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Victor Herbert collection, 1880-1939

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Music (continued)
BOX 111-112 Music by Others
Chiefly printed bound scores and unbound scores and parts. Orchestral and chamber music by other composers that was owned by Herbert. Includes fifteen compositions by Samuel Lover and three bound opera scores from the libraries of Herbert and Therese Förster.
Arranged alphabetically by composer and alphabetically by title therein.
BOX-FOLDER 111/1 Chinese music, copied from Beiträge zur Erforschung der chinesischen Musik by Erich Fischer
Boccherini, Luigi
BOX-FOLDER 111/2 Sei sonate per violoncello, Sonata VI (piano accompaniment by Alfredo Piatti)
Bonvin, Ludwig
BOX-FOLDER 111/3 Festzug, op. 27
Burt, Benjamin H.
BOX-FOLDER 111/4 Alexander Jones
Buzzi-Peccia, Arturo
BOX-FOLDER 111/5 Saturnale (romano for orchestra)
Foy, Eddie
BOX-FOLDER 111/6 Put on your old high hat
Gabrilówitsch, Ossip
BOX-FOLDER 111/7 Good-bye, op. 11, no. 1
Inscribed to VH by Gabrilówitsch
Goltermann, Georg
BOX-FOLDER 111/8 Concerto, op. 14
Gounod, Charles
BOX-FOLDER 111/9 Sérénade (Berceuse)
Hadley, Henry
BOX-FOLDER 111/10 Music. An ode, op. 75
Inscribed to VH by Hadley
Kelley, Edgar Stillman
BOX-FOLDER 112/1 Aladdin
Inscribed to VH by Kelley
Leotti, J.
BOX-FOLDER 112/2-3 Andante calmo
BOX-FOLDER 112/4 Spanish tango
Lover, Samuel
BOX-FOLDER 112/5 The angel's whisper
BOX-FOLDER 112/6 The birth of St. Patrick
BOX-FOLDER 112/7 The deep sea shell
BOX-FOLDER 112/8 The haunted spring
BOX-FOLDER 112/9 Live in my heart and pay no rent
BOX-FOLDER 112/10 The low back'd car
BOX-FOLDER 112/11 The May dew
BOX-FOLDER 112/12 Molly Bawn
BOX-FOLDER 112/13 My dark hair'd girl
BOX-FOLDER 112/14 Oh! watch you well by daylight
BOX-FOLDER 112/15 Rory O'Moore
BOX-FOLDER 112/16 The slave trade
BOX-FOLDER 112/17 Le songe
BOX-FOLDER 112/18 That rogue, Riley!
BOX-FOLDER 112/19 Under the rose
Lund, John
BOX-FOLDER 112/20 Eine Hochzeitsmusik
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix
BOX-FOLDER 112/21 A midsummer night's dream
Offenbach, Jacques
BOX-FOLDER Bound Les contes d'Hoffman
Raff, Joachim
BOX-FOLDER 112/22 Im Walde. Sinfonie no. 3, F dur, op. 153
Ritter, Joseph
BOX-FOLDER 112/23 September starlight
Inscribed to Ella Herbert by Ritter
Wagner, Richard
BOX-FOLDER Bound Siegfried
Signed by VH
BOX-FOLDER Bound Die Walküre
Inscribed to Therese Förster
Waller, Henry
BOX-FOLDER 112/24 Dance of the "sun feast"
BOX 113-114 Miscellaneous Music
Ubound manuscript scores and parts, piano-vocal scores, sketches, mostly in manuscript. Works by Herbert that have distinct titles, yet cannot be labeled authoritatively as either show music or non-show music.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
Changeable Charlie
BOX-FOLDER 113/1 Copyist's manuscript lead sheet
The eternal triangle
BOX-FOLDER 113/2 Holograph full score
Fanfare (from Medley. No. 1)
BOX-FOLDER 113/3 Copyist's manuscript parts: brass and strings
Fanfare, for 2 horns and 2 cornets
BOX-FOLDER 113/4 Holograph parts
Fanfare in B-flat; Untitled; William Tell; Tempo valse
Lambs' Gambol material?
BOX-FOLDER 113/5 Copyist's manuscript parts
Fox trot
BOX-FOLDER 113/6 Holograph sketches
Additional sketches laid in. On cover, in Ella Herbert Bartlett's hand: Last thing Father wrote / sketches / May 25th 1924
The frog and the fish
The enchanted isle?
BOX-FOLDER 113/7 Holograph piano-vocal score
Half past
BOX-FOLDER 113/8 Copyist's manuscript choral score and parts
Arranged by Theo Westman; incomplete
Not related to "At half past," box-folder 79/7
Havana Anna
BOX-FOLDER 113/9 Holograph full score
BOX-FOLDER 113/10 Copyist's manuscript parts
I'm looking for a little Cinderella
BOX-FOLDER 113/11 Holograph piano-vocal score
It's hell to be a Dolly
BOX-FOLDER 113/12 Holograph full score
It's just the harmless guile of her
BOX-FOLDER 113/13 Holograph piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 113/13 Lyric sheet
J.J. Flynn
BOX-FOLDER 113/14 Holograph piano-vocal score
No lyric
A jazz tune
BOX-FOLDER 113/15 Copyist's manuscript parts
The jolly curraiser
BOX-FOLDER 113/16 Holograph piano-vocal score
Love is near, dear
BOX-FOLDER 113/17 Coypist's manuscript piano-vocal score
Incomplete, p. 1-2 wanting
BOX-FOLDER 113/18 Copyist's manuscript vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 113/19 Manuscript string parts
Montgomery and stone
Comedians; different work from the following
BOX-FOLDER 113/20 Manuscript full score
Montgomery and stone
Comedians; different work from the previous
BOX-FOLDER 113/21 Copyist's manuscript parts
My arms are yearning
BOX-FOLDER 113/22 Holograph piano-vocal score
My girl
BOX-FOLDER 113/23 Copyist's manuscript parts
My little Rose Marie
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