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David Lewin papers, 1945-2011

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Some or all content stored offsite.
Writings, 1952-2003 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 6/2 Mosaics in Webern, opus 24
see also A metrical problem in Webern's opus 27, Webern analyses , and Webern's contextual period
Incomplete materials possibly for a 2003 in-progress manuscript. Includes Lewin's reference to 12-tone areas, handwritten notes, diagrams, copy of Lewin's article "A study of hexachord levels in Schoenberg's violin fantasy," and music examples dealing with trichordal Tonnetz.
BOX-FOLDER 6/3 Moses and Aron (Italian translation)
BOX-FOLDER 6/4 Moses and Aron: some general remarks and analytic notes for Act 1, Scene 1, 1967
Reprinted from Perspectives of New Music.
BOX-FOLDER 6/5 Mozart lecture on Don Giovanni and Marriage of Figaro, circa 1965
Given to the Arts Club at University of California, Berkeley.
BOX-FOLDER 6/6 Music and drama in Mozart’s ‘Crudel! Perche finora’ (Marriage of Figaro, Act 3), 1998
Part of CUNY's Perspectives in Musical Scholarship series of public lectures. Includes typewritten copies of the lecture, handouts, correspondence, emails, and brochure.
BOX-FOLDER 6/7-8 Music theory, phenomenology, and modes of perception, 1986
(2 folders)
Published in Music Perception. Includes two typewritten copies of the article with errata sheets, letter to the editor, galley copies, and a published copy with Lewin’s notes in the margins.
BOX-FOLDER 6/9 Musical analysis as stage direction, 1988 and 1992
Draft of lecture given at Dartmouth College; and published version from Music and Text: Critical Inquiries.
BOX-FOLDER 7/1-3 Musical Form and Transformation: 4 Analytic Essays, and accompanying materials, 1992-1995
(3 folders)
Includes proofs for the book, correspondence, including items from Milton Babbitt, and reviews.
Musical palindromes: loops of loops
see Boucles de palindromes musicaux
BOX-FOLDER 7/4 Notes on Apres une Lecture du Dante (Liszt)
Handwritten notes and score
BOX-FOLDER 7/5 Notes on Bamberger experiments
Includes handwritten notes, diagrams, and copy of "Development of Musically Gifted Children," by Jeanne Bamberger.
BOX-FOLDER 7/6 Notes on the opening of the F# minor fugue from WTC1, 1999
Includes printed copy, typewritten version of his draft, and handwritten notes.
BOX-FOLDER 7/7 Notes on the sample tape of computer music
BOX-FOLDER 7/8 O hobbirul hashedy O hairypuss O konk
BOX-FOLDER 7/9 On certain techniques of re-ordering in serial music, 1966
Reprint from the Journal of Music Theory.
BOX-FOLDER 7/10 On extended Z-Triples, 1982
From Theory and Practice: Journal of the Music Theory Society of New York State.
BOX-FOLDER 7/11 On formal intervals between time-spans, 1984
Published in Music Perception.
BOX-FOLDER 7/12 On generalized intervals and transformations
BOX-FOLDER 7/13 On harmony and meter in Brahms’s op. 76, no. 8
Published in 19th Century Music.
BOX-FOLDER 7/14 On partial ordering, 1976
Lecture on Babbitt given in Chicago.
BOX-FOLDER 7/15 On the interval content of invertible hexachords
BOX-FOLDER 7/16 On the “ninth-chord in fourth inversion” from Verklärte Nacht, 1987
Includes typewritten copy and errata sheet. Published in the Journal of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute..
BOX-FOLDER 7/17 Parsifal lecture to Junior League of San Francisco, circa 1962-1963
In relation to the San Francisco Opera production.
BOX-FOLDER 7/18 Perspectives of New Music report, 1964
Lewin's report from Berkeley.
Probability and communication theory textbook
see Course materials. Math and Music. Probability and communication theory textbook
BOX-FOLDER 7/19 R. Schumann’s Anfangs wollt’ich; A study in Phrygian and modern minor
Includes two pages of handwritten draft notes.
BOX-FOLDER 7/20 A response to Joe’s letter
BOX-FOLDER 7/21 Review of Berkeley concert, 1964
BOX-FOLDER 7/22 Ring theory
BOX-FOLDER 8/1 Schoenberg analyses, circa 1967
Includes scores, music examples, handwritten and typed notes, draft of Schoenberg GA table of contents (Lewin’s or student's?), notes on Moses und Aron, computer printout for Moses und Aron, a student paper (for Music 202) on Moses und Aron.
BOX-FOLDER 8/2-3 Die Schwestern(lecture copy)
Includes various versions of the lecture, score, figures, examples, quotations, writings referred to, assignment, and notes.
BOX-FOLDER 8/4 A set-theoretic approach to serialism and partial ordering
BOX-FOLDER 8/5 Some applications of communication theory to the study of twelve-tone music, 1968
Published in the Journal of Music Theory.
BOX-FOLDER 8/6-7 Some compositional uses of projective geometry, 1993
Two slightly different copies, with additional draft pages and notes.
BOX-FOLDER 8/8--9/2 Some ideas about voice-leading between pcsets, 1997-1998
(3 folders)
Includes copy published in the Journal of Music Theory, incomplete drafts, correspondence, and notes.
BOX-FOLDER 9/3 Some instances of parallel voice-leading in Debussy, 1987
Includes copy published in 19th Century Music, and letter of acceptance from the publisher.
BOX-FOLDER 9/4 Some investigations into foreground rhythmic and metric patterning, 1981
Includes typewritten text with revisions and the final published version from Music Theory: Special Topics.
