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Arthur Schwartz papers, 1900-1983

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Some or all content stored offsite.
Project Files, 1923-1982 (continued)
The mark of Zorro (unproduced film, 1936) (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 34/3-9, 35/1-5 Miscellaneous lyrics, undated
Lyric sheets and notebooks
BOX-FOLDER 36/1 Miscellaneous projects, 1931-1953 and undated
Miscellaneous scripts and short stories
BOX-FOLDER 36/2 All I want to do is dance (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 36/3 All over the map: a lecture (1949)
By Joseph Stein and Will Glickman
BOX-FOLDER 36/4 The angel was a Yankee (undated)
By Stephen Vincent Benet
BOX-FOLDER 36/5 The animal kingdom (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 36/6 The avenger (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 36/7 Battle of Radio City (undated)
By John de Vries
BOX-FOLDER 36/8 Comedian (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 36/9 Crack the vault (1949)
By Leslie Stevens and Irving Wexler
BOX-FOLDER 36/10 Danger: women at work (1942)
By A. Schwartz and Joseph Schrank
BOX-FOLDER 36/11 Drive-in sketch (undated)
By A.W. Seligmann
BOX-FOLDER 36/12 Extra! Extra! (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 36/13 A famous lawyer at home (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 36/14 The farmer's son (undated)
By H. Dietz and Charles Sherman
BOX-FOLDER 36/15 Freedom of the air (undated)
By George S. Kaufman
BOX-FOLDER 36/16 The gigolo business (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 36/17 Giveaway program idea (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 36/18 Half a loaf (1949)
By Franklin P. Adams
BOX-FOLDER 36/19 The hat check girl (undated)
By Thomas W. Phipps
BOX-FOLDER 36/20 The heir (undated)
By Thomas W. Phipps
BOX-FOLDER 36/21 How big is baby (undated)
By Herbert and Dorothy Fields
BOX-FOLDER 36/22 I like it here (1949)
By Billy Kaye
BOX-FOLDER 36/23 Inside laundromat (undated)
By John de Vries
BOX-FOLDER 36/24 Just around the corner (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 36/25 Local boys make good (undated)
By George S. Kaufman
BOX-FOLDER 36/26 Love is where you find it (undated)
By Sig Herzig and Fred Saidy
BOX-FOLDER 36/27 Love is where you find it (1944)
By Fritz Rotter and Charles O'Neal
BOX-FOLDER 36/28 The Martin & Lewis story (1954)
By Sidney Sheldon
BOX-FOLDER 36/29 Meet the audience (undated)
By George S. Kaufman
BOX-FOLDER 36/30 Meet the winner (undated)
By George S. Kaufman
BOX-FOLDER 37/1 Magnificent Merton (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 37/2 Memories (undated)
By Ted Allan
BOX-FOLDER 37/3-5 Moon's wane (undated)
By Herman Wouk
BOX-FOLDER 37/6 Movie sketch (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 37/7 Murder at home (undated)
By Thomas W. Phipps
BOX-FOLDER 37/8 On the American plan (undated)
By H. Dietz and George S. Kaufman
BOX-FOLDER 37/9 Osubverso (undated)
By Richard Collins
BOX-FOLDER 37/10 P.C. symphony in A minor (undated)
By Steve Bass
BOX-FOLDER 37/11 Peabody (undated)
By Thomas W. Phipps
BOX-FOLDER 37/12 Pleasure girl (undated)
By Graham John
BOX-FOLDER 37/13 Ravioli (undated)
By John de Vries
BOX-FOLDER 37/14 Reach for the clouds! (undated)
By Harry Bailey
BOX-FOLDER 37/15 Real gone, man! (undated)
By John de Vries
BOX-FOLDER 37/16 Resigned to living (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 37/17 A Russian comedy (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 37/18 The salesman (undated)
By H. Dietz and Carey Ford
BOX-FOLDER 37/19 Service (undated)
By George S. Kaufman and Marc Connelly
BOX-FOLDER 37/20 Shop talk (undated)
By George S. Kaufman
BOX-FOLDER 37/21 System (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 37/22 Top secret (1964)
BOX-FOLDER 37/23 The wages of innocence (1947)
By Leonard L. Levinson
BOX-FOLDER 37/24 Where there's life there's soap (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 37/25 While Paris laughs (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 37/26 Wonderful world (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 38/1 Moss Hart party record (private recording, 1959)
Correspondence and notes
BOX-FOLDER 38/2 The Moss Hart show (1959)
Lyric sheets
BOX-FOLDER 38/3-6 Mrs. 'Arris goes to Paris (unproduced musical, circa 1958)
Music by A. Schwartz; lyrics by H. Dietz
Scripts, correspondence, and lyric sheets
BOX-FOLDER 38/7 Music by Jerome Kern (concert, 1977)
BOX-FOLDER 38/8 Music to my ears (undated)
Story outline
BOX-FOLDER 38/9 The New Yorkers (musical revue, 1927)
Book and lyrics by Jo Swerling and Henry Myers; music by A. Schwartz, Edgar Fairchild, and Charles M. Schwab
BOX-FOLDER 38/10 Nice goings on (musical, 1934)
Book by Douglas Furber; music by A. Schwartz; lyrics by Douglas Furber and Frank Eyton
Publicity materials
BOX-FOLDER 38/11-14, 39/1-4 Nicholas Nickleby (unproduced musical, 1970s)
Scripts, lyric sheets, correspondence, business papers, notes, and publicity materials
BOX-FOLDER 39/5-6 Night and day (film, 1946)
Music by Cole Porter; produced by A. Schwartz
Correspondence and publicity materials
BOX-FOLDER 40/1-10 Park Avenue (musical, 1946)
Book by Nunnally Johnson and George S. Kaufman; music by A. Schwartz; lyrics by Ira Gershwin
Scripts, synopses, lyric sheets, correspondence, clippings, and miscellany
BOX-FOLDER 40/11 The Perry Como show (television show, 1958)
Episode no. 119
Selected music by A. Schwartz
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