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Business Papers, 1919-1997 (continued)
Permissions: Correspondence with Poets and Publishers, 1919-1989 (continued)
Piper, Edwin Ford, 1933-1934 (continued)
Permission request for use of the text to Piper's poem Sweetgrass range.
BOX-FOLDER 77/15 Preston, Lila Crosby, 1945-1946, 1973
Request for use of Preston's poem Remembering; additional correspondence, offering additional material.
BOX-FOLDER 77/16 Quick, Dorothy, 1944
Letter to Warren by Quick thanking her for her possible interest in Quick's poem Clouds are not lonely.
BOX-FOLDER 77/17 R - Miscellaneous, Apr. 13, 1919
Letter to Warren by a poet (unable to read poet's name or title of work)
BOX-FOLDER 77/18 Reese, Lizette Woodworth, 1966, 1971
Correspondence requesting permission for use of Reese's poem A Little song of life.
BOX-FOLDER 77/19 Richards, Laura E., 1937
Permission letter from publisher Little, Brown & Co. for use of Richard's poems The Umbrella brigade and Jumbo jee from Richards' collection Tirra Lirra: rhymes old and new.
BOX-FOLDER 77/20 Robinson, Mr., 1944, 1947
Request for use of Robinson's poem Dark hills.
BOX-FOLDER 77/21 Roethke, Theodore, 1970, 1976
Request for use of Roethke's poems The Waking and The Victorians.
BOX-FOLDER 77/22 Romay, Paula, 1970
Correspondence with Carl Fischer, Inc. regarding attempts to obtain permission for use of Romay's poem From this summer garden.
BOX-FOLDER 77/23 Royale, Josephine, 1960
Request for use of Royale's poem Deep peace.
BOX-FOLDER 77/24 Russell, Sydney King, 1936
Correspondence with Carl Fischer, Inc. regarding obtaining permission for use of Russell's poem Lament for love.
BOX-FOLDER 77/25 Sandburg, Carl, 1945-1954, 1960, 1970-1980, 1984-1989
Several letters involving requests for permission for use of several of Sandburg's poems, including: The Wind sings welcome in early spring, Summer stars, Tawny days, Sea sunsets, give us keepsakes, all which became Warren's The Singing Earth; Mist marches across the valley, Plowboy and Good morning, America!
BOX-FOLDER 77/26 Sawyer, Ruth, 1964
Request for permission to use Sawyer's poem, the first line beginning with Shall I tell you who will come to Bethlehem on Christmas morn, an old Spanish carol.
BOX-FOLDER 77/27 Sayers, Frances Clarke, 1936
Correspondence seeking permission to use Sayers' poem, Who calls?
BOX-FOLDER 77/28 Scott, R. B. Y., 1959
Correspondence seeking permission to use Scott's poem, O God of light.
BOX-FOLDER 77/29 Scruggs, Anderson M., 1932
Request for use of Scruggs''s poem Song for dark days; Scruggs enclosed copies of several other poems, giving advance permission should Warren desire to use any of the poems, which included: Night, They shall know defeat, Coquette, Old man and wife, Woods before spring, and The Wind in the city.
BOX-FOLDER 77/30 Shaw, Frances, 1960, 1977, 1982, 1987
Correspondence seeking permission to use Shaw's poem, Star thought; also, correspondence with the poet's daughter and grandson.
BOX-FOLDER 77/31 Slater, John R., 1964
Correspondence seeking permission to use Slater's poem, Easter reveille.
BOX-FOLDER 77/32 Stedman, Mr., 1931
Correspondence seeking permission to use Slater's poem, Autumn song.
BOX-FOLDER 77/33 Stephens, James, 1940-1942, 1947, 1949
Correspondence with Macmillan's permission department, seeking permission to use Stephens' poems, And it was windy weather, To the queen of the bees, Canal bank and Check.
BOX-FOLDER 77/34 Stephens, Wallace, 1959
Correspondence with Alfred A. Knopf. Inc., seeking permission to use Wallace Stephens' poem, Banjo boomer.