BOX-FOLDER 9/5 Some musical jokes in Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro, 1968
BOX-FOLDER 9/6 Some new constructs involving abstract pcsets, and probabilistic applications, 1979
Reprinted from Perspectives of New Music.
BOX-FOLDER 9/7 Some notes on analyzing Wagner: The Ring and Parsifal, 1992
Includes reprint of the article that appeared in 19th Century Music and Lewin's notes.
BOX-FOLDER 9/8 Some notes on Pierrot Lunaire
BOX-FOLDER 9/9 Some notes on Schoenberg's opus 11, 1977
Published in In Theory Only.
BOX-FOLDER 9/10 Some problems and resources of music theory, 1991
Includes a copy published in the Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy, portions of the article, and a typewritten text.
BOX-FOLDER 9/11--10/1 Some theoretical thoughts about aspects of harmony in Mahler’s symphonies, 2000-2002
(2 folders)
Includes various versions (given at the 2001 conference Music and the Aesthetics of Modernity and at the “Brinkfest”), correspondence, notes, examples, figures, and possibly draft pages.
BOX-FOLDER 10/2-3 Some thoughts on Pierrot Lunaire (lecture and article), 1995-1997
(2 folders)
Includes three copies with examples, diagrams, score, figures, handouts, correspondence, and notes; in English, Italian and French; given at University of California at Santa Barbara in 1996; and at Strasbourg University and Cremona University, in May 1997. Article published in Music Theory in Concept and Practice, University of Rochester Press, 1997.
BOX-FOLDER 10/4 Special cases of the interval function between pitch-class sets X and Y
see also Interesting cases of the interval function between pitch-class sets X and Y
Includes reprints of article, copies of article proofs, a letter from Drott, draft, and examples.
BOX-FOLDER 10/5 Stravinsky/Vishio, 1990
A letter to Anton Vishio with typewritten notes regarding his Stravinsky analysis (“a fantasia on Anton’s spiel”).
BOX-FOLDER 10/6--13/2 Studies in Music with Text, and accompanying materials, 1999-2005
(20 folders)
Includes Lewin’s typewritten essays that formed the basis for the book; draft table of contents and notes by Lewin; various drafts; master pages from Sept. 2005; correspondence, and Lewin's narrative statement.
BOX-FOLDER 13/3 A study of hexachord levels in Schoenberg's violin fantasy, 1967
Reprinted from Perspectives of New Music.
BOX-FOLDER 13/4 Studying with Roger Sessions, 1985 and 1991
see also In memoriam, Roger Sessions, 1896-1985
BOX-FOLDER 13/5 A theory of segmental association in twelve-tone music, 1962
Reprinted from Perspectives of New Music.
BOX-FOLDER 13/6-8 Thoughts on Klumpenhouwer networks and Perle-Lansky cycles, 2001-2002
(3 folders)
Includes typewritten copies, an abstract, copies from Music Theory Spectrum, correspondence, examples, several emails to the publisher with corrections, and draft version with corrections.
BOX-FOLDER 13/9 Toward the analysis of a Schoenberg song (op. 15, no. XI), 1973-1974
Reprint from Perspectives of New Music.
BOX-FOLDER 13/10 Transformational considerations in Schoenberg’s opus 23, number 3, circa 2002
Includes copies of typewritten essay (different pagination), two examples, handwritten message, letter from Milton Babbitt to Lewin possibly in regard to this essay, and additional copy with handwritten notes.
BOX-FOLDER 13/11 Transformational techniques in atonal and other music theories, 1982-1983
Reprint from Perspectives of New Music.
BOX-FOLDER 14/1 Tristan—well-made-play and theater of passion; the teleology of functional tonality and the self-propagation of transformational atonality
BOX-FOLDER 14/2 A tutorial on Klumpenhouwer networks, using the chorale in Schoenberg’s opus 11, no. 2
BOX-FOLDER 14/3 Two interesting passages in Rameau’sTraite de l’harmonie, 1979
Published in In Theory Only, journal of the Michigan Music Theory Society.
BOX-FOLDER 14/4 Two tangential ideas, regarding Beethoven, opus 18, no. 6
BOX-FOLDER 14/5 Vercoe project, circa 1987
BOX-FOLDER 14/6 Vocal meter in Schoenberg’s atonal music, with a note on a serial Haupstimme, 1982
Published in In Theory Only.
BOX-FOLDER 14/7 A way into Schoenberg’s opus 15, number 7, 1981
Published in In Theory Only.
BOX-FOLDER 14/8 Webern analyses
see also A metrical problem in Webern's opus 27, Mosaics in Webern , and Webern's contextual period
Includes various handwritten notes, examples, diagrams and scores for various Webern pieces.
BOX-FOLDER 14/9 Webern’s contextual period: opus 5, number 2, from Five Pieces for String Quartet
see also A metrical problem in Webern's opus 27, Mosaics in Webern , and Webern analyses
Possibly part of a larger work.
BOX-FOLDER 14/10 Whole-tone hexachord paper
An untitled lecture, possibly a conference presentation from 2000.
BOX-FOLDER 14/11 Women’s voices and the fundamental bass, 1992
Published in the Journal of Musicology.
BOX-FOLDER 15/1-19 Miscellaneous fragments, notes, sketches, scores, handouts, and manuscript pages -- discrete groupings arranged alphabetically by supplied titles
(19 folders)
BOX-FOLDER 15/20--16/7 Miscellaneous fragments, notes, sketches, scores, handouts, and manuscript pages -- not arranged in any particular order
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