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Victor Herbert collection, 1880-1939

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Music (continued)
BOX 83-101 Non-Show Music
Chiefly manuscript unbound full scores, piano-vocal scores, short scores, sketches, and parts. Instrumental and vocal music that is not part of any of Herbert’s stage or screen shows. The orchestral music includes scores for most of Herbert’s large-scale works, among them, his Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, No. 1 and No. 2 , his dramatic cantata The Captive, Op. 5 , and both the jazz band and symphonic orchestra versions of the Suite of Serenades . Many of these works are represented by their holograph scores; others by arrangements by Harold Sanford and Otto Langey. Includes works for string orchestra, violin and piano, cello and piano, piano solo, and organ, as well as many songs (for voice and piano) and several choral pieces.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
A la valse
see Two pieces for violin
Air de ballet
No. 1 of Three compositions for string orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 83/1 Holograph score for string orchestra, harp and toy triangle
BOX-FOLDER 83/2 Holograph piano score
BOX-FOLDER 83/3 Holograph toy triangle part
BOX-FOLDER 83/4 Printed score and parts
BOX-FOLDER 83/5 Printed toy triangle and cornet I parts
Arranged by Otto Langey
Music by Victor Herbert for piano solo
BOX-FOLDER 83/6 Braille score
BOX-FOLDER 83/7 Harold Sanford full score
BOX-FOLDER 83/8-9 Copyist's manuscript parts
Alma mater song of The Catholic University of America
BOX-FOLDER 83/10 Negative photocopy of printed piano-vocal score
The American rose
BOX-FOLDER 83/11 Holograph piano score
BOX-FOLDER 83/12 Sheet music for piano with holograph indications for orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 83/13 Manuscript parts
Orchestral version most similar to piano score
BOX-FOLDER 83/14 Holograph/manuscript parts; orchestral version
Army and navy; The nations
BOX-FOLDER 83/15 Holograph full score
Aschenbrödel march
BOX-FOLDER 83/16 Manuscript full score
BOX-FOLDER 83/17 Manuscript piano score
Incomplete, [1] p.
BOX-FOLDER 83/18 Copyist's manuscript violin I part
BOX-FOLDER 83/20 Printed string parts
Arranged by Otto Langey
Barr's divertissement
BOX-FOLDER 84/1 Manuscript score
Incomplete, p. 5-10 only
Benamela: Finale. Grand march
BOX-FOLDER 84/2 Holograph piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 84/3 Copyist's manuscript for cello and piano
The bubble (picture)
BOX-FOLDER 84/4 Manuscript full score
BOX-FOLDER 84/5 Holograph piano score
BOX-FOLDER 84/6 Manuscript parts
The call
BOX-FOLDER 84/7 Holograph sketch, melody line only
On verso of leaf 2: sketch for a mazurka
The call to freedom
BOX-FOLDER 84/8 Printed piano-vocal score
Cannibal dance
Does not seem to be related to Cannibal music in Little Nemo
BOX-FOLDER 84/9 Copyist's manuscript parts: violin and cello
BOX-FOLDER 84/10 Printed piano-conductor score and parts
Arranged by Harold Sanford
BOX-FOLDER 84/11 Printed piano-conductor score and parts
From Serenade for string orchestra, op. 12, no. 4 ; arranged by Chas. J. Roberts
The captive (Der Gefangene), op. 25
BOX-FOLDER 84/12-13 Holograph/manuscript full score
BOX-FOLDER 85/1-4 Copyist's manuscript parts: percussion and strings
BOX-FOLDER 85/5 Printed piano-vocal score
With annotations
Chant d'amour
BOX-FOLDER 85/6 Photocopied holograph score for organ
BOX-FOLDER 85/7 Holograph score
Variant version
Christ is risen (an Easter anthem)
BOX-FOLDER 85/8 Holograph full score
BOX-FOLDER 85/9 Holograph piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 85/10 Copyist's manuscript/blue-line parts: soprano and alto
BOX-FOLDER 85/11 Printed piano-vocal score (2 copies)
Columbia. Anthem (first anthem of the Lambs)
BOX-FOLDER 86/1 Printed piano-vocal score
Columbus. Suite for orchestra, op. 35, no. 1
BOX-FOLDER 86/2-5 Holograph/manuscript scores
BOX-FOLDER 86/6-9 (No. 1) Sunrise on Granada
Copyist's manuscript parts
BOX-FOLDER 86/10-13 (No. 2) At la Rabida
Copyist's manuscript parts
BOX-FOLDER 87/1-3 (No. 3) Murmurs of the sea
Copyist's manuscript parts
BOX-FOLDER 87/4-7 (No. 4) Triumph
see also The vision of Columbus
Copyist's manuscript parts
Concerto for cello and orchestra, op. 8, no. 1
BOX-FOLDER 87/8 Holograph full score
BOX-FOLDER 88/1-8 Copyist's manuscript solo cello part
3: 1 complete, 1of movement 1 only, and 1 of p. 1 only
Concerto for cello and orchestra, op. 30, no. 2
see Suite, op. 3
The crucible's toast
BOX-FOLDER 89/1 Holograph piano-vocal score
Cuban serenade
BOX-FOLDER 89/2 Copyist's manuscript score with text underlaid
Not related to "A suite of serenades," boxes 97-98
On p. 2 verso: copyist's manuscript melody lines for "What must a fairy’s dream be!" and "Merry little birds are we"
Danse baroque
BOX-FOLDER 89/3 Holograph full score
BOX-FOLDER 89/4 Printed piano-conductor score and parts
Arranged by Harold Sanford
Devotion: a love sonnet for piano
BOX-FOLDER 89/5 Printed piano-conductor score and parts
Arranged by Harold Sanford
Die rothen Rosen
BOX-FOLDER 89/6 Holograph piano-vocal score
Dodge brothers march
BOX-FOLDER 89/7 Holograph piano/piano-vocal score
No lyric
BOX-FOLDER 89/8 Manuscript/photocopy parts
Arranged by M.L. Lake
BOX-FOLDER 89/9 Printed parts
Arranged by Harold Sanford
An Easter dawn
BOX-FOLDER 89/10 Holograph full score
BOX-FOLDER 89/11 Copyist manuscript parts
BOX-FOLDER 89/1 Holograph full score
Entrance of the moth
see Valse lente
Estellita. Valse pathétique
see also Opening, Act II
BOX-FOLDER 89/13 Holograph full score
BOX-FOLDER 89/14 Copyist's manuscript string parts
Festival march
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