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Administrative Papers, 1971-2001 (continued)
Officers and Offices, 1972-2001 (continued)
Allen P. Britton, 1972-1992 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 17/5 Ringwald, Roy
BOX-FOLDER 17/6 Roberts, Don L.
see also Don Roberts
BOX-FOLDER 17/7 Roberts, Richard E.
BOX-FOLDER 17/8 Root, Deane L.
see also Officers and Offices, Deane Root
BOX-FOLDER 17/9 Rorick, William C.
BOX-FOLDER 17/10 Rosenberg, Neil V.
BOX-FOLDER 17/11 Rosenstiel, Leonie
BOX-FOLDER 17/12 Sang, Richard C.
BOX-FOLDER 17/13 Sayer, James E.
BOX-FOLDER 17/14 Scarlett, William H.
BOX-FOLDER 17/15 Schabas, Ezra
BOX-FOLDER 17/16 Schleifer, Martha Furman
BOX-FOLDER 17/17 Schrader, Arthur F.
BOX-FOLDER 17/18 Schubel, Max
BOX-FOLDER 17/19 Schuetze, Frederik E.
BOX-FOLDER 17/20 Schwager, Myron
BOX-FOLDER 17/21 Scott, W.W.
BOX-FOLDER 17/22 Selden, Margery Stomne
BOX-FOLDER 17/23 Shapiro, Anne Dhu
see also Officers and Offices, Anne Dhu McLucas
BOX-FOLDER 17/24 Shaw, Arnold
BOX-FOLDER 17/25 Shirley, Wayne D.
see also Wayne Shirley
BOX-FOLDER 17/26 Shout, John D.
BOX-FOLDER 17/27 Shull, Carl N.
BOX-FOLDER 17/28 Siebert, Debbie
BOX-FOLDER 17/29 Siegmeister, Elie
BOX-FOLDER 17/30 Simpson, Anne
BOX-FOLDER 17/31 Sims, Barbara B.
BOX-FOLDER 17/32 Slobin, Mark
BOX-FOLDER 17/33 Slonimsky, Nicolas
BOX-FOLDER 18/1 Smith, Carleton Sprague
BOX-FOLDER 18/2 Smith, Catherine P.
BOX-FOLDER 18/3 Smith, Norman E.
BOX-FOLDER 18/4-5 Smith, William A.
(2 folders)
BOX-FOLDER 18/6 Smithsonian Press--Letter to board, Dec. 10, 1988
BOX-FOLDER 18/7 Sommer, Susan T.
BOX-FOLDER 18/8 Sonneck, Oscar G.
see also "Oscar Sonneck's Letters to Albert Stanley (1909-1911)
BOX-FOLDER 18/9 Sonneck letter to Engel
Materials concern an article on a 1921 letter from Oscar Sonneck to Carl Engel that William Lichtenwanger is working on for American Music.
BOX-FOLDER 18/10 Southern, Eileen
BOX-FOLDER 18/11 Special meeting, July 1983, Keele, England
see also Annual Conferences and Special Meetings, 1983, July 2-5, Keele, England
BOX-FOLDER 18/12-13 Special meeting, July 1988, Oxford, England
see also Annual Conferences and Special Meetings, 1988, July 8-11, Oxford, England and Meetings: Minutes and Reports, 1988
(2 folders)
BOX-FOLDER 18/14 Spencer, Jon Michael
BOX-FOLDER 18/15 Spitzer, John
Spottswood, Richard K.
see Slobin, Mark
BOX-FOLDER 18/16 Standifer, James
BOX-FOLDER 18/17 Starr, Lawrence
BOX-FOLDER 18/18 Stevenson, Robert
BOX-FOLDER 19/1 Still, Judith Anne
BOX-FOLDER 19/2-3 Stopp, Jacklin B.
(2 folders)
BOX-FOLDER 19/4 Strang, John
BOX-FOLDER 19/5 Suess, Dean
BOX-FOLDER 19/6 Swartz, Anne
BOX-FOLDER 19/7 Swift, John
BOX-FOLDER 19/8 Swift, Mary Grace
BOX-FOLDER 19/9 Tallmadge, William
BOX-FOLDER 19/10 Tally, John
BOX-FOLDER 19/11 Tawa, Nicholas
BOX-FOLDER 19/12 Taylor, Jeffrey J.
BOX-FOLDER 19/13 Telephone charges
BOX-FOLDER 19/14 Temperley, Nicholas
BOX-FOLDER 19/15 "Theater versus Theatre"
Materials related to questions regarding the editorial policy for spelling the word "theater."
BOX-FOLDER 19/16 Thomas, Jean W.
