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Victor Herbert collection, 1880-1939

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Music (continued)
BOX 113-114 Miscellaneous Music
Ubound manuscript scores and parts, piano-vocal scores, sketches, mostly in manuscript. Works by Herbert that have distinct titles, yet cannot be labeled authoritatively as either show music or non-show music.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
Changeable Charlie
BOX-FOLDER 113/1 Copyist's manuscript lead sheet
The eternal triangle
BOX-FOLDER 113/2 Holograph full score
Fanfare (from Medley. No. 1)
BOX-FOLDER 113/3 Copyist's manuscript parts: brass and strings
Fanfare, for 2 horns and 2 cornets
BOX-FOLDER 113/4 Holograph parts
Fanfare in B-flat; Untitled; William Tell; Tempo valse
Lambs' Gambol material?
BOX-FOLDER 113/5 Copyist's manuscript parts
Fox trot
BOX-FOLDER 113/6 Holograph sketches
Additional sketches laid in. On cover, in Ella Herbert Bartlett's hand: Last thing Father wrote / sketches / May 25th 1924
The frog and the fish
The enchanted isle?
BOX-FOLDER 113/7 Holograph piano-vocal score
Half past
BOX-FOLDER 113/8 Copyist's manuscript choral score and parts
Arranged by Theo Westman; incomplete
Not related to "At half past," box-folder 79/7
Havana Anna
BOX-FOLDER 113/9 Holograph full score
BOX-FOLDER 113/10 Copyist's manuscript parts
I'm looking for a little Cinderella
BOX-FOLDER 113/11 Holograph piano-vocal score
It's hell to be a Dolly
BOX-FOLDER 113/12 Holograph full score
It's just the harmless guile of her
BOX-FOLDER 113/13 Holograph piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 113/13 Lyric sheet
J.J. Flynn
BOX-FOLDER 113/14 Holograph piano-vocal score
No lyric
A jazz tune
BOX-FOLDER 113/15 Copyist's manuscript parts
The jolly curraiser
BOX-FOLDER 113/16 Holograph piano-vocal score
Love is near, dear
BOX-FOLDER 113/17 Coypist's manuscript piano-vocal score
Incomplete, p. 1-2 wanting
BOX-FOLDER 113/18 Copyist's manuscript vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 113/19 Manuscript string parts
Montgomery and stone
Comedians; different work from the following
BOX-FOLDER 113/20 Manuscript full score
Montgomery and stone
Comedians; different work from the previous
BOX-FOLDER 113/21 Copyist's manuscript parts
My arms are yearning
BOX-FOLDER 113/22 Holograph piano-vocal score
My girl
BOX-FOLDER 113/23 Copyist's manuscript parts
My little Rose Marie
Found with Babette materials
BOX-FOLDER 113/24 Holograph piano-vocal score
My midnight girl
BOX-FOLDER 113/25 Sketch of piano-vocal score
O my luve's like a red, red rose
BOX-FOLDER 113/26 Manuscript piano-vocal score
Oh what a world
BOX-FOLDER 113/27 Manuscript drum part
Oriental dance
Not related to "Oriental dance" from Wonderland , box-folder 75/26-27
BOX-FOLDER 113/28 Holograph sketch
Includes 2 antecedent pages of unidentified material
Parisian scene
BOX-FOLDER 113/29 Holograph full score
Paul Revere's ride
BOX-FOLDER 113/30 Holograph full score
Play that wedding march backward
BOX-FOLDER 113/31 Holograph piano-vocal score
No lyric
BOX-FOLDER 113/32 Holograph piano-vocal score with lyric fragments
Samoan lullaby
BOX-FOLDER 114/1 Holograph sketch
Serenade for Van Dresser?
BOX-FOLDER 114/2 Holograph piano-vocal score
Incomplete, [2] p.
She was a country girl
Found with Babette material
BOX-FOLDER 114/3 Holograph piano-vocal score
She's a doggone lovable girl
BOX-FOLDER 114/4 Holograph piano-vocal score
Song and march
BOX-FOLDER 114/5 Manuscript piano-vocal score
Sousie from Sioux City
BOX-FOLDER 114/6 Holograph full score
Spanish dance
BOX-FOLDER 114/7 Holograph piano score
Spring is here
BOX-FOLDER 114/8 Holograph piano-vocal score
Tell me, daisy
BOX-FOLDER 114/9 3 copyist's manuscript piano-vocal scores
BOX-FOLDER 114/10 Copyist's manuscript parts
Theme (Serious)
BOX-FOLDER 114/11 Copyist's manuscript parts
Trio: I need it now
BOX-FOLDER 114/12 Otto Langey full score
BOX-FOLDER 114/13 Holograph piano-vocal score
Two sons of rest
BOX-FOLDER 114/14 Copyist's manuscript piano-vocal score
No lyric; 2 copies
VH waltzes
BOX-FOLDER 114/15 Manuscript score
Valse lente
Found with Babette material
BOX-FOLDER 114/16 Otto Langey full score
BOX-FOLDER 114/17 Holograph full score
Waiting for a kiss
BOX-FOLDER 114/18 Holograph full score
BOX-FOLDER 114/19 Copyist's manuscript parts
Waltz (Maurice)
BOX-FOLDER 114/20 Holograph full score
We're marching on to glory?
BOX-FOLDER 114/21 Holograph vocal score with lyric fragment
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