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Publications, 1977-1999 (continued)
American Music, 1980-1999 (continued)
Frank J. and Wilma Reid Cipolla, 1984-1995 (continued)
Correspondence with Sonneck Society Bulletin editors, 1992-1993 (continued)
Correspondence chiefly with editors Sherrill V. Martin, Jean Bonin, and Douglas A. Lee.
BOX-FOLDER 84/6 Correspondence with Sonneck Society Bulletin editors, 1994
Correspondence chiefly with editors Sherrill V. Martin, Jean Bonin, and Douglas A. Lee.
BOX-FOLDER 84/7 Correspondence with contributors, "A-B," 1984-1995
BOX-FOLDER 84/8 Correspondence with contributors, "C-E," 1984-1995
BOX-FOLDER 84/9 Correspondence with contributors, "F-H," 1984-1995
BOX-FOLDER 84/10 Correspondence with contributors, "J-L," 1984-1995
BOX-FOLDER 84/11 Correspondence with contributors, "M-N," 1984-1995
BOX-FOLDER 84/12 Correspondence with contributors, "O-R," 1984-1995
BOX-FOLDER 84/13 Correspondence with contributors, "S," 1984-1995
BOX-FOLDER 84/14 Correspondence with contributors, "T-Z," 1984-1995
BOX-FOLDER 84/15 Review lists, 1987-1995
BOX 85-92 John Graziano, 1981-1989
American Music editor, 1986-1989. Contains correspondence and materials relating to American Music contributors and reviewers, including abstracts, drafts and finished articles, biographies, rating sheets and illustrations. Arranged alphabetically by last name. In addition, at the end of the alphabetical arrangement, there is a group of miscellaneous correspondence arranged chronologically. May contain a few items from Allen Britton's editorship.
BOX-FOLDER 85/1 Aiex, Nola Kortner
BOX-FOLDER 85/2 Albertson, Joseph K.
BOX-FOLDER 85/3 Ancelet, Barry Jean
BOX-FOLDER 85/4 Aquila, Richard
BOX-FOLDER 85/5 Badger, Reid
BOX-FOLDER 85/6 Balensuela, C. Matthew
BOX-FOLDER 85/7 Baron, John H.
BOX-FOLDER 85/8 Beckwith, John
BOX-FOLDER 85/9 Benser, Caroline Cepin
BOX-FOLDER 85/10 Berg, Wesley
BOX-FOLDER 85/11 Bindas, Kenneth J.
BOX-FOLDER 85/12 Blaustein, Susan
BOX-FOLDER 85/13 Bluestein, Gene
BOX-FOLDER 85/14 Blum, Stephen
BOX-FOLDER 85/15 Borroff, Edith
BOX-FOLDER 85/16 Brancaleone, Francis
BOX-FOLDER 85/17 Bristow, Eugene K.
BOX-FOLDER 85/18 Britton, Allen P.
BOX-FOLDER 85/19 Butchart, Ronald E.
Butler, J. Kevin
see Bristow, Eugene K.
BOX-FOLDER 85/20 Caldwell, Alice M.
BOX-FOLDER 85/21 Campbell, Frank C.
BOX-FOLDER 85/22 Carr, Cassandra I.
BOX-FOLDER 85/23 Case, Nelly Maude
BOX-FOLDER 85/24 Chmaj, John Stefan
BOX-FOLDER 85/25 Cipolla, Frank J.
BOX-FOLDER 85/26-27 Clark, J. Bunker
(2 folders)
BOX-FOLDER 86/1 Cockrell, Dale
BOX-FOLDER 86/2 Collins, John
BOX-FOLDER 86/3 Colwell, Richard
BOX-FOLDER 86/4 Condaris, Christine
BOX-FOLDER 86/5-6 Cook, Susan C.
BOX-FOLDER 86/7 Cooper, B. Lee
see also Butchart, Ronald E.
BOX-FOLDER 86/8 Culbertson, Evelyn Davis
BOX-FOLDER 86/9 Dagel, Gena
BOX-FOLDER 86/10 DeBenedetti, Gilbert
BOX-FOLDER 86/11 DelFausse, Robert
BOX-FOLDER 86/12 DePue, Wallace
BOX-FOLDER 86/13 DeVeaux, Scott
BOX-FOLDER 86/14 DeVenney, David P.
