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Wanda Landowska and Denise Restout papers, 1843-2002

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Photographs, 1869-2000s (continued)
Wanda Landowska, with others, 1890s-1959 (continued)
1929-1930 (continued)
Includes: Irving Schwerke
BOX-FOLDER 193/1 1930s
Includes: Jacques Caroli (doctor), Clifford Curzon, Ruggero Gerlin, Tasso Janopoulo, Isabelle Nef, Curt Sachs
BOX-FOLDER 193/2 1930-1933
Includes: Putnam Aldrich, Paul Landowski, Isabelle Nef, Vittorio Rieti, Aimée van de Viele, Edith Wharton
BOX-FOLDER 193/3, 233/10 1934-1935
Includes: Ruggero Gerlin, Paul Landowski
BOX-FOLDER 193/4 1936-1937
Includes: Ruggero Gerlin
BOX-FOLDER 193/5 1938-1939
Includes: Jean Alazard, Charles Koechlin, Aristide Maillol
BOX-FOLDER 193/6, 233/11-12 1940s-1947
Includes: Putnam Aldritch, Goldman Band, Aristide Maillol, Yehudi Menuhin
BOX-FOLDER 193/7 1948-1949
BOX-FOLDER 194/1 1950s
Includes: Clifford Curzon, John Pfeiffer, Rafael Puyana
BOX-FOLDER 194/2 1950
Includes: John Pfeiffer, Rafael Puyana
BOX-FOLDER 194/3 1951-1955
Includes: Doda Conrad, Charles Lucet, John Pfeiffer, Andre Rousseaux
BOX-FOLDER 194/4 1955-1958, Lakeville, Selleck Hill
Includes: John Pfeiffer
BOX-FOLDER 194/5 1956-1957
Includes: Winslow Anderson
BOX-FOLDER 194/6 1958-1959
Includes: Rafael Puyana
BOX-FOLDER 195/1, 233/13 Undated
Includes: Clifford Curzon
BOX-FOLDER 195/2 Undated
Includes: Doda Conrad
Denise Restout, 1910s-2000s
Restout and her family members, alone or with people other than WL
BOX-FOLDER 195/3 1910s-1920s
BOX-FOLDER 195/4 1930s-1950s
Includes: Ruggero Gerlin, Paul Landowski
BOX-FOLDER 195/5 1954 October 14
DR portraits
BOX-FOLDER 196/1 1960s
Includes: Frances Cole
BOX-FOLDER 196/2 1960-1969
Includes: Robert Hawkins, Patricia Kluge, Penelope Mark, Nancy Silsbee
BOX-FOLDER 196/3 1970s-1980s
Includes: Penelope Mark, Rafael Puyana, Irma Rogell
BOX-FOLDER 196/4 1990s-2000s and undated
Other People and Subjects, 1869-1997
BOX-FOLDER 196/5 Apartment in Berlin, 1913-1919
BOX-FOLDER 196/6 Art and artifact collections, undated
BOX-FOLDER 196/7 Cole, Frances, 1969
BOX-FOLDER 196/8 Concert performances, 1922-1929, 1943-1952 and undated
WL performances with large audiences
BOX-FOLDER 238/3 Copland, Aaron, 1947?
BOX-FOLDER 196/9 Duncan, Isadora, undated
BOX-FOLDER 197/1 Falla, Manuel de, 1923-1926 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 197/2 Historic architecture and landscapes, 1913-1960 and undated
Chiefly locations in France and Poland
BOX-FOLDER 197/3-5 Instrument collections, 1938, 1948-1950, 1969 and undated
Saint-Leu, Lakeville, and non-WL collections
Includes images of Landowska's instruments at Saint-Leu that were destroyed or lost during the war
BOX-FOLDER 197/6-8, 238/4 Lakeville home, 1946-1985 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 198/1, 238/5 Landowska on Music, undated
Chiefly paste-ups of photographs and illustrations
BOX-FOLDER 198/2, 234/1-2 Landowska's hands, 1941-1958 and undated
MAPCASE-DRAWER 4/7 Landowska's hands, undated
BOX-FOLDER 198/3 Landowski family members, 1869-1946 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 198/4 Lew, Henry, 1909 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 198/5 Mathot, Dianita (i.e. "Dia"), undated
BOX-FOLDER 238/6 Milhaud, Darius, 1947?
