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Musical Scores, 1856-1972 (continued)
Published and Photoreproduced Scores (continued)
Moussorgsky [Musorgskiĭ], Modest. Hopak. [Gopak]. Arranged for violin and piano by SR. New York: Charles Foley, 1926 (continued)
Two copies.
BOX-FOLDER 34/24 Mozart, W. A. "Non so più cosa son" (Le Nozze di Figaro). For voice and piano. Italian and English lyrics. English lyrics by Henry G. Chapman. Edited by Max Spicker. New York: G. Schirmer, 1911/1939
Piano score
BOX-FOLDER 34/25 Mozart, W. A. "Voi che sapete" (Le Nozze di Figaro). For voice and piano. Italian, French, German and English lyrics. English lyrics by M. Louise Baum. New York: G. Schirmer, 1908/1936
Piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 39/2 Mozart, W. A. Die Zauberflöte. Opera in two acts. German and Italian lyrics. Leipzig: C. F. Peters, undated
Piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 34/26 Nielsen, Carl. Thema med Variationer, op. 40. For piano solo. København/Leipzig: Wilhelm Hansen Musik-Forlag, 1920
Piano score
BOX-FOLDER 34/27 Nomachi, Susumu. Visions by a lake. For piano solo. Reproduction of manuscript score, 1928; revised 1938
Piano score
BOX-FOLDER 34/28 Pergolesi, G. B. Se tu m'ami (Arietta). For high voice and piano. Italian and English lyrics. English lyrics by Dr. Th. Baker. New York: G. Schirmer, 1904
Piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 39/3 [Ponchielli, A.] Ponkielli, A. Dzhiokonda (La Gioconda). Opera [in four acts]. Transcription for piano solo. Intermittent Italian lyrics are placed above the score. Moskva, 1888
Piano score
BOX-FOLDER 39/4 Puccini, Giacomo. La Bohème. Opera in four acts. Libretto by Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica. English version by William Grist and Percy Pinkerton. Arranged by Carlo Carignani. English and Italian lyrics. New York: G. Ricordi, 1896/1917
Piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 34/29 Rakhmaninov, Arkadiĭ Aleksandrovich. [Untitled], for soprano and tenor voices and piano, undated
Piano-vocal score (photographic reproduction of autograph manuscript; 3 pages)
Note: in the hand of SR's grandfather.
BOX-FOLDER 34/30 Rimskiĭ-Korsakov, N. Izbrannye romansy. Vypusk vtoroĭ (=Selected songs. Volume Two). For middle voice and piano. Russian lyrics. Moskva: Izdatel'stvo Muzyka, 1964
Piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 34/31 Rimskiĭ-Korsakov, N. "Na kholmakh Gruzii" (4 Romansa, op. 3, no. 8). For voice and piano. Lyrics by A. S. Pushkin. Russian and French lyrics. French lyrics by J. Sergennois. Leipzig: M. P. Belaieff, 1866
Piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 20/8 Rimskiĭ-Korsakov, N. "Shmel'. (Skertso)" (Skazka o TSarie Saltanie). For voice and orchestra. Russian and German lyrics. Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, undated
Full score ; 7 pages
Plate number: 4882.
Note: very fragile.
BOX-FOLDER 34/32 Rimsky-Korsakoff, N. The Bumble-bee. Arranged for piano solo by SR. New York: Charles Foley, 1931
Piano score
BOX-FOLDER 35/1 [Romances-Russes.] Compilation of thirty separately published songs for voice and piano, consisting exclusively of songs with Russian lyrics, and published by the most active Russian publishers of the late nineteenth century, 1856-1888
Piano-vocal scores
Note: Composers represented are Tchaikovsky, Schumann, Glinka, Gurilev, Prigozhiĭ , Varlamov, Balakirev, Cui, Davydov, Diubiuk, Garat, Jommelli, Kusheleva-Bezborodko, Serov, Spiro, Vil'boa, Viteliaro. It also contains scores of anonymous Gypsy songs.
BOX-FOLDER 35/2 Rossini, Gioacchino. "Una voce poco fà" (Il Barbiere di Siviglia). For high voice and piano. Italian, English and German lyrics. New York: Carl Fischer, 1915
Piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 35/3 Saint-Saëns, Camille. "Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix" (Samson et Dalila). For voice and piano. French and English lyrics. New York: G. Schirmer, 1889/1911
Piano-vocal score
Note: Contains performance indications in black pencil.