BOX-FOLDER 86/15 Erlmann, Veit
BOX-FOLDER 86/16 Estrin, Mark
BOX-FOLDER 86/17 Fanning, Charles
BOX-FOLDER 86/18 Farmer, Patrick A.
BOX-FOLDER 86/19 Fegley, Brent
BOX-FOLDER 86/20 Feldman, Ann E.
BOX-FOLDER 86/21 Fenster, Mark
BOX-FOLDER 87/1 Finger, Susan P.
BOX-FOLDER 87/2 Frandsen, Mary E.
BOX-FOLDER 87/3 Fredriksson, Kristine
BOX-FOLDER 87/4 Gallo, William K.
BOX-FOLDER 87/5 Garofalo, Reebee
BOX-FOLDER 87/6 Gaume, Matilda
BOX-FOLDER 87/7 Gingerich, Lora
BOX-FOLDER 87/8 Goertzen, Chris
BOX-FOLDER 87/9 Gottlieb, Jack
BOX-FOLDER 87/10 Graebner, William
BOX-FOLDER 87/11 Hall, Bonlyn G.
BOX-FOLDER 87/12 Hall, Frederick A.
BOX-FOLDER 87/13 Hansen, Chadwick
BOX-FOLDER 87/14 Havens, Daniel
BOX-FOLDER 87/15 Hester, Karlton
Jabbour, Alan
see Goertzen, Chris
BOX-FOLDER 87/16 James, Richard S.
BOX-FOLDER 87/17 Kenney, William Howland III
BOX-FOLDER 87/18 Komoroff, Samuel
BOX-FOLDER 88/1-2 Krauss, Anne McClenny
BOX-FOLDER 88/3 Kreitner, Kenneth
BOX-FOLDER 88/4 Krieg, Joann Peck
BOX-FOLDER 88/5 Kroeger, Karl
BOX-FOLDER 88/6 Kushner, David Z.
BOX-FOLDER 88/7 Larson, Steve
BOX-FOLDER 88/8 Lawrence, Vera Brodsky
BOX-FOLDER 88/9 Lindsay, Robert
BOX-FOLDER 88/10 Lornell, Kip
BOX-FOLDER 88/11 Mahar, William J.
BOX-FOLDER 88/12 Mazzola, Sandy R.
BOX-FOLDER 88/13 McConachie, Bruce A.
BOX-FOLDER 88/14 McKenzie, Wallace
BOX-FOLDER 89/1 McKnight, Mark
BOX-FOLDER 89/2 McNeil, W. K.
BOX-FOLDER 89/3 Miller, David W.
BOX-FOLDER 89/4 Music, David W.
BOX-FOLDER 89/5 Nahm, Dorothea A.
BOX-FOLDER 89/6 Norton, Pauline
BOX-FOLDER 89/7 Nott, Michael
BOX-FOLDER 89/8 O'Grady, Terence J.
BOX-FOLDER 89/9 Oja, Carol
BOX-FOLDER 89/10 Olmstead, Andrea
BOX-FOLDER 89/11 Osterhout, Paul R.
BOX-FOLDER 89/12 Parker, Robert L.
BOX-FOLDER 89/13 Pemberton, Carol A.
BOX-FOLDER 89/14 Pen, Ronald
BOX-FOLDER 89/15 Pesce, Dolores
BOX-FOLDER 90/1 Piatkowski, Dionizy
BOX-FOLDER 90/2-3 Pinckney, Warren R., Jr.
BOX-FOLDER 90/4 Ping-Robbins, Nancy R.
BOX-FOLDER 90/5 Pollack, Howard
BOX-FOLDER 90/6 Porter, Lewis
BOX-FOLDER 90/7 Porter, Susan L.
BOX-FOLDER 90/8 Price, Harry E.
BOX-FOLDER 90/9 Richter, Eckhart
BOX-FOLDER 90/10 Robbins, James
BOX-FOLDER 90/11 Roman, Zoltan
BOX-FOLDER 90/12 Rosenthal, David H.
BOX-FOLDER 90/13 Ruppa, Paul
BOX-FOLDER 90/14 Sachs, Howard L. and Judith R.
BOX-FOLDER 90/15 Saloman, Ora Frishberg
BOX-FOLDER 90/16-17 Saunders, Steven
BOX-FOLDER 90/18 Sayres, Robert
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