BOX-FOLDER 19/17 Thomas, Jennifer
BOX-FOLDER 19/18 Thompson, Richard A.
BOX-FOLDER 19/19 Thomson, Virgil
BOX-FOLDER 19/20 Ties and squares
see also Realia
BOX-FOLDER 19/21 Tischler, Barbara L.
BOX-FOLDER 19/22 Titon, Jeff T.
BOX-FOLDER 19/23 Tucker, Mark
BOX-FOLDER 19/24 United States Information Agency
BOX-FOLDER 19/25 University of Illinois Press
see also McCulloh, Judith and Appel, Carole
BOX-FOLDER 19/26 University of Illinois Press--Catalogs and Press Materials
BOX-FOLDER 20/1 Uscher, Nancy
BOX-FOLDER 20/2 Wagner, John W.
BOX-FOLDER 20/3 Wagner, Lavern John
BOX-FOLDER 20/4 Warburton, Thomas
BOX-FOLDER 20/5 Weidenaar, Reynold
BOX-FOLDER 20/6 Wells, Paul
BOX-FOLDER 20/7 Wentworth, Richard L.
BOX-FOLDER 20/8-9 Williams, Martin
(2 folders)
BOX-FOLDER 20/10 Winans, Robert
BOX-FOLDER 20/11 Wolf, Edward C.
BOX-FOLDER 20/12 Wolfe, Charles K.
BOX-FOLDER 20/13-14 Yellin, Victor Fell
(2 folders)
BOX-FOLDER 20/15 Zajac, Elaine
BOX 21-22 Raoul Camus, 1975-1992

see also Officers and Offices, Allen P. Britton, Camus, Raoul and Treasurer and Annual Conferences and Special Meetings, 1976, May 28-30, Bayside, New York, "Two Centuries of Music in America,"
Treasurer (1977-1981), National Conferences Committee chair (1979-1981), president (1981-1985), American Music book review editor (1986-1989), Nominating Committee chair (1987-1989).
Primarily correspondence that chronicles Camus' role in the founding of the society and its activities during the first twenty years.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX-FOLDER 21/1 Correspondence, 1975-1977 June
BOX-FOLDER 21/2 Correspondence, 1977 July-Nov.
BOX-FOLDER 21/3 Correspondence, 1977 Dec.
BOX-FOLDER 21/4 Correspondence, 1978
BOX-FOLDER 21/5 Correspondence, 1979 Jan.-Aug.
BOX-FOLDER 21/6 Correspondence, 1979 Sept.-Dec.
BOX-FOLDER 21/7 Correspondence, 1980
BOX-FOLDER 21/8 Correspondence, 1981 Jan.-Apr.
BOX-FOLDER 21/9 Correspondence, 1981 May-Sept.
BOX-FOLDER 21/10 Correspondence, 1981 Oct.-Dec.
BOX-FOLDER 22/1 Correspondence, 1982 Jan.-Mar.
BOX-FOLDER 22/2 Correspondence, 1982 Apr.-June
BOX-FOLDER 22/3 Correspondence, 1982 July-Dec.
BOX-FOLDER 22/4 Correspondence, 1983 Jan.-Apr.
BOX-FOLDER 22/5 Correspondence, 1983 May-Sept.
BOX-FOLDER 22/6 Correspondence, 1983 Oct.-Dec.
BOX-FOLDER 22/7 Correspondence, 1984 Jan.-July
BOX-FOLDER 22/8 Correspondence, 1984 Sept.-Dec.
BOX-FOLDER 22/9 Correspondence, 1985
BOX-FOLDER 22/10 Correspondence, 1986-1989
BOX-FOLDER 22/11 Correspondence, 1990-1992, undated
BOX-FOLDER 22/12 Correspondence, 2013
Camus comments on his donation to the archive and other society issues.
BOX 23-24 J. Bunker Clark, 1979-1999

see also Officers and Offices, Allen P. Britton, Clark, J. Bunker and Standing Committees, Public Relations Committee
Member at large (1979-1982), Program chair (1980 conference), Local arrangements chair (1982 conference), Publicity officer (1982-1992), member of Committee for American Music in American Schools (1983), Secretary (1983-1987), member of American Music editorial advisory board (1985-1989), Sonneck Society Membership Directory editor (1989-1993), 2nd vice president (1992-1994).
Business papers that reflect Clark's various positions in the society. The "working papers" cover all of his activities and may include materials on initiatives that have been listed separately.
Arranged alphabetically by subject or type of materials and chronologically therein.
BOX-FOLDER 23/1 American Music, 1981-1986
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