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Arthur Schwartz papers, 1900-1983

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Music, 1917-1978 (continued)
Other Music (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 19/16 The latest thing from Paris
Lyric by Leo Robin
BOX-FOLDER 19/17 Let yourself go
BOX-FOLDER 19/18 Let's wish
Lyric by Theodore Goodman
BOX-FOLDER 19/19 Life has a thousand beginnings
BOX-FOLDER 19/20 Lone wolf
BOX-FOLDER 19/21 Look at you change
BOX-FOLDER 19/22 Love should be free
Lyric by A. Schwartz
BOX-FOLDER 19/23 A lovely day to have a wedding
BOX-FOLDER 19/24 Lullaby
BOX-FOLDER 19/25 A man my age
Lyric by Leo Robin
BOX-FOLDER 19/26 A man's world
BOX-FOLDER 19/27 Medleys
BOX-FOLDER 19/28 Moon dreams
Lyric by Alexander Slavitt
BOX-FOLDER 19/29 The moon is down
Lyric by Frank Loesser
BOX-FOLDER 19/30 More and more
BOX-FOLDER 19/31 Mother's wedding gown
BOX-FOLDER 19/32 Music in the breeze
BOX-FOLDER 19/33 My star
BOX-FOLDER 20/1 N.Y. food
BOX-FOLDER 20/2 Oh! Mama!
BOX-FOLDER 20/3 One two three four five
Lyric by A. Schwartz
BOX-FOLDER 20/4 Peter Pan
BOX-FOLDER 20/5 A president needs a friend
BOX-FOLDER 20/6 Promise!!
BOX-FOLDER 20/7 A quiet evening at home
BOX-FOLDER 20/8 Quiet on the river
BOX-FOLDER 20/9 Rhythm makes the world go 'round
BOX-FOLDER 20/10 Rolling along the road
BOX-FOLDER 20/11 'Round the world
BOX-FOLDER 20/12 Say uncle! Say uncle!
Lyric by Ed Ugast
BOX-FOLDER 20/13 The sewing circle on the Seine
BOX-FOLDER 20/14 Shine on, Pi Lambda Phi
Lyric by Alexander Slavitt
BOX-FOLDER 20/15 A silent song
Lyric by Leo Robin
BOX-FOLDER 20/16 The simple things of marriage
BOX-FOLDER 20/17 Singapore serenade
BOX-FOLDER 20/18 Sleigh bells
BOX-FOLDER 20/19 The slightly different rhythm
BOX-FOLDER 20/20 Smash, crash right through
Lyric by Alexander Slavitt
New York University fight song
Song is on p. 60 of volume
BOX-FOLDER 20/21 Snake charmer
BOX-FOLDER 20/22 Spring is here
BOX-FOLDER 20/23 Style!
BOX-FOLDER 20/24 Sunday picnic
BOX-FOLDER 20/25 The sweater boys
Lyric by Frank Loesser
BOX-FOLDER 20/26 Sweetheart
BOX-FOLDER 21/1 Ta-ra-ra commercial
BOX-FOLDER 21/2 Talent
Lyric by Sammy Cahn
BOX-FOLDER 21/3 That midnight kiss
BOX-FOLDER 21/4 That will be the day
BOX-FOLDER 21/5 That's the only doctor for me
BOX-FOLDER 21/6 There must be a place for me
BOX-FOLDER 21/7 Thirty five
BOX-FOLDER 21/8 To love and lose
Lyric by Leo Robin
BOX-FOLDER 21/9 To please a man
BOX-FOLDER 21/10 Twilight
Lyric by Theodore Goodman
BOX-FOLDER 21/11 U.S.A. commercial
BOX-FOLDER 21/12 Untitled
Melody magazine "Dollars for words" contest promotional song
BOX-FOLDER 21/13 Untitled melody for love song
BOX-FOLDER 21/14 Waiting for love to come
Lyric by Henry Myers
BOX-FOLDER 21/15 Watching the sun go down
BOX-FOLDER 21/16 The way things are
Lyric by Leo Robin
BOX-FOLDER 21/18 We do it better over here
BOX-FOLDER 21/19 We'd rather be there
Lyric by Leo Robin
BOX-FOLDER 21/20 What a mornin'
BOX-FOLDER 21/21 What kind of teacher is that?
BOX-FOLDER 21/22 What you've done to me
Lyric by Dave S. Goldberg
BOX-FOLDER 21/23 When shadows fall
Lyric by Alexander Slavitt
BOX-FOLDER 21/24 Why?
BOX-FOLDER 21/25 Why am I singin' in the mornin'?
BOX-FOLDER 21/26 Why must the show go on?
BOX-FOLDER 21/27 Why should I care?
Lyric by A. Schwartz
BOX-FOLDER 21/28 Wicked woman
BOX-FOLDER 21/29 With you here and me here
BOX-FOLDER 21/30 Will you be my friend?
Lyric by A. Schwartz
The world is turning fast
see Balanchine songs
BOX-FOLDER 21/31 You have only one life to live
Lyric by A. Schwartz
BOX-FOLDER 21/32 You need a baby
Lyric by Robert A. Simon
BOX-FOLDER 21/33 You're doing it for America
BOX-FOLDER 21/34 You're worth waiting for
BOX-FOLDER 21/35 Unidentified
Miscellaneous Sketches
Undated sketchbooks and manuscript fragments, some with drafts of lyrics.
Arranged by material type.
BOX-FOLDER 22/1-2 Sketch books
BOX-FOLDER 22/3-5, 23/1-2 Sketches and fragments
Music by Other Composers
Manuscript scores, in various hands, of songs by other composers, including Luther Henderson's orchestration of "Dancing in the Dark."
Arranged alphabetically by last name of composer and by title therein.
Berlin, Irving
BOX-FOLDER 23/3 Trader horn
Grant, Ian and Gordon Rees
BOX-FOLDER 23/4 They're parking camels where the taxis used to be
Henderson, Luther
BOX-FOLDER 53/1 Dancing in the dark
Orchestration for Cue magazine's "Salute to ASCAP", 1966
Myers, Richard
BOX-FOLDER 23/5 You are worth while waiting for
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