BOX-FOLDER 198/6-7, 234/3 Miscellaneous notable people, 1888-1960s and undated
Includes: John Challis, Edvard Grieg, José Iturbi, Yehudi Menuhin, Aleksander Michałowski, Lluis Millet, John Pfeiffer, Georges Pioch, Rafael Puyana, Curt Sachs, Camille Saint-Saëns, Heinrich Urban
BOX-FOLDER 198/8, 234/4 Miscellaneous people, 1930s-1980s and undated
Includes gatherings at Saint-Leu, 1930s
BOX-FOLDER 234/5 Miscellaneous photo albums, 1928-1930s
1 album of WL alone and in performance, Saint-Leu grounds and crowds, and other images
BOX 247 Miscellaneous photo albums, 1930s and undated
3 albums, compiled by DR and others, mostly of WL and other activities at Saint-Leu and other locations
BOX 235 Miscellaneous photo albums, 1920s-1950s and undated
22 albums, compiled by DR and others, mostly of WL and other activities at Saint-Leu and Lakeville. Many of these images duplicate content found elsewhere in the collection
BOX-FOLDER 198/9 Miscellany, undated
BOX-FOLDER 198/10 Os, Annie van, 1955-1961 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 234/6 Paderewski, Ignacy, undated
BOX-FOLDER 198/11 Pets, 1930s and undated
Mostly WL's dogs
BOX-FOLDER 198/12 Plocker, Leon, and others, 1919 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 199/1 Poulenc, Francis, 1928-1952 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 199/2 Preston, Ethel, 1890, 1949-1951 and undated
Saint-Leu, 1924-1990s
BOX-FOLDER 199/3 Concert hall, home, and grounds, 1927-1990s and undated
BOX-FOLDER 199/4 Costume parties, 1930s
BOX-FOLDER 199/5 Town and historic sites, 1924, 1957-1997 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 238/7 WL burial site, 1968-1972, 1990 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 199/6 Savasir, Ayse, 1958-1960 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 199/7-8 Schunicke, Elsa, 1900s-1970s and undated
BOX-FOLDER 199/9 Schweitzer, Albert, undated
BOX-FOLDER 199/10 Tolstoy, Leo and Sonya, undated
BOX-FOLDER 199/11 Versini, Camille, 1942, 1949-1951 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 199/12 Wolfe, Paul, 1957 and undated
BOX 200-202, 238 MAPCASE 4 Biographical Materials, 1843-2001
Personal documents, immigration papers, wills, obituaries, and other materials related mostly to the lives of WL, DR, and their families.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX-FOLDER 200/1-6 Address books, undated
BOX-FOLDER 200/7 Articles about Landowska, undated
Lists of citations by DR
BOX-FOLDER 200/8 Autograph samples, 1930s-1950s
MAPCASE-DRAWER 4/7 Awards, honors, and diplomas, 1925-1930, 1959, 1977
WL and DR
BOX-FOLDER 238/8 Awards, honors, and diplomas, 1927, 1943-1946, 1953, 1979, 1986
WL and DR
MAPCASE-DRAWER 4/7 Awards, honors, and diplomas, 1904
Restout family
BOX-FOLDER 238/9-12 Awards, honors, and diplomas, 1843, 1855, 1903-1907, 1918, 1938-1942
Restout family
BOX-FOLDER 200/9, 201/1-2 Biographies, 1950s-2001
BOX-FOLDER 201/3-4 Landowska, Eva, 1914-1920 and undated
Includes clippings sent by EL, presumably to WL
BOX-FOLDER 201/5 Landowski family, 1914-1918, 1978, 1989-2000
BOX-FOLDER 201/6 Lew, Henri, 1902, 1920-1921, 1951
BOX-FOLDER 201/7-8 Miscellany, 1919-1993 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 201/9-10 Obituaries and tributes, 1959-1961
see also Miscellany: Clippings
BOX-FOLDER 201/11, 202/1-2 Personal and legal documents, 1919-1990s
see also Files: Estate
Passports, immigration papers, wills and probate materials, certificates, and other materials
BOX-FOLDER 202/3 Restout family, 1863 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 202/4 Schunicke, Elsa, 1947 and undated
BOX 203-211 Programs, 1897-1999
Bound volumes and loose programs and promotional materials related to WL performances and materclasses. Includes a small amount of similar material for pupils of WL and DR.
Arranged chronologically or alphabetically by subject.
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