BOX-FOLDER 35/4 Sarti, Giuseppe. Lungi dal caro bene. For voice and piano. Arranged by Bruno Hahn. Italian and English lyrics. English lyrics by Henry G. Chapman. New York: G. Schirmer, 1912/1940
Piano-vocal scores (2)
Note: Copy 1 is annotated.
BOX-FOLDER 35/5 Schindler, Kurt, editor. Masters of Russian song. Vol. I & II. For voice and piano. English lyrics; English versions by Deems Taylor, Sigmund Spaeth and Kurt Schindler. New York/Boston: G. Schirmer, 1917
Piano-vocal score
Contents: Vol. I: twenty-five songs of M. Mussorgsky; Vol. II: twenty-five songs by M. Balakirev, P. I. Tchaikovsky, N. Rimsky-Korsakov; A. Borodin, A. Grechaninov and SR.
BOX-FOLDER 35/6 Schubert, Franz. Works for piano solo. [Leipzig:] C. F. Peters, undated
Piano score (incomplete)
BOX-FOLDER 35/7 Scriabin, Alexander [Skriabin, Aleksandr]. Romans. For voice and piano. Russian, French, German and English lyrics. Photoreproduction of edition published by W. Bessel & Cie (Paris), 1916
Piano-vocal score (photoreproduction)
Note: contains performance indications.
BOX-FOLDER 35/8 Shackley, George, editor. Your own book of piano pieces (Your own music book no. 1). For piano solo. New York: Paull-Pioneer Music Corporation, 1939
Piano score
BOX-FOLDER 36/1 Shield, William. Old English minuet ("The Countess of Westmoreland's delight"). Edited by Ignaz Friedman. For piano solo. Wien: Universal-Edition, 1928
Piano score
BOX-FOLDER 36/2 Shvedoff, C. Variations for piano on the theme of Volga-Boatmen Song (Ei Uhnem), op. 54. For piano solo. New York: C. Shvedoff, 1942
Piano score
BOX-FOLDER 39/5 Somervell, Arthur. Concerto in G minor. For violin and orchestra. London: Boosey & Co., 1933
Full score
BOX-FOLDER 36/3 [Tchaikovsky] CHaĭkovskiĭ, P. I. Forty Songs. For high voice and piano. Edited by James Huneker. English and German lyrics. Boston: Oliver Ditson, 1912
Piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 36/4 [Tchaikovsky] CHaĭkovskiĭ, P. I. "Sred' shumnogo bala," op. 38, no. 3. For mezzo soprano and piano. Russian and German lyrics. [Moskva:] Muzgiz, 1937
Piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 36/5 Thomas, Ambroise. "Me voici dans son boudoir" (Mignon). For voice and piano. French, Italian and English lyrics. New York: G. Schirmer, 1877
Piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 39/6 Wagner, Richard. Die Walküre (The Ring of the Nibelungen. Second Part). Opera in three acts. Edited by Karl Klindworth. German and English lyrics. English lyrics by Frederick Jameson. New York: G. Schirmer, undated
Piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 39/7 Weckerlin, J. B., editor. Bergerettes (Pastoral Ditties). Twenty Romances and songs of the eighteenth century. For high voice and piano. French and English lyrics. English translations by Sigmund Spaeth. New York: G. Schirmer, 1913
Piano-vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 36/6 Yebar-Ener. Paris. Suite de valses. For piano solo. Paris: G. Parmentier, 1910
Piano score
BOX 40-49 Correspondence, 1903-1968
The correspondence is divided into two subseries according to Sophie Satin's original organizational scheme: correspondence written by SR; and correspondence sent to him and to his wife. The correspondence by SR actually contains only a few examples of items in SR's hand, for it consists primarily of secretarial drafts or typed transcriptions of SR's letters made by Sophie Satin.
Russian names have been transcribed according to a modified version of the Library's non-Roman language transliteration system. In cases where the preferred spelling of the name differs from its "official" corresponding transliterated version, or has been modified by convention, alternate versions of names, organizations, affiliations and occasionally even brief descriptions have been provided, appearing in square brackets in order to facilitate keyword searching.
Name entries have been based on the most commonly used and/or preferred form of the name, according to their correspondence that appears within this Archive. In some cases, annotations have been added (generally by Sophie Satin) to individuals' correspondence to assist in their identification (for example, "SR's cousin," "harp professor;" or their professional affiliations, such as, "Moscow University"). This information has been included within parentheses following the individual's primary name entry.
