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Elinor Remick Warren papers, 1872-2004

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Some or all content stored offsite.
Photographs, 1895-1993 (continued)
Miscellany, 1950s-1993
BOX-FOLDER 59/25 Warren's work room, located on the second floor of her Los Angeles, California home, undated
BOX-FOLDER 59/36 The Singing Earth; Thomas Hampson, chorus and orchestra, Church of the Bernardines, Krakow, Poland, June 21-24, 1993
Recording session for a Cambria Records cd issue of Warren's work.
BOX 61 Articles about Warren, 1926-1988
Articles, biographies, and clippings related to Warren's personal life, works, and performances.
Arranged chiefly alphabetically by author surname .
BOX-FOLDER 61/15 American Historical Company.
Encyclopedia of American biography. New series. New York: American Historical Company, Inc., 1952.
BOX-FOLDER 61/1 Beck, William. "The Ellis-Orpheus Men's Chorus: the story of its first century," Hazard's Pavilion, no. 5 (October 1988)
Full magazine.
Warren and her father, who was active in this organization early in the 20th century, are mentioned throughout this article (pages 3-32)
BOX-FOLDER 61/2 C. F. [name not provided in full]. "Kathryn Montreville Cocke: Teacher of children," Pacific Coast Musician, (May 8, 1926)
Photocopy: a photograph of Warren's first piano teacher, Kathryn Montreville Cocke, is featured on the front cover; a two-page article describes Cocke's teaching efforts.
BOX-FOLDER 61/3 Cook, J. Douglas. "Visits to the homes of famous composers, no. XI. Elinor Remick Warren," Opera and Concert, volume 13, no. 3 (March 1948)
Two copies; one copy original from magazine, the other a typed text.
BOX-FOLDER 61/16 LePage, Jane Weiner.
Women composers, conductors, and musicians of the twentieth century. Volume II. Metuchen, New Jersey: Scarecrow Press, 1983.
Detailed article on Warren (pages 305-321)
BOX-FOLDER 61/4 Norcott, B. J. "California's own composer Elinor Remick Warren," The Californian, (February 1950)
Two printed copies af this article (pages 47-48); also included is the original typed draft copy, with penciled corrections.
BOX-FOLDER 61/5 Princi, Carl. "Profile: Elinor Remick Warren," KFAC (Los Angeles classical radio station) Magazine, (November/December 1976)
A drawing of Warren is on the cover of this issue.
BOX-FOLDER 61/6 Quirk, Lucy. "Elinor Remick Warren," Tableau volume 2, no. 5 (November 1947)
Two copies.
BOX-FOLDER 61/7 Saunders, Richard D. Article on the Passing of King Arthur is missing. [Cover photograph of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Oratorio Society, Albert Coates, conductor and Elinor Remick Warren], Musical Courier volume 121, no. 8, (April 15, 1940)
The accompanying article which began on page 4 is missing.
The group photograph, taken at the premiere of Warren's The Passing of King Arthur is featured on the front cover of this issue.
BOX-FOLDER 61/8 Unidentified author. "A happy blend," Musical Courier, (February 15, 1955)
Two typed text-only copies.
A photograph of Warren is on the cover of this issue.
BOX-FOLDER 61/9 Unidentified author. "Elinor Remick Warren" Pan Pipes, vol. 50, no. 2, 1957
Brief article mentions recent performances of works such The Harp weaver, completion of Transcontinental and recent appearances by Warren.
BOX-FOLDER 61/10 Unidentified author. "Elinor Remick Warren honored in Israel" National Federation of Music Clubs, October 1976
Brief article mentions recent performance of Abram in Egypt, held during the Israel Festival.
BOX-FOLDER 61/11 Unidentified author. "Elinor Remick Warren work performed in Hawaii" Music Clubs Magazine, Special Issue, vol. 57, no. 3, 1977-1978
A photograph of Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. discussing the narration for Good morning, America!. Brief article discusses the recent performances of Warren's work with full orchestra, December 16, 18, and 20, 1977 in Hawaii.
