
BOX-FOLDER 38/13 Harris, William H.
BOX-FOLDER 38/14 Harrison, Beatrice
BOX-FOLDER 38/15 Harrison, Julius
BOX-FOLDER 38/16 Harsányi, Tibor
BOX-FOLDER 38/17 Hart House String Quartet
BOX-FOLDER 38/18 Hartford Times
Hartley, Walter E.
see Occidental College. Miscellany
BOX-FOLDER 38/19 Hartley House Music School
BOX-FOLDER 38/20 Hartmann, Arthur
BOX-FOLDER 38/21 Hartt, Julius
BOX-FOLDER 39/19 Harvard Glee Club
BOX-FOLDER 39/22 Harvard Musical Association
BOX-FOLDER 39/20 Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra
Harvard University
see also Dumbarton Oaks, Hill, Edward Burlingame , Howe, Mark A. DeWolfe , Piston, Walter , Spalding, Walter R. , Thompson, Randall
BOX-FOLDER 39/1 Harvard University. Board of Overseers
BOX-FOLDER 39/2 Harvard University. Conant, James Bryant
BOX-FOLDER 39/3 Harvard University. Davison, Archibald T. and Mrs., 1921-1936
BOX-FOLDER 39/4 Harvard University. Davison, Archibald T. and Mrs., 1937-1945
BOX-FOLDER 39/13 Harvard University. Dept. of Music. Miscellany
BOX-FOLDER 39/5 Harvard University. Fogg Art Museum
see also Forbes, Edward W. and Margaret
BOX-FOLDER 39/6 Harvard University. Greene, Jerome D., 1935-1939
BOX-FOLDER 39/7 Harvard University. Greene, Jerome D., 1940-1944
BOX-FOLDER 39/8 Harvard University. Grout, Donald Jay
BOX-FOLDER 39/9 Harvard University. Merritt, A. Tillman, 1936-1945
BOX-FOLDER 39/10 Harvard University. Merritt, A. Tillman, 1946-1948
BOX-FOLDER 39/11 Harvard University. Merritt, A. Tillman, 1949-1952
BOX-FOLDER 39/12 Harvard University. Merritt, A. Tillman, undated
BOX-FOLDER 39/18 Harvard University. Miscellany
BOX-FOLDER 39/14 Harvard University. President and Fellows of Harvard College. Miscellany
BOX-FOLDER 39/15 Harvard University. Tercentenary Celebration
BOX-FOLDER 39/16 Harvard University. Woodworth, G. Wallace
BOX-FOLDER 39/17 Harvard University--various non-student institutions connected with the University
BOX-FOLDER 39/21 Harvard University--various student institutions connected with the College and University
BOX-FOLDER 39/23 Harwood, Edward C.
BOX-FOLDER 39/24 Haubiel, Charles
BOX-FOLDER 39/25 Haughton, Alison
Hauser, Emil
see Palestine Conservatory of Music
BOX-FOLDER 40/1 "Hav" miscellaneous
see also "H" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 40/3 Haven, Minnie Speare
BOX-FOLDER 40/2 Havre, Jean Baptiste and Mrs.
BOX-FOLDER 40/4 Haweis, Margaret
BOX-FOLDER 40/5 Hawkins, Erick
BOX-FOLDER 40/6 Hawley, Annie Andros
BOX-FOLDER 40/7 Hawley, Oscar H.
BOX-FOLDER 40/8 Haydn Society (Boston, Mass.)
Haydon, Glen
see North Carolina University
BOX-FOLDER 40/9 Hayes, Helen (fund appeal)
BOX-FOLDER 40/10 Hayes, Roland
BOX-FOLDER 40/11 Haywood, Marjorie
BOX-FOLDER 40/12 "He" miscellaneous
see also "H" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 40/13 Hebert, Felix
BOX-FOLDER 40/14 Hebrew University
BOX-FOLDER 40/15 Hecht, Elias
BOX-FOLDER 40/16 Heifetz, Benar and Olga
BOX-FOLDER 40/17 Heifetz, Jascha
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