Dates have been provided for each entry. In cases where a document is undated, but a date is implied, that date is included within square brackets.
Arranged alphabetically by correspondent name.
BOX 40-41 Correspondence by SR
BOX-FOLDER 40/1 Altschuler [Al'tshuler], Modest, 1917-1919
BOX-FOLDER 40/2 Av’erino [Avierino], Nikolaĭ, 1920-1939, and undated
Note: Includes undated photocopy of a typed note indicating that the provenance of these letters from Avierino was via Alexander Greiner to NR.
BOX-FOLDER 40/3 ”Aa-Az” miscellaneous
  • Adams, Norah C. Barr, 1931
  • Aldanov, Mark A., 1952 and undated
  • Altenburg, Helena (Princess) [Altenbourg, Hélène (Princesse)], undated
  • American Relief Administration [Page, Frank C.], 1922
  • Antoniĭ, mitropolit (Metropolitan of Kiev), 1929
  • Antonin (Otets Arkhimandrit=Father Archimandrite) [Includes transcription in an unknown hand of an undated letter to Vasiliĭ A. Maklakov regarding Tatiana Conus], 1927-1929 and undated
  • Ascham, Roger, 1931
  • Aslanov, Aleksandr [Aslanoff, Alexander], 1936-1940
  • Atkinson, 1920
  • Aubert, Th., 1930
BOX-FOLDER 40/4 Bal'mont [Balmont], Konstantin, 1922
BOX-FOLDER 40/5 Bertensson, Sergeĭ, 1941-1942
BOX-FOLDER 40/6 Bunina, Vera [Mrs. Ivan Bunin], 1940
BOX-FOLDER 40/8 ”Ba-Cz” miscellaneous
  • Bechstein, [C.], 1928
  • Bechtold, Paul, 1939
  • Behrens, Edith, circa 1939
  • Blakeslee [Blackeslee (?)], (Dr.), 1936-1940
  • Borgers, Edward, 1931
  • Bremke, Ol'ga, 1921-1922
  • Caillet, Lucien, 1937
  • Caldwell, William A., 1943
  • CHernoshchekov, V. [Vasiliĭ], 1929
  • Cooke, James Francis, 1931
BOX-FOLDER 40/7 Chasins, Abram, 1927-1939
Davis, Howard
see RCA Victor Company
BOX-FOLDER 40/10 ”Da-Fz” miscellaneous
  • Damrosch, Walter, 1939
  • Danil'chenko, 1932
  • David, Athanase, 1923
  • DeMotte, Warren, 1939
  • Dixon, Emory H., 1940
  • von Dohnányi, Ernst [Ernő], 1937
  • Dombrovskiĭ [Dąbrowski], Marian, 1922
  • Easley, Ralph M., 1931
  • Elisabeth (Queen of Belgium), 1934
  • Engles, George, 1940
  • Evlogiĭ (Mitropolit=Metropolitan), 1929
  • Fedorov, Mikhaĭl, 1925-1933
  • Fitelberg, Gregor [Grzegorz], 1942
Engel, Carl
see Library of Congress
BOX-FOLDER 40/9 Fokin, Mikhaĭl [Fokine, Michel], 1937-1939
BOX-FOLDER 40/11 Goldstein, J. M. (Dr.) [Gol'dshteĭn, Iosif Markovich], 1923-1931
BOX-FOLDER 40/12 Greĭner, Aleksandr [Greiner, Alexander], 1929-1942
BOX-FOLDER 40/13 ”Ga-Gz” miscellaneous
  • Gabrilowitsch, Ossip [Gabrilovich, Osip], 1931-1932
  • Galamian, Ivan, 1934-1935
  • Garnet [Garnett], Irina, 1942
  • Gately, Francis, 1941?
  • Gilder, J. B., 1923
  • Givotovsky, Kleopatra M. [Patti], 1931-1942
  • Glantz, Harry, 1940
  • Goossens, Eugene, 1937
  • Gray, H. William, 1921
  • Grigor'ev [Grigorieff], Boris, 1931
  • Guilmour [Guilmore], William, undated
  • Gunst, Eugene O., 1928
BOX-FOLDER 40/14 Hartmann, Thomas de [Gartman, Foma], 1937(?)-1938
BOX-FOLDER 40/15 Hofmann, Josef, 1930-1938 (?)
