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Arthur Schwartz papers, 1900-1983

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Music, 1917-1978 (continued)
Music for Projects (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 12/6 Where you are
Earlier title: You're all mine
BOX-FOLDER 12/7 A woman's job
The little show (musical revue , 1929 )
BOX-FOLDER 12/8 Hammacher Schlemmer I love you
BOX-FOLDER 12/9 I guess I'll have to change my plan
BOX-FOLDER 12/10 I've made a habit of you
BOX-FOLDER 12/11 Man about town
The mark of Zorro (unproduced film , 1936 )
BOX-FOLDER 12/12 Dancing conversation
BOX-FOLDER 12/13 My saddle is my throne
BOX-FOLDER 12/14 The night has lost the moon
Mrs. 'Arris goes to Paris (unproduced musical , circa 1958 )
BOX-FOLDER 12/15 I don't want to go home
BOX-FOLDER 12/16 Toujours gai
BOX-FOLDER 12/17 Wonderful world
Navy blues (film , 1941 )
BOX-FOLDER 12/18 In Waikiki
BOX-FOLDER 12/19 Navy blues
BOX-FOLDER 12/20 When are we going to land abroad
BOX-FOLDER 12/21 You're a natural
Sheet music
Nicholas Nickelby (unproduced musical , 1970s )
BOX-FOLDER 13/1 Nickleby opening
Paint your wagon (unproduced film , 1953 )
BOX-FOLDER 13/2 Bonanza!
BOX-FOLDER 13/3 Californey never looked so good
BOX-FOLDER 13/4 Kentucky
BOX-FOLDER 13/5 Noah was a wisdom man
BOX-FOLDER 13/6 Over the purple hills
BOX-FOLDER 13/7 Paint your wagon
BOX-FOLDER 13/8 There's always one you can't forget
Palula Island (musical , 1923 )
BOX-FOLDER 13/9 Palula moon
Park Avenue (musical , 1946 )
BOX-FOLDER 13/10 The dew was on the rose
BOX-FOLDER 13/11 Don't be a woman if you can
BOX-FOLDER 13/12 Interlude II dew
BOX-FOLDER 13/13 Land of opportunitee
BOX-FOLDER 13/14 Miscellaneous songs
Sheet music
Titles: For the life of me; Good-bye to all that; There's no holding me
BOX-FOLDER 13/15 My son-in-law
BOX-FOLDER 13/16 Stay as we are
Princess Charming (musical revue , 1930 )
BOX-FOLDER 13/17 I must be one of those roses
BOX-FOLDER 13/18 Never mind how
Sheet music
Princess O'Rourke (film , 1943 )
BOX-FOLDER 13/19 Honorable moon
Sheet music
Queen High (film , 1930 )
BOX-FOLDER 13/20 Brother, just laugh it off!
Sheet music
BOX-FOLDER 13/21 I'm afraid of you
Sheet music
Revenge with music (musical , 1934 )
BOX-FOLDER 14/1 Any woman who is willing
BOX-FOLDER 14/2 Flamenco
BOX-FOLDER 14/3 If there is someone lovelier than you
BOX-FOLDER 14/4 In the middle of the night
BOX-FOLDER 14/5 In the noonday sun
BOX-FOLDER 14/6 Miscellaneous songs
Sheet music
Titles: Maria; That fellow Manuelo; Wand'ring heart
BOX-FOLDER 14/7 Moorish dance
BOX-FOLDER 14/8 My father said
BOX-FOLDER 14/9 Never marry a dancer
BOX-FOLDER 14/10 Once in a while
BOX-FOLDER 14/11 Think it over
BOX-FOLDER 14/12 You and the night and the music
The second little show (musical revue , 1930 )
BOX-FOLDER 15/1 Lucky seven
BOX-FOLDER 15/2 You're the sunrise
Stars in your eyes (musical , 1939 )
BOX-FOLDER 15/3 Miscellaneous songs
Sheet music
Titles: All the time; I'll pay the check; It's all yours; Just a little bit more; A lady needs a change; Terribly attractive; This is it
BOX-FOLDER 15/4 Never a dull moment
BOX-FOLDER 15/5 Opening
Thank your lucky stars (film , 1943 )
BOX-FOLDER 15/6 I'm goin' north
BOX-FOLDER 15/7 Love isn't born
Sheet music
BOX-FOLDER 15/8 Miscellaneous songs
Sheet music
Titles: The dreamer; Good night good neighbor; How sweet you are; Ice cold Katy; I'm ridin' for a fall; Thank your lucky stars; They're either too young or too old
BOX-FOLDER 15/9 That's what you jolly well get
That girl from Paris (film , 1936 )
BOX-FOLDER 15/10 Miscellaneous songs
Sheet music
Titles: Love and learn; Moon face; Seal it with a kiss
That's entertainment (film , 1974 )
BOX-FOLDER 15/11 That's entertainment
Sheet music
Three's a crowd (musical revue , 1930 )
BOX-FOLDER 15/12 The moment I saw you
Sheet music
BOX-FOLDER 15/13 Right at the start of it
BOX-FOLDER 15/14 Something to remember you by
The time, the place, and the girl (film , 1946 )
BOX-FOLDER 15/15 A gal in calico
BOX-FOLDER 15/16 I happened to walk down First Street
BOX-FOLDER 15/17 Oh, but I do
BOX-FOLDER 15/18 A rainy night in Rio
BOX-FOLDER 15/19 A solid citizen of the solid South
BOX-FOLDER 15/20 Through a thousand years
BOX-FOLDER 15/21 The time, the place, and the girl
A tree grows in Brooklyn (musical , 1951 )
Full scores
BOX-FOLDER 56/1 Overture
BOX-FOLDER 56/2 #1 Opening Part I
BOX-FOLDER 56/3 #1B Mine Till Monday: Intro, Interlude Reprise, Incidental
BOX-FOLDER 56/4 #2 Opening Part II
BOX-FOLDER 56/5 #4 Make the Man Love Me
Manuscript and fair copy, includes Intro
BOX-FOLDER 56/6 #6 Tuscaloosa
BOX-FOLDER 56/7 #6a Tuscaloosa Dance; #6B Tuscaloosa Encore
BOX-FOLDER 56/8 #7 I'm Like a New Broom
Includes Incidental
BOX-FOLDER 56/9 #9 The Bride Wore Something Old
BOX-FOLDER 56/10 #10-13 Look Who's Dancing
BOX-FOLDER 56/11 #13 Last 4 and Tag
BOX-FOLDER 56/12 #15 Make the Man Love Me - Incidental
BOX-FOLDER 56/13 #19 I'll Buy You a Star
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