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Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation collection, 1894-1953

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Correspondence, 1894-1953 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 23/5 Columbia Broadcasting System. Fassett, James H.
BOX-FOLDER 23/6 Columbia Broadcasting System. Gannon, Theo F.
BOX-FOLDER 23/7 Columbia Broadcasting System. Taylor, Davidson
BOX-FOLDER 23/8 Columbia Broadcasting System. Miscellany
Includes letter to Oliver Daniel.
BOX-FOLDER 23/9 Columbia Concert Management
see also Judson, Arthur
BOX-FOLDER 23/10 Columbia University. Butler, Nicholas Murray
Columbia University. Mason, Daniel Gregory
see Mason, Daniel Gregory
BOX-FOLDER 23/11 Columbia University. Miscellany
Colwell, Kent G.
see New York. Guaranty Trust Company
BOX-FOLDER 23/12 "Com" miscellaneous
see also "C" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 23/13 Comfort, Annabelle
BOX-FOLDER 23/14 Comité Monument à du Claude Debussy
BOX-FOLDER 23/15 Committee of 100
see also National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
BOX-FOLDER 23/16 Committee on Cultural Relations with Latin America. Herring, Hubert
BOX-FOLDER 23/17 Committee on Cultural Relations with Latin America. Miscellany
BOX-FOLDER 23/18 Compinsky, Alec and Manuel
Composers Press
see Haubiel, Charles
BOX-FOLDER 23/19 Comstock, Dorothy
Conant, James Bryant
see Harvard University
BOX-FOLDER 23/20 Conger, Luther Stowell
Conklin, Groff
see Committee on Cultural Relations with Latin America. Miscellany
BOX-FOLDER 23/21 Conkling, Roscoe P.
Conley, Peter D.
see San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 23/22 Connecticut College
BOX-FOLDER 23/23 Conrad, Doda
BOX-FOLDER 23/24 Consolo, Ernesto
BOX-FOLDER 23/25 Conte, Silvio O.
BOX-FOLDER 23/26 Contemporary Music Forum, N.Y.
BOX-FOLDER 23/27 Converse, Frederick Shepherd
BOX-FOLDER 23/28 Converse College
BOX-FOLDER 23/29 "Coo" miscellaneous
see also "C" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 23/30 Cook, Thomas, and Son
BOX-FOLDER 23/31 Cooke, James Francis
Cooke, Maude
see Boston. Hotel Statler
BOX-FOLDER 24/1 "Cool" miscellaneous
see also "C" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 24/2 Coolidge, Albert Sprague and Mrs. ("Peg"), 1922-1924
BOX-FOLDER 24/3 Coolidge, Albert Sprague and Mrs. ("Peg"), 1925-1927
BOX-FOLDER 24/4 Coolidge, Albert Sprague and Mrs. ("Peg"), 1928-1929
BOX-FOLDER 24/5 Coolidge, Albert Sprague and Mrs. ("Peg"), 1930-1932
BOX-FOLDER 24/6 Coolidge, Albert Sprague and Mrs. ("Peg"), 1933-1934
BOX-FOLDER 24/7 Coolidge, Albert Sprague and Mrs. ("Peg"), 1936-1939
BOX-FOLDER 24/8 Coolidge, Albert Sprague and Mrs. ("Peg"), 1940-1949
BOX-FOLDER 24/9 Coolidge, Albert Sprague and Mrs. ("Peg"), undated
BOX-FOLDER 24/10 Coolidge, Alison J.
Coolidge, Arlan R.
see Brown University
BOX-FOLDER 24/11 Coolidge, Calvin, Mrs.
BOX-FOLDER 24/12 Coolidge, Charles A.
BOX-FOLDER 24/13 Coolidge, D. H., Mrs.