BOX-FOLDER 61/12 Unidentified author. "Warren - Suite - Wallenstein - Premiere" Pan Pipes, (January 1956)
Article mentions that Warren was featured on the front cover (not present)
Brief article mentions the United States premiere of her Suite for orchestra; the article also described the Canadien premiere of the same work on May 6, 1955. Article comments on public performances of several other Warren works: The Passing of King Arthur, The Crystal Lake, Along the western shore,The Singing Earth, Four Sonnets for soprano and string quartette, Hymn of the city mentioning recent appearances of the works.
BOX-FOLDER 61/13 Unidentified author. "Elinor Remick Warren - As a humorist", (undated)
Two-page typed paper that appears to be an interview with Warren on the topic of her sense of humor and related subjects.
BOX-FOLDER 61/14 Unidentified author. "Elinor Remick Warren - Hobbies", (undated)
Two-page typed paper that appears to be an interview with Warren on the topic of her hobbies.
BOX-FOLDER 61/17-24 Clippings, 1910-1990
BOX 61-62, 65, 75, 84 Biographical Materials, circa 1900-1991
Awards and honors, several autobiographical essays, an interview transcript by Virginia Bortin, a list of premieres of Warren's works, address and telephone books, and other miscellaneous writings and items.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Autobiographical Materials, circa 1900-1988
BOX-FOLDER 65/21-38, 84/1 Awards and honors, 1936-1990
Awards, certificates of recognition, honorary degrees, and other items.
BOX-FOLDER 75/1 Baby book, circa 1900-1916
Baby book documents Warren's first 16 years (photocopy)
BOX-FOLDER 75/2 California driver's license, 1986
This was the last California driver's license issued to Warren.
BOX-FOLDER 75/3 Curriculum vitae, undated
BOX-FOLDER 75/4 Household-related documents, undated
Contents: detailed lists/inventories of Warren's music and sound recordings with various storage locations within her house; also, detailed household instructions for hired staff and general material that describes the Warren home.
BOX-FOLDER 75/5 Questionnaire and surveys, 1955, 1978, 1988
Contents: a questionnaire (1988) that was filled out by Warren for Patrice Donald, a music graduate student at Smith College, Northampton, Mass.; a survey (1978) filled out by Warren for a book on women composers by Ardis O. Higgins; and, a survey (1955) filled out by Warren for the American Music Center, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 75/6 Special events list, undated
List contains Warren's major works with details regarding the premiere performances.
BOX-FOLDER 75/7 Writings (drafts), undated
Several autobiographical drafts, edited and re-worked for various purposes.
Biographical Materials by Others, circa 1951-1991
BOX-FOLDER 75/8 Bibliographical lists, undated
Contents: two lists which list books detailing Warren's life and works.
BOX-FOLDER 75/9 Biographical writings by others, undated
Essays and brief biographical writings by several authors, including Virginia Bortin, ASCAP, thesis/dissertations by graduate students, and other articles written for reference works, concert programs.
BOX-FOLDER 75/10 Griffin, Z. Wayne (husband: biographical material), 1951
Copy of the Who's who in Los Angeles County, California, 1950-1951 entry for Elinor Remick Warren's husband, Z. Wayne Griffin.
BOX-FOLDER 75/11 Interview transcript, 1986
Interview (biographical) conducted by Virginia Bortin made for an article written by Mrs. Tommie Ewert Carl, of American Women Composers, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 75/12 Obituaries, April-May 1991
Newspaper obituaries taken from several California newspapers, appearing shortly after Warren's death, April 27, 1991; also includes two copies of the memorial service held at Warren's church, Wilshire United Methodist Church, Los Angeles, Calif. on May 1, 1991.
Address and Telephone Books, circa 1940s-1990
Three undated address books, as well as contact books devoted to musicians, musical organizations and other related professional contacts. Also included are several mailing lists.
Arranged first by subject, then chronologically by date therein.
