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Ferde Grofé collection, 1890-1960

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Music by Others (continued)
Pollanaise (continued)
Manuscript sketches
BOX-FOLDER 200/4 Poltergeist
Manuscript short score and parts
Medium: Concert band
BOX-FOLDER 203/10 Potpourri
Manuscript cello part
BOX-FOLDER 22/2 Pots and pans
Copyist/holograph parts; full score
Arranger: Grofé, Ferde
Medium: Dance orchestra; SDB 200-D-1
BOX-FOLDER 87/5 Proud
Copyist manuscript parts; short score
Arranger: Fred, Frank
Medium: Dance orchestra; SDB 273
BOX-FOLDER 203/11 Prtere
Manuscript choral score
BOX-FOLDER 167/4 Radio signature
Copyist full score in pencil, 12 p.
Medium: Orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 216/24 Raggy foxtrot
Printed sheet music
BOX-FOLDER 206/14 Ramblin' Rose-radio
Manuscript short score
BOX-FOLDER 221/11 Rhapsody
Manuscript parts
BOX-FOLDER 208/29 Roll call
Manuscript sketches
BOX-FOLDER 208/31 Romance of mother love
Manuscript piano-vocal score; manuscript lyric sheet
BOX-FOLDER 223/3 Rosamond
Holograph manuscript sketches; holograph manuscript piano score
BOX-FOLDER 221/12 Russian rose
2 manuscript short scores
BOX-FOLDER 221/13 Scales
Manuscript score
BOX-FOLDER 221/14 Shake your feet
Manuscript short score
BOX-FOLDER 90/1 Small town girl
Holograph sketch; copyist manuscript parts with paste-overs; short score
Arranger: Grofé, Ferde
Medium: Dance orchestra; SDB 607
BOX-FOLDER 221/16 Somebody's wrong
Manuscript short score
BOX-FOLDER 211/20 Song dedicated to Bing Crosby
Manuscript piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 221/17 Stop your kidden
Manuscript parts; manuscript piano score
BOX-FOLDER 49/2 Swanee cradle song
Holograph sketch; copyist manuscript parts with paste-overs
Arranger: Grofé, Ferde
Medium: Dance orchestra; SDB 381
BOX-FOLDER 91/4 Sweet-day-forest medley
Arranger manuscript part; unidentified manuscript full score
Arranger: Blade, Jim
Medium: Dance orchestra; SDB 649
BOX-FOLDER 211/21 Sweetheart
Manuscript lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 203/16 A sympathizing heart
Manuscript piano-cello score
BOX-FOLDER 223/1 Symphonic serenade
Holograph manuscript sketches
BOX-FOLDER 221/18 Tea leaves
Holograph manuscript sketches; manuscript piano score; typescript lyric sheet
BOX-FOLDER 96/2 Tenth vanities medley
Copyist manuscript full score
Arranger: Grofé, Ferde
Medium: Dance orchestra; SDB 194
BOX-FOLDER 226/9 Theme in A
Copyist transparency parts
BOX-FOLDER 221/19 There's nothing
Manuscript full score
BOX-FOLDER 211/23 They don't mean a thing without you
Holograph manuscript lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 203/18 Three Lieder fur Violincello
Manuscript piano-cello score
BOX-FOLDER 203/19 Three short pieces
Manuscript string parts
BOX-FOLDER 30/3 Till tomorrow
Copyist manuscript parts with paste-overs; strings score
Arranger: Koons, Eddie
Medium: Dance orchestra; SDB 248
BOX-FOLDER 206/18 Tricks
Manuscript and copyist piano-vocal scores
BOX-FOLDER 221/24 Trios
Holograph manuscript full score
BOX-FOLDER 206/19 Truly
Manuscript short score
BOX-FOLDER 219/20 Valse brilliant
Manuscript piano and clarinet scores
BOX-FOLDER 85/4 Welcome stranger
Holograph sketch; copyist manuscript parts with paste-overs; short score
Arranger: Grofé, Ferde
Medium: Dance orchestra; SDB 588
BOX-FOLDER 211/24 When the doughboys come back
Manuscript piano-vocal sketch; manuscript lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 221/28 Whoa! Nellie!
Manuscript saxophone part
BOX-FOLDER 211/25 You'll think of me
Holograph manuscript sketch
BOX-FOLDER 223/20 You'll think of me
Holograph manuscript sketch
BOX-FOLDER 206/22 You're the object of my affection
Manuscript short score sketch
BOX-FOLDER 206/23 You won't be sorry
Manuscript short score sketch
BOX-FOLDER 203/24 Unidentified
Various unidentified items
BOX-FOLDER 221/21 Unidentified radio music
Manuscript parts
BOX-FOLDER 206/20-21 Unidentified sketches
BOX-FOLDER 221/20 Untitled
Manuscript piano-cello score
BOX-FOLDER 223/2 Various sketches
Holograph manuscript sketches
BOX-FOLDER 224/1 Lead sheets
Billreva waltz; Bla-bla; Blue bird; Bugle b; Bussi’s Tune; Buzzi’s blues; Caresses; Doo-dah blues; Egyptian rose; Fasten me up the back; Geisha love song; The half century waltz; Hunting song and coming of Montezuma; I’m a little nobody that nobody loves; Indian; Jazz; Les millions d’arlequin; Rufe Johnson’s harmony band; The sheik; Untitled; Way down in Arkansaw; When the Robert E. Lee comes to town; When we come home; Whoa nellie
BOX-FOLDER 224/2, 224/10 Sketches
Bright shawl; Buster’s; California; Main title; Mammy; Opening; Sheik; Sunset blues; A hunting we will go; Untitled; I’ll be heading back west
Robert E. Lee; Rendesvous; No. 1; Melody; Blue fantasie; Parisian flappers; High water; When I’m looking at you; Thinking of you; The kinkajou; Poor little rich girl; Crazy words
BOX-FOLDER 224/3-5 Parts
All aboard for Chinatown; Aloha; Bud ray; Catalina; Come over to Dover; Dragon’s eye; Dublin bay; Eli Yale; Everybody rag with me; Glad rags; Gussy’s blues; Haunting; I’m simply crazy over you; In the middle; Infatuation; Java; Lamb’s blues; Meadow lark; Merely a man; A minuet; My Bonnie; A perfect day; O? dance; Pig tails; Pine tree; Salome; Sand dunes; Saxophone Sam; Scotty’s blues; Sing half a chorus; Snow; Steak and potatoes; Small ripples; Sweetness; Tahiti; Thru the streets of Cairo; To Lou; Trees-Sylvia; Underneath the Japanese moon; Zallah; Untitled
BOX-FOLDER 224/6 Lyric sheets
My mother; When you hear my jingle bells; We’re the little pop pop
BOX 227 Fragments
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