BOX-FOLDER 77/35 Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1946
Correspondence seeking permission to use Stevenson's poem, Bright is the ring of words.
BOX-FOLDER 77/36 Sullivan, A. M., 1954, 1956-1958, 1967
Correspondence with the author, seeking permission to use Sullivan's poem, A Day in Manhattan, which became Warren's Transcontinental.
BOX-FOLDER 77/37 Sword & Blossoms Poems, 1959
Correspondence with Nishinomiya & Hasegawa, Inc., seeking permission to use poems published by their company, collectively titled Sword & blossoms poems.
BOX-FOLDER 77/38 Taggard, Genevieve, 1970
Correspondence with Kenneth Durant, copyright owner, seeking permission to use a poem by Genevieve Taggard titled Primavera.
BOX-FOLDER 77/39 Teasdale, Sara (Filsinger), 1919, 1932, 1970-1982
Requests for use of Teasdale's poems May night, Let it be forgotten, Stars, The Falling star and Water lilies - this last poem being retitled If you have forgotten by Warren.
Correspondence includes two handwritten letters to Warren by Sara Teasdale Filsinger (July 7, 1919; March 22, 1932)
BOX-FOLDER 77/40 Tibbett, Mrs. Lawrence, circa 1924
Brief undated note granting Warren permission to use Tibbett's poem titled My parting gift.
BOX-FOLDER 77/41 Turner, Nancy Byrd, 1931
Letters responding to Warren's request for permission to use Turner's poem Going up to London.
BOX-FOLDER 77/42 Untermeyer, Louis, 1933, 1964-1969
Requests for use of Untermeyer's poems Caliban in the coal mines and For you, with love.
BOX-FOLDER 77/43 Van Dyke, Henry, 1967
Correspondence seeking permission to use Van Dyke's poem, Ballade of good counsel.
BOX-FOLDER 77/44 Van Vorst, Marie, 1932
Letter from the author, in response to a request for permission from Warren.
BOX-FOLDER 77/45 Vinal, Harold, 1937
Letter from the author, in appreciation of Warren's setting of his The Nights remember.
BOX-FOLDER 77/46 Waley, Arthur, 1940
Request for use of Waley's translation of a poem Sailing homeward, originally by a 4th century Chinese poet, Chang Fang-sheng.
BOX-FOLDER 77/47 Widdemer, Margaret, 1931
Correspondence in regard to Warren's request to use Widdemer's poem After; Warren also received permission to use the poem with a new title proposed by Warren - At the crest, from Songs from country places.
BOX-FOLDER 77/48 Wilkinson, Marguerite, 1934, 1979, 1982
Correspondence with Wilkinson's surviving sisters, requesting permission to use Wilkinson's poem Heather.
BOX-FOLDER 77/49 Willetts, Florence Haynes, 1935
Correspondence in regard to Warren's request to use Willett's poem Sundown, gray twilight.
BOX-FOLDER 77/50 Wolfe, Humbert, 1932
Correspondence in regard to Warren's request to use Wolfe's poem Green candles; Wolfe also made the suggestion that his poem This blind rose be considered for possible use.
BOX-FOLDER 77/51 Wood, Mona Modini, 1979
Request for use of Wood's poem Lady Lo-Fu in a Carl Fischer collection of Warren's songs.
BOX-FOLDER 77/52 Wynne, Annette, 1952-1953
Request for use of Wynne's poem For days and days.
BOX-FOLDER 77/53 Yadin, Yigael, 1959
Request for use of translated passages of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
BOX 50, 61, 63-65, 84 Writings, 1912-1991
Articles, diaries, essays, program notes, original poems and annotated poems of others, speeches, recording notes, repertoire lists, and radio scripts for classical music appreciation programs hosted by or featuring Warren that aired from 1938-1939.
Organized as five subseries. Entries are arranged either alphabetically or chronologically therein.
Articles, Essays, Poems, and Speeches, 1918-1990
Warren wrote a number of articles and essays on several topics, ranging from composer commentaries on specific works, such as her The Legend of King Arthur, to articles that expressed her thoughts on women in music. Other writings include addresses and speeches, a poem, and written descriptions of musical works.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX-FOLDER 65/2 Warren, Elinor Remick.
