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Victor Herbert collection, 1880-1939

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Music (continued)
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BOX-FOLDER 3/17 Otto Langey score
BOX-FOLDER 3/18 Manuscript score
(No. 20) In old Ben Franklin's days
BOX-FOLDER 3/19 Otto Langey score
BOX-FOLDER 3/20 Manuscript score
Tell me, pray
BOX-FOLDER 3/21 Holograph score
BOX-FOLDER 3/22 Finale, Act I
The American ambassadress
see It happened in Nordland
Angel face
Full scores
Entrance music
BOX-FOLDER 3/23 Holograph score
Before Everybody's crazy; part of the time, No. 3
One step
BOX-FOLDER 3/24 Harold Sanford score
Selection, arr. by Harold Sanford
BOX-FOLDER 3/25 Arranger's holograph score
Trio: Reincarnation, Act III
BOX-FOLDER 3/26-27 Holograph scores
Orchestral parts
Entrance music
Before Everybody's crazy, part of the time, No. 3
BOX-FOLDER 3/28 Copyist's manuscript
BOX-FOLDER 3/29 Copyist's manuscript
Babes in Toyland
Full scores
Prologue: Prelude, Act I; No. 1 (Country dance)
BOX-FOLDER 4/1 Holograph score
Prologue: Vorspiel
BOX-FOLDER 4/2 Holograph score
Incomplete; [9] p.
BOX-FOLDER 4/3 Copyist's manuscript score
(No. 1) Act I: opening (Country dance; optional introduction)
BOX-FOLDER 4/4 Holograph score
BOX-FOLDER 4/6 Copyist's manuscript score
Variant version
(No. 2) With downcast eye
BOX-FOLDER 4/6 Otto Langey score
BOX-FOLDER 4/7-8 2 copyist's manuscript scores
(No. 3) Never mind, Bopeep, we will find your sheep
BOX-FOLDER 4/9 Otto Langey score
BOX-FOLDER 4/10-11 2 copyist's manuscript scores
(No. 4) Floretta
BOX-FOLDER 4/12 Otto Langey/holograph score
BOX-FOLDER 4/13-14 2 copyist's manuscript scores
(No. 5) Barney O'Flynn
BOX-FOLDER 4/15 Otto Langey/holograph score
BOX-FOLDER 4/16 Manuscript score
BOX-FOLDER 4/17 Copyist's manuscript score
(No. 6) Jane
BOX-FOLDER 4/18 Otto Langey score
BOX-FOLDER 4/19-20 2 copyist's manuscript scores
(No. 7) Lullaby: Go to sleep, slumber deep
BOX-FOLDER 4/21 Otto Langey score
BOX-FOLDER 4/22-23 2 copyist's manuscript scores
(No. 8) The birth of the butterfly
BOX-FOLDER 4/24 Holograph score
BOX-FOLDER 4/25 Copyist's manuscript score
(No. 9) Opening chorus, Act II
BOX-FOLDER 5/1 Otto Langey score
BOX-FOLDER 5/2-3 2 copyist's manuscript scores
(No. 10) A legend
BOX-FOLDER 5/4 Otto Langey score
(No. 11) Song of the poet: Rock-a-bye baby
BOX-FOLDER 5/5 Otto Langey score
BOX-FOLDER 5/6-7 2 copyist's manuscript scores
(No. 12a) March of the toys
BOX-FOLDER 5/8 Otto Langey score
BOX-FOLDER 5/9 Copyist's manuscript score
(No. 12b) Military ball, Act II
BOX-FOLDER 5/10 Otto Langey score
BOX-FOLDER 5/11-12 2 copyist's manuscript scores
(No. 13) Toyland, Act II
BOX-FOLDER 5/13 Holograph score
Incomplete, p. 1-4 wanting
Variant version?
BOX-FOLDER 5/14 Otto Langey score
BOX-FOLDER 5/15-16 2 copyist's manuscript scores
(No. 15) In the toymaker's workshop, Act III
BOX-FOLDER 5/17 Otto Langey score
BOX-FOLDER 5/18-19 2 copyist's manuscript scores
(No. 16) Before and after
BOX-FOLDER 5/20 Otto Langey score
BOX-FOLDER 5/21-22 2 copyist's manuscript scores
(No. 17) Mignonette. Serenade, Act III
BOX-FOLDER 6/1-2 2 Otto Langey scores
(No. 18) The moon will help you out, Act III
BOX-FOLDER 6/3-4 2 Otto Langey scores
BOX-FOLDER 6/5 Copyist's manuscript score
Beatrice barefacts (No. 11), Act III
BOX-FOLDER 6/6 Holograph score
BOX-FOLDER 6/7 Manuscript score
Battle music (Melodramatic music and finale, Act II)
BOX-FOLDER 6/8 Otto Langey score
Annotated by VH (early draft?)
BOX-FOLDER 6/9 Manuscript score
BOX-FOLDER 6/10 Copyist's manuscript score
Later draft?
Contrary Mary (No. 4), Act I
BOX-FOLDER 6/11 Otto Langey score
Duet: If I were a man like that
BOX-FOLDER 6/12 Copyist's manuscript score
Duet: Mary and Allan, Act II
Added for proposed German production; no lyric extant
BOX-FOLDER 6/13 Otto Langey score
Entrance of Contrary Mary, Act I
BOX-FOLDER 6/14 Otto Langey score
BOX-FOLDER 6/15 Copyist's manuscript score
Finale, Act II
BOX-FOLDER 6/16 Holograph score
Hang march (No. 16), Act III
BOX-FOLDER 6/17 Copyist's manuscript score
He won't be happy till he gets it (No. 19)
BOX-FOLDER 6/18 Manuscript score
Health food man, Act I
BOX-FOLDER 6/19 Copyist's manuscript score
I can't do the sum, Act I
BOX-FOLDER 6/20 Holograph score
BOX-FOLDER 6/21 Copyist's manuscript score
Inspector Marmaduke (No. 13), Act II
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