BOX-FOLDER 62/1-3 Address/telephone directories, undated
BOX-FOLDER 62/4 Address/telephone directory (Professional Musicians/Organizations), undated
BOX-FOLDER 62/5 Address/telephone list (Choral directors), undated
BOX-FOLDER 62/6 Address list, circa 1987
Handwritten address list made for mailing flyers announcing the issue of Warren's first cd/cassette issue by Cambria Records; a separate list of addresses for mailing complimentary cassettes.
BOX-FOLDER 62/7 Address list, circa 1987
Typed address/mailing list made for mailing gift copies of the recently published biography on Warren by Virginia Bortin.
BOX-FOLDER 62/8 Address lists, circa December 1990
Typed lists of names/addresses that appear to be her final Christmas holiday mailing lists - personal (9 pages) and professional (3 pages)
BOX 74 Programs, 1920s-2000s
Concert programs that feature Warren as a composer, as soloist, or accompanist.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX-FOLDER 74/1-8 1920s-2000s
BOX 74 Publicity Materials, 1961-1987
Chiefly music publisher catalogs listing Warren's works, reviews, and other advertisements.
Arranged alphabetically by subject, then chronologically therein.
Works by Warren, 1961-1976
BOX-FOLDER 74/9 Announcements, 1961, 1971, 1976
BOX-FOLDER 74/10 List of orchestral performances of Warren's works, undated
BOX-FOLDER 74/11-13 Reviews, undated
Includes an alphabetical file of works by title.
Other, 1987 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 74/14 Elinor Remick Warren: Pianist, Composer (Promotional brochure featuring Warren as pianist and composer), undated
Three copies.
BOX-FOLDER 74/15 Published Compositions by Elinor Remick Warren, undated
Alphabetical listing by type of work, publishers listed; 6 pages.
Two copies; one copy is extensively annotated.
BOX-FOLDER 74/16 Selected Compositions from the Published Works of Elinor Remick Warren, undated
Alphabetical listing by type of work, publishers listed; 8 pages.
Three copies; one copy is extensively annotated.
BOX-FOLDER 74/17 Selected Compositions from the Published Works of Elinor Remick Warren, undated
Alphabetical listing by type of work, publishers listed; 11 pages.
Five copies; three copies are extensively annotated.
BOX-FOLDER 74/18 Selected Compositions from the Published Works of Elinor Remick Warren, undated
Alphabetical listing by type of work, publishers listed; 11 pages.
One copy; the latest published brochure of Warren's works.
BOX-FOLDER 74/19 Published works of Warren by the Theodore Presser Company, undated
One brochure lists Warren's songs originally published by Oliver Ditson Company; the second leaflet promotes her new work, Transcontinental.
BOX-FOLDER 74/20 Carl Fischer, Inc. magazine advertisement, undated
This one-page magazine advertisement lists Warren's larger-scale works for orchestra, chorus with orchestra and for solo voice with orchestra published by Carl Fischer, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 74/21 Elinor Remick Warren: her life and her music (1987 biography of Warren by Virginia Bortin), undated
This one-page book advertisement (a copy of the inner portion of the dust jacket), provides an abstract of Bortin's biography of Warren.
BOX 51-57 Scrapbooks , circa 1922-1992
Warren's personal scrapbooks, each containing press clippings, reviews, programs featuring Warren's works or Warren as pianist, assisting artist, or accompanist, articles about Warren's professional and private life, and other materials. Scrapbooks documenting Warren's early career were disposed of by Warren shortly after her mother's death in 1958, believing that there would be no historical interest in retaining them. Later, the earliest scrapbooks (pre-1936) were re-constructed from duplicate clippings, reviews, programs, etc. still found in Warren's possessions, which were photocopied and re-assembled into a scrapbook.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX-FOLDER 57/1 1922-1940
Warren disposed of the scrapbook that covered her earliest professional period (1922-1940) after her mother's death in 1958, believing that it would be of no interest to anyone in the future; this scrapbook, documenting her earliest professional musical activies, was later re-constructed from other materials still found among Warren's papers.
BOX-FOLDER 51/1 1935-1941
BOX-FOLDER 52/1 1941-1951
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