"The boarder's uproar," Vox Puellarum, volume 13, no. 1 (1918)
Humorous poem by Warren that appeared in the 1918 Westlake School for Girls Yearbook.
BOX-FOLDER 65/3 Warren, Elinor Remick.
"Elinor Remick Warren and The Passing of King Arthur," Music and Dance in Southern California (circa 1940)
Two copies.
BOX-FOLDER 65/4 Warren, Elinor Remick.
"My neighbor, Nelson Eddy," (circa 1945)
BOX-FOLDER 65/5 Warren, Elinor Remick.
"The distaff side," Music and Dance in Southern California (1946)
Two copies.
BOX-FOLDER 65/6 Warren, Elinor Remick.
"Musician combines art, home-making," The Mills Quarterly (Winter 1946)
BOX-FOLDER 65/7 Warren, Elinor Remick.
Advertising Club and Women's Advertising Club (May 6, 1952)
Warren was asked to give a brief speech on the subject of advertising.
BOX-FOLDER 65/8 Warren, Elinor Remick.
"The requiem," (undated, circa late 1966)
BOX-FOLDER 65/9 Warren, Elinor Remick.
"As we were saying ...", unidentified publication (March 1971)
Text extracted from an Elinor Remick Warren brochure for a Mrs. Frederick Sturdy.
BOX-FOLDER 65/10 Warren, Elinor Remick.
"The Howard Swans," (May 16, 1971)
Warren was asked to give a brief speech at the Howard Swan Recognition Banquet (Occidental College, Los Angeles, California)
BOX-FOLDER 65/11 Warren, Elinor Remick.
Hollywood Bowl Patroness Committee Party (June 27, 1971)
Warren was asked to give a very brief speech, at a Hollywood Bowl party that was held in her honor.
BOX-FOLDER 65/12 Lawrence, Mary, compiler.
Lovers, 100 works of art celebrating romantic love, with commentaries by the distinguished and the great. New York: A & W Publishers, Inc., 1982.
A coffee table book, pairing famous people with their descriptions of a great work of art, with photos of the art. Warren provided commentary, along with her signature of a work by jean Antoine Watteau (1684-1721) titled Melody of love, circa 1717.
BOX-FOLDER 65/13 Warren, Elinor Remick.
Hollywood Bowl Patroness Committee Party (June 24, 1984)
Warren was the party's special guest; she was asked to give a brief talk.
BOX-FOLDER 65/14 Warren, Elinor Remick.
"A new recording project," Composer/USA (Summer 1990)
Warren discusses the Cambria Records recording project that was recording her major works in definitive performances on cds and cassettes; also included was a two-page biographical essay.
BOX-FOLDER 65/15 Warren, Elinor Remick.
"The legend of King Arthur" (undated)
A brief handwritten paper that gave brief descriptions of scenes from The Legend of King Arthur.
BOX-FOLDER 65/16 Warren, Elinor Remick.
"In the high mountains" (undated)
Description of the scene in the High Sierras which inspired her tone-poem The Crystal Lake
BOX-FOLDER 65/17 Warren, Elinor Remick.
"Women in music" (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 65/18 Warren, Elinor Remick.
"Women in music" (undated)
This article is different than the previous entry.
BOX-FOLDER 65/19 Warren, Elinor Remick.
"The composer and the teacher" (undated)
Address delivered at the California Music Teachers Association, San Diego.
Two copies.
BOX-FOLDER 65/43 Warren, Elinor Remick.
Untitled lecture
Warren discusses her work.
BOX-FOLDER 65/44 Warren, Elinor Remick.
Story ideas for possible treatment in Etude Magazine
Proposed topics: 1) Should you force music on a child?; 2)The American composer's lament; 3) Freedom for the performer; and 4) Poetry: Friend of foe of music?
BOX-FOLDER 65/45 Warren, Elinor Remick.
List of 7 possible questions for a USC seminar
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