BOX-FOLDER 40/17 ”Ha-Jz” miscellaneous
  • Hessen, Josef V., 1928-1929
  • Hirst, Arthur, 1935
  • Horowitz, Wanda [Mrs. Vladimir Horowitz], 1941
  • Holt, Richard, 1929
  • Ibbs, R. L., 1940
  • Ingle, Edward T., 1940
  • Johnson, Edward, 1939
BOX-FOLDER 40/16 Il'in [Ilyin], Ivan A., 1927-1939
BOX-FOLDER 40/18 Klimov, Konstantin, 1934-1939
BOX-FOLDER 40/19 Koshetz [Koshits], Nina, 1916-1922 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 40/20 Koussevitzky, Serge [Kusevitskiĭ, Sergeĭ], undated
BOX-FOLDER 40/21 Kreisler, Fritz, 1929-1933
BOX-FOLDER 40/22 Kseniia [Xenia] (Princess), undated
BOX-FOLDER 40/23 ”Ka-Kz” miscellaneous
  • Karapetoff [Karapetov], Vladimir, 1934
  • Kantorowitz, M., 1933
  • C. Kiesgen, 1934
  • Kindler, Hans, 1940
  • Konovaloff [Konovalov], A., 1932
  • Koons, Walter, 1932
  • Krauss, Clemens, 1932
  • Kugel, Georg, 1929-1934
  • Kutyrina, IUl. [IUliia], 1933
BOX-FOLDER 40/24 Library of Congress, 1922-1940
Includes a 1940 letter (typescript) from SR to Archibald MacLeish in support of Vladimir Nabokov.
BOX-FOLDER 40/25 Lomshakov [Lomšakov], A. (Prof.), 1933
BOX-FOLDER 40/26 ”La-Lz” miscellaneous
  • Lazareff, Boris, 1933
  • Lazarevskiĭ, Boris, 1924
  • Levine, Marks, 1939
  • Levy, Aaron J. (Judge), 1934
  • Liebling, Leonard, 1934
  • Lissitzyn, Yacov [Lisitsyn, IA], 1932
  • Luzern [Lucerne (Switzerland)] (Government), 1939
  • Lyle, Wilson G., 1937
MacKinnon, Douglas A.
see "Ta-Zz" miscellaneous - WQXR (radio)
MacLeish, Archibald
see Library of Congress
BOX-FOLDER 40/27 Mandrovsky, Nicholas [Mandrovskiĭ, Nikolaĭ], 1939-1942
BOX-FOLDER 40/28 Medtner [Metner], Nikolaĭ and Anna, 1921-1949
BOX-FOLDER 40/29 ”Ma-Nz” miscellaneous
  • MacIver, (Mrs.), 1940
  • Maklakov, Vasiliĭ, 1930 and undated
  • Malko, Nicolai [Mal'ko, Nikolaĭ], 1939
  • McCormick, Mrs. Harold, 1922
  • McDonald, Mr., 1941
  • McDonnough, M. E. (Miss), 1937
  • Miliukov, P. N., 1938
  • Musicians' Emergency Aid of New York, 1933
  • National Broadcasting Company, 1941
  • Near East Relief, 1924
  • New York Herald Tribune (Includes a 1940 letter from SR to Ogden Reid in support of Vladimir Nabokov.), 1928-1940
  • Novoe Russkoe Slovo (newspaper), 1928
  • Nugent, Donald, 1942
O'Connell, Charles
see RCA Victor Company
BOX-FOLDER 40/30 Ormandy, Eugene, 1936-1941
BOX-FOLDER 40/31 Paĭchadzhe [Paitchadze], Gavriil, 1930-1937 and undated
Putnam, Herbert
see Library of Congress
BOX-FOLDER 40/37 ”Pa-Rz” miscellaneous
  • Phillips, Jean R., 1940
  • Phillips, Nathaniel, 1926
  • Poperek-Nedolin, Sergeĭ, 1939
  • Presman, Matveĭ L. (Prof.), 1925
  • Rashevsky [Rashevskiĭ], Nikolaĭ (Prof.), 1941-1943
  • Reiters, (?), 1933
  • Riggett, W. L., 1934
  • Rodzinski, Artur, 1940
  • Rogal'-Levitskiĭ, Dmitriĭ R., 1925
  • Roosevelt, Belle (Mrs. Kermit), circa 1939
BOX-FOLDER 40/32 Rachmaninoff, Sergei, undated
Consists of calling cards only.
Radio Corporation of America,
see RCA Victor Company
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