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Victor Herbert collection, 1880-1939

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Music (continued)
BOX 79-82 Show Music: Shows Not Identified
Chiefly manuscript unbound full scores, piano-vocal scores, and parts. Contains instrumental and vocal music that, though they appear to be intended for use in a show, cannot be associated with a specific Herbert operetta, opera, or musical. Many of these works are labeled with words such as “act,” “scene,” “dance,” and other terms commonly associated with show music. Some pieces list character names on the scores or were found with material belonging to a specific show.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
(No. 3) The acrobats, Finale, Act I
Not related to "The fawn and the woodnymph" from Oui, Madame!
BOX-FOLDER 79/1 Holograph full score
BOX-FOLDER 79/2 Holograph piano score
BOX-FOLDER 79/3 Copyist's manuscript score
(No. 9) Act II
Found with Oui Madame! material
BOX-FOLDER 79/4 Copyist's manuscript parts: violin II and viola
After piece
Found with Lambs' Gambol material
BOX-FOLDER 79/5 Holograph conductor's cue sheets
BOX-FOLDER 79/6 Holograph printed parts
(No. 7) At half past
Not related to "Half past," Box-folder 113/8
BOX-FOLDER 79/7 Manuscript parts
Ball room scene
Not related to "Ballroom scene" from Wonderland
BOX-FOLDER 79/8 Holograph piano-vocal score
Incomplete, p. 7-8 only
Ballet, Act II
BOX-FOLDER 79/9 Copyist's manuscript clarinet parts
(No. 5) Ballet numbers
BOX-FOLDER 79/10 Copyist's manuscript parts
Ballet. Before ballet; After ballet
BOX-FOLDER 79/11 Holograph score for strings
BOX-FOLDER 79/12 Holograph piano score
Ballet. Before ballet, Andante (beginning of Ballet), After ballet
BOX-FOLDER 79/13 Holograph string parts
Ballet (Fantasie introducing A kiss in the dark)
BOX-FOLDER 79/14 Holograph full score
Incomplete, p. 5-8 wanting
BOX-FOLDER 79/15 Holograph/copyist's manuscript piano score
BOX-FOLDER 79/16-17 Copyist's manuscript parts
BOX-FOLDER 79/18 Copyist's manuscript piano-vocal score
(No. 3) Coax the birds of the bushes
BOX-FOLDER 79/19 Copyist's manuscript parts
Orchestration by Daniel Doré
Coon song
Found with Babette materials
BOX-FOLDER 79/20 Otto Langey full score
Dance in drum number
BOX-FOLDER 79/21 Holograph full score
Dance no. 1 (Springtime, No. 13)
BOX-FOLDER 79/22 Harold Sanford full score
Dancing number for Phil
BOX-FOLDER 79/23 Copyist's manuscript parts
Dancing specialty. Act II
BOX-FOLDER 79/24 Holograph piano score
Incomplete, p. 1-2 only
(No. 3) Down where the watermelons grow
BOX-FOLDER 80/1 Manuscript parts
Duo with chorus. Act III
BOX-FOLDER 80/2 Otto Langey full score
Encore to Act II. Finale
BOX-FOLDER 80/3 Manuscript full score (fragment)
End of scene 1
BOX-FOLDER 80/4 Holograph piano score
From Angel Face or Miss 1917 ?
BOX-FOLDER 80/5 Holograph full score
BOX-FOLDER 80/6 Copyist's manuscript parts
Entrance of Sam Bernard
BOX-FOLDER 80/7 Holograph full score
Exit dance, Act I
BOX-FOLDER 80/8 Holograph full score
BOX-FOLDER 80/9 Holograph piano score
BOX-FOLDER 80/10 Copyist's manuscript parts
Fanfare, Act III
Found with Babette materials
BOX-FOLDER 80/11 Holograph full score
(No. 2) Finale, Act I
BOX-FOLDER 80/12 Holograph piano score
Incomplete, 1 p.
Finale, Act I
Apparently from the same show as Oh tell us what it means
BOX-FOLDER 80/13 Holograph piano-vocal score
Finale 1
Found with Oui Madame! material
BOX-FOLDER 80/14 Copyist's manuscript bass part
Finale ultimo or Encores
Found with Oui Madame! material
BOX-FOLDER 80/15 Holograph clarinet parts
Finale ultimo
Found with Oui Madame! material
BOX-FOLDER 80/16 Copyist's manuscript bass parts (2), each different
Ha! ha!
Found with Lambs' Gambol material
BOX-FOLDER 80/17 Holograph piano-vocal score
Harem scene
BOX-FOLDER 80/18 Holograph full score
BOX-FOLDER 80/19 Holograph piano-vocal score
Her bright smile haunts me still
Found with Lambs' Gambol material
BOX-FOLDER 80/20 Manuscript full score
I do what I do for the ladies
BOX-FOLDER 80/21 Holograph piano-vocal score
I hope it's addressed to me!, Act II
BOX-FOLDER 80/22 Holograph full score
BOX-FOLDER 80/23 Copyist's manuscript parts
I'm going in the movies
BOX-FOLDER 80/24 Copyist's manuscript piano-vocal score
On first page: 'Movie' Scene
(No. 4) I'm Spanish
Found with Oui Madame! materials
BOX-FOLDER 80/25 Holograph parts
In "Ballet Français"
BOX-FOLDER 80/26 Holograph full score
Kettle dance
BOX-FOLDER 80/27 Holograph piano score
The kid is clever
BOX-FOLDER 80/28 Holograph full score
BOX-FOLDER 80/29 Copyist's manuscript piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 80/30 Copyist's manuscript bass part
Last scene (Battleships)
BOX-FOLDER 80/31 Holograph full score
BOX-FOLDER 80/32 Copyist's manuscript piano score
The McIntyres. Part A and Part B
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