BOX-FOLDER 24/14 Coolidge, Elizabeth (granddaughter)
see also Winship, Thomas and Elizabeth
BOX-FOLDER 24/16 Coolidge, Elizabeth Sprague. Miscellany
BOX-FOLDER 24/17 Coolidge, Frederick
BOX-FOLDER 24/18 Coolidge, John
BOX-FOLDER 24/19 Coolidge Memorial Home
BOX-FOLDER 24/20 Coolidge Quartet
BOX-FOLDER 24/21 Coolidge: Miscellany and Unidentified
BOX-FOLDER 25/1 Coonley, Louise Root
BOX-FOLDER 25/2 Cooper, Ada
BOX-FOLDER 25/3 Cooper, Charles
BOX-FOLDER 25/7 Copeland, George
BOX-FOLDER 25/4 Copland, Aaron, 1937-1943
BOX-FOLDER 25/5 Copland, Aaron, 1944-1952
BOX-FOLDER 25/6 Copland, Aaron: material on Pultizer Prize
BOX-FOLDER 25/8 Copley, Richard, 1925-1928
BOX-FOLDER 25/9 Copley, Richard, 1929-1933
BOX-FOLDER 25/10 Copley, Richard, 1934-1936
BOX-FOLDER 25/11 Copley, Richard, 1937
BOX-FOLDER 25/12 Copley, Richard, 1938-1940
BOX-FOLDER 25/13 Copley, Richard, undated
see De Coppet, Andre
BOX-FOLDER 25/14 Coppicus, F. C.
BOX-FOLDER 26/1 "Cor" miscellaneous
see also "C" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 26/2 Corbin, Edythe
BOX-FOLDER 26/3 Corcoran, James Bennison
BOX-FOLDER 26/4 Corcoran, Rosamond Eustis
The Cordon
see Chicago. The Cordon
BOX-FOLDER 26/5 Cornell College
BOX-FOLDER 26/6 Cornell University
see also Quarles, James T.
BOX-FOLDER 26/7 Cornish School
BOX-FOLDER 26/8 Cornish Trio
BOX-FOLDER 26/9 Corti, Mario
BOX-FOLDER 26/10 Cortot, Alfred
BOX-FOLDER 26/11 Cos Cob Press
Cosmopolitan Club (New York, N.Y.)
see New York. Cosmopolitan Club
BOX-FOLDER 26/12 Costa Leonilda Moreira de Sa' e
BOX-FOLDER 26/13 Cottenet, F. M.
Coulon, Gaston Verhuyck
see Verhuyck-Coulon, Gaston
BOX-FOLDER 26/14 Councilman, Elizabeth
BOX-FOLDER 26/15 Councilman, Wigglesworth T.
Country Concert Association of San Mateo County
see San Mateo. Country Concert Association
BOX-FOLDER 26/16 Couper, Mildred
BOX-FOLDER 26/17 Cousins, Margaret E.
BOX-FOLDER 26/18 Cowell, Henry and Sidney
BOX-FOLDER 26/19 Cowell, Joseph G.
BOX-FOLDER 26/20 Cowles, Walter Ruel
BOX-FOLDER 26/21 Cox, Gardner, Mrs. (Phyllis)
BOX-FOLDER 26/22 "Cr" miscellaneous
see also "C" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 26/23 Crane, Eleanor R.
Crane, Winnie Davis
see Pittsfield (Mass.) Community Music School
BOX-FOLDER 26/24 Crane-Gartz, Kate
BOX-FOLDER 26/25 Crawford, John and Joanna
BOX-FOLDER 26/26 Creative Concerts Guild, Boston
BOX-FOLDER 26/27 Crepax, Gilberto
BOX-FOLDER 26/28 Croiza, (Madame)
BOX-FOLDER 26/29 Crosby, Daniel
Crosten, William L.
see Stanford University. Crosten, William L.
BOX-FOLDER 26/30 "Cu" miscellaneous
see also "C" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 26/31 Cuba
BOX-FOLDER 26/32 Cummington School of the Arts
BOX-FOLDER 26/33 Cumpson, Harry
BOX-FOLDER 26/34 Cunningham, Edith Perkins
BOX-FOLDER 26/35 Cunningham, Ellen Painter
BOX-FOLDER 26/36 Cunninghan, Francis and Marcia
BOX-FOLDER 26/37 Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia
Curtis, Mary Louise
see Bok, Mary Louise Curtis
Curtis, Natalie
see Burlin, Natalie Curtis
BOX-FOLDER 26/38 Cushing, Carolyn K.
BOX-FOLDER 26/39 Cutter, Ephraim
BOX-FOLDER 26/40 Cuvelier, Marcel
BOX-FOLDER 26/41 Czechoslovakia
BOX-FOLDER 26/42 "C" unindentified
BOX-FOLDER 26/43 "D" miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 26/44 Dadmun, Paul
BOX-FOLDER 26/45 Dadmun, Royal
Dalcroze, Émile Jacques
see Jacques-Dalcroze, Émile
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